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Trainer Level 1

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Matches played:5
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Draws: 0
DQ: 4
Cancelled: 1
TP: 14
KO: 7


Squad 15/15
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"Azmuth" Exeggcute (Male Lv1)
No Sig

"V'Gar" Chikorita (Female Lv1)
No Sig

"Edel" Jade Onix (Male Lv2)
Edel might just be one of the more unique pokemon in my arsenal. I found him while crossing a mountain valley where it lay on the ground, wounded. At first I was curious as I did not recognize immediately what kind of pokemon it was. At first sight, it looked like a large green snake, much larger then any serperior I've ever seen and far more robust. Upon closer examination I discovered that it was actually a 'green' looking Onix. It being already wounded, it was quite easy for me to catch him and bring him to the nearest pokemon center I could find. Over there, they were as surprised as me because the Onix was a different shade of green then the relatively uncommon shiny onix. As it turned out, Edel had a peculiar body structure which made his body not consist out of rock but out of pure green jadestone. Little did I know, this was to be Edel's greatest assets for becoming one of my strongest pokemon.
Interested in the origin of Edel, I went back to the mountain valley where, after days of dugging out holes, me and my team found a hidden lab. What I saw over there was both horrifying and agonizing. Tons of dead onix bodies where lying there, most deformed and changed. It was horrible. I left as soon as I could but not without taking a diary that was mostly unscathed.
Chapters of the diary found in the lab
Spoiler: show
Diary 7 april
We finally started our research to create the ultimate pokemon. Fundings have been coming in from Giovanni. Soon we can start an expedition to Guyana where I hope to find the first sighting of new pokémon
Diary 20 april
The creation of our equipment goes more slowly then anticipated. More fundings are needed. Our PR. Department is conversing with other team Galactic. Hopefully we make enough impressions for them to follow in our quest to create the ultimate pokemon.
Diary 8 May
Negotiations with both Team Rocket and Galactic were successful. Galactic has agreed to the proposition of only a modified pokémon while Team Rocket will get the new one we create. We are excited.
Diary 20 May
We are transferring our equipment to a new lab on Cinnabar island where we'll get to work with a new colleague. I'm looking forward to it. When we're done we'll start our investigations over there. The lab over here will be the one modifying the pokémon. We have chosen an Onix for our first experiment. The rock type should be an excellent replacement for the material we provided for it. When I return over here, I'll hope to see some great results.
The diary ended here. So I'll only have to guess what happened next. Seeing as the lab was deserted I could only guess the creation of a 'new' pokémon went wrong as he didn't return. Perhaps one day we'll find the truth but for now Edel is living with me. Enjoying the rest of his life in the "semi"-peaceful ASB.
Hidden power: Water
Special Training: Shine bright like a jadestone! (Rock)
Due to Edel being purely made of jadestone, Edel now takes 200% damage to water moves instead of 400%. He no longer is able to use Stone Edge, Rock Blast or Selfdestruct

"Jet" Spearow (Male Lv1)
Biography: Jet is the grandchild of an old fighter pilot and has inherited his love for flying from his grandfather. In fact among his family, he was among the fastest flyers. On the day his grandfather died, he was awarded a gift. An old pair of goggles that the grandfather wore during the world wars. Now Jet and these goggles are inseperable. Using these goggles, he has learned how to fly at very extreme speeds and not lose focus.
Hidden power: Fire
Special Training: Dem gogglez! (Normal)
Jet has learned extremespeed and focus energy

"Scarecrow" Murkrow (Male Lv1)
No sig

"Tia" Squirtle (Female Lv1)
No sig

"Reaper" Kabuto (Female Lv1)
No sig

"Rocket" Hitmonlee (Male lv 2)
Biography: Rocket was my very first pokemon and he's considered my partner in crime. We've been together for as long as I remember when he was just a Tyrogue. In the team he's kinda the leader around. Everyone looks up to him and would follow him to the death. While he's not the most unique of my team, he makes up for it with his charisma and likeable attitude and I wouldn't wish for a better partner.
Aside from ASB, Rocket has one big passion, football. In his spare time he is in a amateur club that is actually quite succesfull in all the amateur league's. He has the position of passer and he's probably one of the best of them all that I've seen. Being able to effectively pass the ball from one side of the field to someone at the other side.
Hidden power: Dark
Special Training: Passing the ball (XX)
Rocket has learned Baton Pass

"Rawr" Teddiursa (Male lv 1)
Biography:The sun bear is a bear found in the tropical forest habitats of Southeast Asia. It is also known as the “honey bear”, which refers to its voracious appetite for honeycombs and honey
Source: wikipedia
Rawr is from a subspecies of teddiursa and ursaring that is akin more to the sun bear then any other teddiursa or ursaring on the planet. His appetite for honey is so big, that he'd rather choose honey over a female off his species. I literally found him climbing a 10 meter tall tree just to get to the honeycomb. While some would find this obsession with honey to be a disadvantage, Rawr has found a way to turn it into an advantage.
Hidden Power: Dark
Special Technique (Normal): Bring meh the honey!
While Rawrs subspecies love for honey is already enormous, Rawr has taken this to the extreme. By using moderate normal energy, he can literally barf up a stream of honey from his mouth and aim it at his opponent. If this attack connects, his opponent is essentially marked with honey and while this doesn't hinder them that much, it makes it so that teddiursa always knows where his opponent is. When the honey is placed, every attack that effects teddiursa's smell is negated. This attack can only be used two times per battle.

"Uru" Growlithe (Female Lv1)
No sig

"Scar" Shinx (Male Lv1)
No sig

"Cyanide" Grimer (Male Lv1)
Biography: Cyanide hates psychic types, he hates them with all his might. He hates him so much that he sacrificed some of his most powerful attacks to the dark type gods. They have granted him a means of fighting back to the demonic psychic types that plague poor Cyanide.
Hidden power: Ghost
Special Attack: Eradication Beam (Dark)
From his mouth, Cyanide unleashes a black beam with white outline aimed at his opponent dealing Extreme Damage. The beam is basically a dark type version of Hyperbeam in both terms of attack and energy. He has gained enough Dark energy to use this twice per battle. He has offered up use of Fire blast, Thunder, Giga Drain and Explosion to gain this attack. He also won't be able to use a normal typed Hyperbeam upon evolution.

"Samurai" Cubone (Male Lv1)
Biography: Samurai is probably one of my more honorable pokemon. Descending from the a long line of Shogun who all specialized in a certain weapon. Samurai's grandfather had his katana, his great grandfather was a master of the spear, his great great grandfather could use bow and arrow like a master archer and his father would smash his opponents with his trusty Kanabo. Like his forefathers, Samurai has took it on himself to train himself in the art of his club. For days he trained until he could find that he has mastered his club.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: Way of the club
Every attack of Samurai that he uses his club with does 1.25x more damage. However because he focused his entire life into attacking with the club attacks which he does not need his club for will need 1.25x the energy. Also because it goes against his honorable character he cannot use Thief, Swagger, Perish Song and Rage

"Riptor" Tyrunt (Male Lv 1)
Biography: Riptor has descended from the KI universe to the PASBL universe. After being defeated by TJ Combo, Riptor decided he would let his might be used somewhere else. That's when I found him. At the prospect of fiery battles, he joined immediately.
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Technique: ULTRA COMBOOOOOOO (XX)
Riptor, using moderate energy, shouts out these mighty words directly after delivering a blow to an opponent. This means Ultra combo has to be used as the second or third part of the orders. Whenever Ultra Combo is used his opponent will be struck by fear and humiliation of just being ultra combo'd. The opponent will be unable to move for as long as the turn remains. Riptor is only able to shout these words once during the battle.

"Cosmo" Phantump (Male Lv1)
No sig

Spoiler: show
Or basically pokémon I intend to use at one point or when I get more slots:
Weezing, Houndoom, Electabuzz, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Donphan, Seadra, Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, Dodrio, Pidgeot, Rapidash, Victreebell, Golduck, Arbok, Sandslash, Beartic, Pangoro, Krookodile, Torterra, Machamp, Troh, Sawk, Beedrill, Ramparados, Noivern, Cacturne, Vespiquen, Girafarig, Regirock, Entei, Bisharp, Gallade, Poliwrath, Blaziken, Primeape, Breloom...

Dat skeleton O.O


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