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You bringing that up leads me to want to link an oldie but a goodie: Red Letter Media's review of The Phantom Menace. (And for those who may never have seen it before and would prefer to watch it on YouTube, here's the link to that site as well. 4.97 million views and counting! ) It's still probably the best analysis I've ever seen on why we love the original trilogy but not the prequels, on what makes the originals work and why the prequels, which lack many of these elements, fail so hard. I just wish the review didn't have the eccentric dark humor with the psychotic serial killer stuff. If those bits could all be cut out, I feel like these reviews would be required viewing in every single high school English curriculum. (Even with the psycho segments, I feel like it should still be required viewing for every film & theater major in colleges across the English-speaking world.)
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