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Originally Posted by Schadenfreude View Post
Spoiler: show
Regarding Oberyn, I so hope that they make his character too outwardly flamboyant and "heyez, everybody, I'm bisexual!1!1!". When I talked to my LGBTQ friends who are fans of the ASOIAF, they mentioned that bisexual/queer characters are rarely portrayed authentically in television, whereby their sexuality is not the main thing that defines them. That makes bisexuality tokenistic, if that makes sense.

Of course, by the same token, an acknowledgement of the fact that he's not heteronormative would also help. Portray him as he is in the books: an absolute, mofo badass who is lecherous and doesn't limit himself to only one type of bed warmer.
Spoiler: show
I don't have high hopes for them doing a good job on Oberyn's bisexual interests, given the extremely stereotypical portrayal of homosexuality in the show. Loras Tyrell went from utterly badass best knight in the kingdom who happened to love Renly Baratheon to the stereotypical gay guy who'd jump into bed with any man and happens to be a very good jouster. If it comes out I hope it's just mentioned in passing, as for all the excellence in the show their treatment of sexuality hasn't been great so far.
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