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"Happy you like the chocolate," Lalu jumps around happily while Melittin continues to eat the 'sculpture' she made for him, "but really, I'm far from the greatest cook here. Haykhong is much better, but I always help him so I learn a lot. Especially how to use certain tools without having arms or hands because Haykhong has even less limbs than I do!" The Roggenrola giggles, "But I'm really happy you like it Mel, I made it specially for you, because, well, I like you." she pauses for a moment, "You really are my best friend Mel, and I love you because of that."

In the other room, Helena once again is very understanding towards Fae and says she does not need to apologize and reiterated that she wants to help Fae get over her fear of ghosts. The Shuppet then asks her fellow Ghost-type Myrtle is she could be so kind to give Fae some space. But what happens then is something the small Worm Pokémon never saw coming. Ruby, Keith's Houndour, jumps up and right through the Banette, causing Myrtle to get angry and go after the playful pup. All this in a very close proximity of Fae, who can more than clearly see the darkness and anger in Myrtle's face as she dives down towards the Houndour. Seeing this side of Myrtle shocks and frightens Fae more than ever, she pinches her eyes together and curls up in a tight ball, afraid of Ghosts more than ever and thinking her final hour has come.

Myrtle however, is only after Ruby and gets herself back together soon after her outbursts, leaving Ruby, Fae and Helena alone for a while. But Fae does not see this and when Helena asks if she is okay, something happens. While Fae tries to curl up as much as she can out of fear, she tightens her muscles as if she is trying to Harden, a bright white-blue light engulfs her.

"Wow, that is happening with Fae? What is going on?" Rowan is surprised to his Wurmple glow up the way she does, but he soon realizes he saw the same light before when Myrtle evolved into Banette and takes out his Pokédex as Fae transformed. The white-blue ball of light that once was a Wurmple is gaining in roundness and growing some big pointy spikes around her body. Then as the glowing stops, an almost pristine white, silk Pokémon is left. Fae's eyes are no longer big and yellow, but are now red and partially covered by the silk.

"Silcoon!" Fae looks around her, the Banette that scared her is gone and the Houndour and Helena are still there. "I'm sorry Helena," she apologizes again, "Myrtle was just so scary just now, but I feel different too now, what happened?"

Rowan meanwhile is scanning his new Pokémon.
Originally Posted by Pokédex
Silcoon, the Cocoon Pokémon and the evolved form of Wurmple. Silcoon was thought to endure hunger and not consume anything before its evolution. However, it is now thought that this Pokémon slakes its thirst by drinking rainwater that collects on its silk.

Rowan however does not have much time to celebrate as he has more guests arriving at his base. Rayzen enters his base waving the business card around that Rowan gave him recently when he bought a doll of him for Lalu.

"It's a pleasure to have you here Rayzen, you know my name, and this here is my friend Keith," Rowan keeps the introductions short. He then listens to what Rayzen has to say, it becoming obvious that Rowan may have misunderstood a question the miner asked. Rayzen then sends out his Drapion, Laptop, who starts spelling his name in floor of Rowan's base. A sight that impresses the gentleman as he has not seen Pokémon with similar skills and understanding of the human language before, besides Keith's Meowth that is.

"I will not answer than," Rowan replies to Rayzen's question about his knowledge of rocks, "but I may indeed have misunderstood the question you asked in the Cable Club, but besides Rock-type Pokémon I do indeed also like rocks in their more natural form. And I especially like ore, which is why I gave you my business card in the first place. You are a miner are you not? And I am interested in materials commonly found in mines. So I thought to myself that we might be able to help each other in that regard. You see, my father asked me to look for new mining sites to mine materials like iron, bauxite and silica for use in the production of our ships. I however, do not have enough knowledge of the earth to know where to look, nor do I have any opportunity to discuss this with the companies scientists. And that is where you come in, because I believe you do have that knowledge and I hoped you might be willing to help me out."

Meanwhile, Ponoma has succeeded in getting Keith to release Hermione after a quick game of Charades and introduces her to Leviathan while also explaining the situation to her. Luckily, the black-tipped Weedle has all the information that Leviathan needs. Hermione tells the Magikarp that he will evolve based on experience and that he will evolve in a Gyarados, a sea serpent that closely resembles a dragon, though it is not a dragon in typing. Hermione then asks the Magikarp what level he is, as that is a requirement for his evolution.

Leviathan thinks about it, Rowan put quite some time in making sure he received some good training, but he is not quite sure his level is exactly. He just never payed much attention to that. Then, just as Leviathan wants to answer the Weedle's question a book drops down on the floor right in front of the fishbowl the Fish Pokémon finds himself in, open on page talking about ancient Chinese mythology.

"There, read it and use it to evolve," the voice from the shadows is back, "You wanted records of how Magikarp become dragons? There you have it. All you need to do to evolve into a dragon is to jump over the Dragon's Gate. So, you now have what you asked for, I will come back to hold you to your promise!" And with that the voice disappears again.

Leviathan, distracted from Hermione's question, looks at the book in front of him. He looks nervous, what he sees is surprisingly similar to what the Weedle already told him. The Magikarp sees a member of his species depicted in the book, trying to leap up a waterfall, managing to defeat the falling water finally jumping over a majestic arc that stands tall over the edge of the waterfall and he sees the Magikarp transforming into a dragon as it jumps over the top of the arc. The dragon in the picture looks just like what Hermione described, long, like a sea serpent with a big tail fin and it's mouth wide open. The only difference is that this dragon is red instead of blue.

"Uhm, Ponoma, Hermione, maybe you could take a look at this too," Leviathan sounds as nervous as he looks, "Do I evolve that way too?"

Elsewhere, Chuck and Rose both look outside. The sight of things has them both surprised to say the least. Rose is nervous, she can feel the darkness around her. It is strong, and only gaining in strength. Again a screech can be heard from far away. Suddenly Honchkrow that is monitoring the entrance crows loudly, swiftly followed by another screech from the distance. This time however it is loud enough to hear it clearly.

"NOOOOO!" the screech is high pitched, angry, almost murderous, but obviously feminine.

Rose looks at Chuck, her expression fearful. She feels the darkness, it is coming and it is coming quickly. And the Ralts her feelings are turning into reality. On the horizon, a light is visible, it's bright colors sharply contrasting against the colors of the field and sky. Then, in a matter of seconds, a big, Victorian mansion appears from the source of the light, racing towards the tree in which Rose, Peach and Chuck find themselves. Once the mansion has stops moving it is only a few meters away from the tree and it looks even bigger than it appeared to be at first, almost like castle. The mansion is build with dark brick, and the roof is even darker colored and has several dormers around it and turrets in the corners. On the front side, the only side visible to Rose and Chuck, it has a broad portico on the first level covering the full length of the mansion, supporting five bay windows on the second floor of which the center three support the bay windows of the third floor. Rose looks at the mansion and a feeling of darkness is coming over her stronger than ever before. She looks at Chuck, looking for reassurance and comfort.

Behind the two, Peach has finally managed to snap out of her illusion and joins the couple.

"What in the name of nuts is going on here?" Peach sounds calmer than ever, her excess energy is all gone and just as Rose she has a feeling something is not right, "I don't think we are on Cortoza anymore guys, I think we poofed away."

Rose nods, she agrees with Peach, they are not on Cortoza anymore even though the never really left it. Something, or someone, brought them here be it intentional or not. And Rose just knows that that something or someone can be found inside that house. A house that is indeed not void of life as from the window of a turret a pair of blood red eyes is looking down upon the three Pokémon in the tree.

Back on Cortoze, someone else is approaching the Crystal Quarry Cavern. Behemoth has taking his position in the corner near the lever again, curled up as usual. He hears the voices on the outside, normally this would be a reason for him to lay in ambush, waiting for the unsuspecting visitors to enter after the boulder has moved away. But now he doesn't really feel like it. His fight with Melittin took its toll on him and as Jake asks if anyone is home, Behemoth switches the lever to open the door with a simple flick of his tail and the boulder slowly moves away, allowing Jake to enter the base.
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