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So, I'll admit: I made this thread for the express purpose of having a proper place to share this: the death of Jar Jar Binks. The video is making the rounds across the Internet right now and boy oh boy is it something. What that something is will vary from person to person. Here are my thoughts on it:

Spoiler: show
I don't understand. ^^; Is this an elaborate fan edit or is this crude footage from a deleted scene that was genuinely written and directed by George Lucas? If it's a fan edit, it's the most amazingly well-crafted fan edit I've ever seen in my life. Neeson and McGregor look and sound genuine. Jar Jar sounds genuine. The waterfall is inserted well. Everything is just remarkable if it's a fan edit. So remarkable, in fact, that it feels like it can't possibly be a doctored scene. That it has to have been real footage shot by George Lucas but dropped because of changes to the script. But this invites a whole mess of problematic questions if this is true.

First off, did Jar Jar in fact actually die? Killing Jar Jar off like this seems far too macabre for the classical Lucas. His stories fit in the pantheon of feel-good spacebusters like Flash Gordon and Star Trek: he isn't one to crack jokes at the expense of a character's life. Thus, it seems likelier that this was meant as a joke scene in which Jar Jar did not die -- in which it's soon after revealed that, per his amphibious nature as a Gungan, he managed to swim to safety just fine and meets back up with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan later on. Perhaps Lucas's staff then informed him, "George ... if this is meant to make Jar Jar seem like a funny cartoon rabbit to the kids, you miiiiiiiiiiight want to consider deleting it. It's a bit too grim. Even if you're planning to show that Jar Jar is a-okay like ten seconds later." But here's the thing: if Jar Jar was intended to live, and if the scene was meant to be a Looney Tunes-style bit of comedy, WHY WOULD LUCAS HAVE THE SHIP DELIBERATELY CRUNCH RIGHT INTO A ROCKY OUTCROPPING? Isn't that going too far? In fact, isn't that specifically there to convince us that Jar Jar has indeed died? That his Gungan amphibiousness shan't avail him? Weird.

Second, it's not really clear why Jar Jar would be so retarded as to stay put in the vessel. He sees Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan get out. He sees the rope. Why doesn't he just:
  1. follow them?
  2. get out on his own and, being a Gungan, swim to safety without need for the rope?
Why instead does he remain rooted to the cockpit and go tumbling over the waterfall with the ship? Weird!

Third, why don't Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan make any use of their Force powers to try and:
  1. rescue Jar Jar?
  2. prevent the ship from going over the edge of the waterfall?
If Yoda believes Luke can raise the X-Wing from the bog -- and keep in mind, Luke's just a Jedi Knight in training -- and if Yoda himself has absolutely no problem whatsoever lifting it, then why the hell can't Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan keep the not-waterlogged vessel from simply toppling over the edge? You're not even trying to lift it -- you're just trying to fight the current. (And if fighting the current is harder, then fine, fuck it: lift the damn thing out of the water.) Even if we want to argue "Well, the X-Wing was way lighter, waterlogged or not. Qui-Gon couldn't lift this on his own!" ... he's not on his own. He's got Obi-Wan right there with him. You're seriously saying then that the airy ship is twice as difficult to lift as one waterlogged X-Wing? C'mon, man. But perhaps craziest of all is the fact that they don't even try to lift Jar Jar into the air. They just let him topple over the edge with the ship and fall to his doom. What the fuck.

So yeah, there are so many problems with this scene which make me doubt it could be a deleted scene. But it's too well made to be a fan edit too! URGH, I'M SO CONFUSED! >_<

Hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

EDIT: Mystery solved. And would you guess what it is? It's ...

Spoiler: show
... both! It's a fan-edit of a deleted scene I completely forgot existed. Gizmodo explains. The original deleted scene can be found here. This explains why everything looks so real with the actors (because it is) but why the scene ends the way it does (because that's the only bit that's been edited). Makes perfect sense.

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