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Lalu jumped around happily, pleased with knowing that Melittin was enjoying her chocolate sculpture. She then insisted that she really wasn't the best cook on the team, that she merely learned what she knew from helping Haykhong, who was apparently a much better cook than her. And then, she explained to the Beedrill that she made the sculpture because she liked him... and after a brief pause, added that he was her best friend... which was why she loved him.

At this, Melittin's face went as red as his eyes. He was speechless for a moment, but quickly found his voice. "Lalu, I..." he said, trying to sound like his usual tough and confident self, but his voice was nevertheless betraying traces of vulnerability. "I... I'm glad to hear you say that," he said. "I've considered you to be my best friend as well, and, well, I... I love you," he said, his feelings finding a voice at last.

As Helena had feared, Myrtle's sudden outburst at Ruby had inadvertently frightened Fae, the Wurmple curled up tighter than ever before. In response to Helena's asking whether she was OK, however, a bright light enveloped the Wurmple's body, a fact that Rowan did not fail to notice.

"Whoa," Keith said in a hushed voice, as he witnessed the spectacle before him. Rowan didn't seem to know what was happening at first. "Fae's starting to evolve!" Keith stated in response. And just then, the glowing faded, and though this had triggered a flashback in Keith to when Severus had evolved into Cascoon, Fae did not look like a Cascoon. Well, OK, yeah, she kinda did, but the shell was lighter in color, and the eyes were different. Rowan's Pokédex identified the newly evolved Pokémon as Silcoon, to Keith's very minor disappointment- he was of the opinion that one could never have enough Poison-types, and had been kind of hoping to see Fae become a Dustox. But still, the fact remained that Fae had evolved, and for that, he couldn't help but feel happy for the little Wurmple- er, Silcoon. "Congratulations," smiled Keith. "Heh, reminds me of when my own Wurmple evolved..."

Originally Posted by Flashback
Christmas- a time of joy and happiness for all, including Pokémon and their Trainers. Most businesses closed their doors on Christmas, but Pokémon Centers did not- one never knows when medical attention would be required for Pokémon. Plus, many Trainers did not own Secret Bases or have the funds to frequently reside in hotels, and Pokémon Centers often served as temporary shelter for such nomadic Trainers. Though it is true that Keith Masters owns a Secret Base of his own, that purchase was not made until late 2012, about six years down the road. No, at this time, Keith was also little more than a wandering 16-year-old Trainer. He had just collected a number of unique presents- the Fizzytopian government tended to provide presents for Pokémon Trainers on various holidays, and Christmas was no exception. And these presents, more often than not, were to be used on Pokémon. And right now, Keith was sending out a few of his Pokémon with this very thing in mind.

"OK," Keith grinned as he threw three Poké Balls into the air. "Ekans, Dunsparce, Wurmple, come on out!" In three flashes of light, a vicious-looking Ekans, a young and energetic Dunsparce, and a tiny, quiet Wurmple materialized.

"Ekanssss," hissed Ekans, though in a friendly tone.

"Dunsparccce!" chimed in Dunsparce.

"Wurmple wurm," added Wurmple.

"Merry Christmas, guys," smiled Keith, as he sat on the floor in front of his Pokémon and reached into his backpack. "Got a few goodies for you guys. First off, here you go, Ekans." With that, he took a large plush Lapras out of his backpack, and handed it to the Poison-type, who eagerly wrapped her coils around it. And then, the plush toy took on a peculiar blue aura, while a similar gleam briefly flashed in Ekans's eyes.

"Ekansss?" Ekans hissed questioningly, before suddenly opening her mouth wide, and firing an Ice Beam into the air.

"Way to go, Ekans, you learned Ice Beam!" Keith congratulated the snake. "Dunsparce, this is for you," he added, taking a small juice box out of his backpack, as well as a dish. He set the dish on the floor, opened up the box, and poured the cranberry juice onto the dish.

"Spaaarce!" Dunsparce exclaimed as she eagerly drank up the sweet beverage- sweet stuff always appealed to her, Keith knew. And then, Dunsparce suddenly charged up a grey orb of energy before her, and launched it at the icicle that Ekans had accidentally formed on the ceiling, blasting it into tiny specks of ice that drifted slowly down, twinkling in the light like snow.

"So, that taught you Ancient Power, huh?" grinned Keith. "Amazing, Dunsparce!"

"Wurm?" asked Wurmple, eyeing the bag hopefully.

"Now, don't you worry, Wurmple, there's something in here for you, too," Keith assured the Bug-type, as he pulled out one final item- a cranberry- and set it on the ground before Wurmple. He dug in, and though it took him a minute or two, he managed to eat the entire berry.

"Wurmple wurm!" Wurmple said happily- just before his entire body started to glow!

"Wurmple?" Keith gasped, his eyes going wide- Wurmple had only recently hatched, Keith wasn't expecting evolution this quickly! And yet, Wurmple's body was becoming more circular, with a number of long, thin spikes jutting out in several places. No worse than Qwilfish had it- maybe even a bit better, in fact. And then, the glowing faded, and there stood a pale purple creature with piercing red eyes. Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Cascoon, the Cocoon Pokémon, and an evolved form of Wurmple," droned the device. "Cascoon remains motionless even when under attack to ensure it is at full strength when it evolves. It never forgets any attacks taken in this stage, and will seek retribution for these attacks once it has evolved once again."

"Oh, Cascoon, congratulations!" Keith exclaimed, hugging his new Pokémon- carefully, though, lest Cascoon perceive the hug as an attack. Ekans and Dunsparce hissed their approval. And though Cascoon didn't have much of a face to speak of, anyone who could see his eyes would notice a distinctly happy look to them.
Down on the floor, Fae apologized again to Helena, explaining that it had been due to Myrtle looking so scary, but then asked what had happened, apparently unaware that she was no longer a Wurmple. "You evolved," smiled Helena. "You just evolved into a Sil-coon!"

"Whoa, Helena," Keith remarked. "You just said that in English, almost entirely without the stutter."

"I did?" Helena replied, sounding surprised. Then, she smiled. "All right!" she cheered. "I have been trying to get out of that ha-bit for some time now," she explained to Keith. "I think part of it was due to trying to get used to spea-king in this form, and part of it was some-thing I picked up from Myrtle." Then, she turned back to Fae. "I'm sorry about Myrtle," she added, speaking in Shuppet language now. "Please believe me- she didn't mean to frighten you."

And then, another guest arrived, by way of a geyser of water erupting through the floor. The entrance was unique, to say the least, and it certainly caught Keith's attention. The visitor, it turned out, was Rayzen, someone with whom Keith had traded several times in the past, though he knew him better by the name of Ariden. Keith gave a wave in acknowledgement of Rayzen's appearance, though said nothing, for Rayzen wasted no time in engaging Rowan in conversation, and he had no desire to interrupt. However, when Rayzen sent out his Drapion, Keith could not hold back a small gasp of awe- one of the more awesome Poison-types, for sure, and Keith was eagerly awaiting the day when Scorpius would evolve into this. He took out his Pokédex and pointed it at Laptop.

"Drapion, the Ogre Scorpion Pokémon, and the evolved form of Skorupi," droned the device. "Drapion's powerful claws can crush an automobile with ease. When it digs its claws into an enemy, they inject the victim with a potent venom."

"Awesome," Keith said, unable to stop grinning as he walked a little closer to the Drapion. "Just awesome."

Before Leviathan could provide Hermione with an answer to her question, a book dropped out of nowhere onto the floor before them, followed by the return of the shadowy voice from before, which unnerved Pomona somewhat, but had Hermione looking around curiously for the source. When she couldn't find the source, she instead looked at the book- it depicted a Magikarp leaping over the Dragon's Gate and subsequently evolving into Gyarados, but the Gyarados it depicted was red in coloration.

"Curious," Hermione remarked, sounding highly interested. "I had heard of legends that Magikarp could potentially evolve by leaping over the Dragon's Gate, but I believed them to be just that- legends, rumors. And that is indeed a Gyarados it shows, except this shows it to be red, whereas Gyarados are blue... unless this book depicts a Shiny Gyarados?" she murmured, eyes wide with interest. "Accounts of the Lake of Rage incident in northern Johto tell of a rampaging red Gyarados, now that I think of it, it's not often one sees an alternate coloration of a Pokémon that isn't classified as Shiny... Salazar is obviously an exception, and then there's the reports of purple Kecleon... Oh, I'm sorry," she added suddenly, only just realizing how she had trailed off. "Sorry about that, Leviathan, I tend to go off like that when something interests me like this... But to answer your question, I don't know whether leaping over the Dragon's Gate would cause you to evolve. Nobody's even sure as to where the Dragon's Gate might be. Furthermore, Trainers have been able to get their Magikarp to evolve perfectly fine without such a thing... Though as to whether this has any truth to it, I'll admit I'm curious."

"Wow, so that's a Gyarados," Pomona remarked, also looking at the book. Then, she realized how nervous Leviathan had sounded when he had asked whether they thought he evolved that way, and indeed, how nervous he looked right now. "Maybe that voice won't make you do bad things," Pomona added, trying to cheer up the Magikarp. "Maybe I was just overthinking things, you know? And even so, that might not actually be how you evolve, so if it isn't, then there'd be nothing to worry about, right? I... I don't know either way," she admitted, "but I do know I'll help you any way I can."

Meanwhile, in whatever alternate dimension the tree had been transported to for whatever reason, Chuck was no longer the only one to take notice of their new and decidedly unfamiliar surroundings, which now for some reason included an old and extremely ominous house, with someone (or something) looking at them through a window with blood red eyes. Peach had completely snapped out of it, and her usual excess energy seemed to be gone, as she was speaking at what actually qualified as a normal speed. However, her words brought no comfort to Chuck- given that this tree was her home, the Gastly had hoped that she might at least have some kind of clue as to what this was, but by the sound of things, she was just as confused as he and Rose were.

Rose- Chuck turned to look at Rose, who was looking back at him, worry and fear evident in her face. This time, however, the worry and the fear was not the result of Chuck (or what she saw when looking at him), and she was looking at her boyfriend in the hope that he would be able to comfort and reassure her.

But Chuck didn't know if he could... The dreadful feeling that something was off that both Rose and Peach were experiencing, Chuck too was feeling it. The feeling of darkness was overwhelming, and Chuck was seized with a sudden urge to panic, to lose his cool, to seek comfort and reassurance from someone stronger than himself... and then, in that same instant, he realized not only was this not an option at this time, but also, he had to be that very someone for Rose. She had to be much more scared than he was right now... Taking a deep, calming breath (albeit a technically unnecessary one- being a ghost and all, Chuck had no actual need to breathe, but the action proved soothing to an extent nonetheless), Chuck's expression slowly turned from scared to determined. He turned to face Rose again and gave as reassuring a smile as he could muster.

"Rose," the Gastly said quietly, "Something is most definitely wrong here, there's no denying it. I wish to Arceus I knew what this was all about, or what's causing this, or why, but the fact remains that I don't. But," he continued, a gleam of determination shining in his eyes at this point, "I will do everything within my power to keep you safe from whatever is in there, Rose. Everything." And then, as he finished speaking, Chuck made up his mind on the spot. If he was truly to do everything within his power, then there was no reason to delay this, not now that he was finally powerful enough to do so.

Chuck's body began to glow brightly, the shapeless gases surrounding him starting to take on shapes. Two wisps of gas, one of which was still holding Rose's hand, detached from the main body, growing in size, gaining definite handlike shapes, the body itself sprouting two spike-esque ears, the bottom becoming very tail-like... And the glowing faded away, revealing the transformation in its entirety- a more solid-looking purple specter floated in Chuck's place. The relatively normal-looking mouth with two visible fangs was replaced by a jagged-looking mouth, like one might find on a Jack-O-Lantern, and yet, its smile was no less reassuring than it had been before. The hand still holding Rose's was no longer a vague shape made of gas, but had the actual shape of a hand, albeit no longer physically connected to Chuck, and yet, Rose would likely find its grip no less reassuring. Also, both hands were now cloaked with a vivid red aura.

"I'm ready whenever you are, Rose," the newly evolved Haunter smiled.

Back in our own dimension, back in Rowan's Secret Base, a knock could be heard at the door. Keith looked warily at the Steelix as he opened the door, but Behemoth didn't look as though he was in the mood to ambush the new guest. As Keith saw the figure standing in the doorway, however, his eyes widened. "Jake?" he asked incredulously- he hadn't seen the Electric-type specialist in weeks, and had heard rumors that the police were onto him regarding the incident at the Bar some months ago, and that he was on the run. Keith was glad, however, to see proof that his friend was safe.

Meanwhile, at the mention of Jake's name, Cyanide's ears perked up and she wheeled around. The Umbreon was also glad to see Jake, though for different reasons- Keith was glad because Jake was his friend, whereas Cyanide was glad because Jake was the Trainer of her boyfriend.

What?  Gastly is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Gastly evolved into Haunter!

*Chuck learned Shadow Punch!*

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