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Rayzen was pleased that Rowan likes rocks in nature, and answered his enquiries, "Well yes, I used to be an ethusiastic miner, aspiring to be higher, but reality hit me in the face. So, let's just say, I am now just a lesser miner, but I also try to work in other areas too, as I prefer to be a little more versatile. I used to have academic knowledge on minerals, but that was some time ago, and it may be a little rusty now. Fun fact of the day if you didn't know it already. I used to know someone who tells me about a rock called pegmatite. Apparently, it's mined because it has a mineral which contains lithium, and lithium is important for making batteries to be used in mobile phones." The miner pointed to his smartphone with its dimmed LED, as well as the PSS device.

Rayzen waved back at Keith, "Hey there, Keith. Don't worry about the whole Rayzen thing. If you know me by Ariden, then of course, you can continue calling me that. People tend to call me that lesser nowadays, I don't know why, so I wanted to reintroduce myself as Rayzen to newer people I meet. Ariden is still a good name to be known by around these parts here though. If pokemon can have 2 types, why can't we have 2 names? Just like how you can be Keith and Missingno Master, both at the same time!"

Laptop moved some piles of sand from the floor, crept into the slight depression on the ground, and watched both trainers carefully. "Go on, touch it. My drapion is not really that poisonous. You see, previously, I never liked poison types that much. Don't worry it was never at the bottom 3. Because of that, my drapion did not undergo much poison training with me. It's more known to be a dark type on my team. More recently, however, I find that poison types are useful when dealing with these emerging trends called fairies, and I am certainly seeing poison to be more useful as days go by," encouraged Rayzen.

The miner thought there was another trainer in the room, but he might not stay long as he wanted to get and show some pegmatite samples to Rowan. "Maybe you should call one of your pokemon to touch Laptop on your behalf, if you don't believe me, heh. Do it before I head out, if you think my entrance is unique, you might not like how I leave," explained Rayzen to Keith.
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