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Torkoal Troubles

A few seconds after Jake had asked if anyone was home, the boulder in front of him started to slowly move to the side, revealing Rowan's Base.

Alright let's go!" Willbert smiled.
However, before Jake could step inside, he heard a familiar voice, saying his name in great suprise. It was his friend Kieth.
"Well what do you know Willbert, Kieth is here as well" Jake said before waving to his friend and then stepping inside.

Once Jake stepped inside, it felt like he had been hit by a wall of heat.
"It's great to be indoors again" Jake sighed with relief.
"Heat won't bother me!" Willbert repeated, trying to convince himself at this point.

Jake looked around at all the pokemon in the base,most he recognized, such as the Shuppet and Houndour, however some were completely new, and Jake quickly took out his pokedex and scanned them.

"Drapion the Ogre Scorpion Pokémon." The pokedex recited, "It takes great pride in its strength. Even though it can tear foes apart, it finishes them off with powerful poison. It is the evolved form of Skorupi."

"Steelix, the Iron Snake Pokémon. It chews its way through boulders with its sturdy jaws. Its eyes can see in the darkness underground."

"That's awesome!" Willbert said in awe of the info that the pokedex recited.
"Yeah they both sound like pretty neat pokemon" Jake added.
"Hey since everyone here has their pokemon out, why not send everyone else out?" Willbert asked.

"Hold on a second" Jake said as he grabbed 6 pokeballs off his belt.
''Alright, everybody come on out!" Jake called before throwing the 6 pokeballs in the air.
From them came a Weepinbell, a Magnemite, an Abra, a Voltorb, a Torkoal and a Grimer.

"Alright huys, have fun, and please behave yourselves" Jake said, referring to Error and

All of them all nodded, before all going in their own directions.

Jake then walked up to Kieth.
"Hey Kieth how's it been going?" Jake asked

Meanwhile, Vermillion was eyeing a sculpture of chocolate, that looked like it belonged to a Beedrill. Vermilion, despite wanting to just run in and eat the sculpture, Vermillion knew that would be a bad move.

"How can I get that chocolate before they notice?" Vermillion thought to himself.
But the more he sat their wondering, the more tempting the chocolate got, he was starting to cave in.

Finally, fed up of formulating a plan, the Torkoal started running towards the chocolate as fast as he could. And despite being a Torkoal, he was quite quick, if Lalu or Melittin didn't stop the Coal Pokémon soon, the rest of Melittin's chocolate would become a light snack for Vermillion!
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