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''Ahhhhhhhhhh!'' A Snorunt screamed as it held on to it's trainer's shoulder for dear life.
The trainer in question was Jake Eclair, he wore his usual attire and was on his bike, pedaling as fast as he could. ''Willbert, you sure you don't want to just go in your pokeball?'' Jake asked.
''No, those things are evil!'' The young Snorunt retorted
''Then can you please be quiet? They could still be on our trail'' Jake said
''But you've been biking for hours, they should be gone by now!'' Willbert exclaimed.

''You can never be to sure.'' Jake replied
Willbert scowled but said nothing more.

It was another good fiveteen minutes before Jake got off the bike and started walking, and soon after the duo found themselves looking at a rather large boulder.
''Please don't tell me we came all this way to look at a boulder'' Willbert muttered
''Well it says this is the place'' Jake said as he took a business card out of his pocket.

''What's that?'' Willbert asked
''Oh Rowan gave it to me awhile back'' Jake replied
''Who's Rowan?''
''A friend I met at the Fizzytopia bar, his base is supposed be here according to his business card.''
''Hmm, well this is the entrance to someone's base'' Willbert replied
''How can you tell?'' Jake asked

''The text on the boulder''
Jake took another look at the rock to find text clearly engraved on it.
''I don't know how I didn't notice that in the first place'' Jake thought

'' Ice-types may also feel discomford, bring them on your own responsibility? That doesn't sound good'' Willbert said.

''You can always just go in your pokeball'' Jake said
''No I'm fine, heat won't stop me!'' The Snorunt exclaimed before puffing out his chest.
''Whatever floats your boat.'' Jake replied before turning back to the boulder.

''Hello, anyone home?'' Jake called.
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