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Relicanth Dave's Pokémon Wishlist

So this is pretty much just stuff I'm after. I'm not going to bother posting a 'Pokémon/Items for trade' section, because if I hatch Pokémon or get items I'm not interested in I'll try to get rid of them as soon as possible via other means.

Pokémon I'm after:

Tier 1 - Absolute must-haves, will do anything to get:
- Clamperl (Female)
- Skrelp

Tier 2 - Major wants, prepared to scrap for:
Fish Pokémon -
- Froakie (Male)

Tier 3 - Definite want, but can live without:
- Stunky
- Inkay

Items I'm after:
- Reaper Cloth
- Lure Balls
- Dive Balls
- Net Balls

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