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[Business card with golden plated letters]

The situation was disturbed when a loud gush of water flowed upwards from the entrance of the secret base. One could hear a voice amidst the noise, "The Crystal Quarry Cavern, huh? Nice name. Luckily, I guess I did not stumble upon the zone of marbles, eh?" A few moments later, the water flow seemed to subside, leaving behind a trickle, while the remaining puddle seeped outside. Footsteps, wet footsteps, now dry footsteps, into the cavern.

The miner showed the business card to the air, much like how an FBI agent shows his search warrant, "A lavish entrance? At least now you know I can't be an excellent assassin. Am I supposed to come here? No matter, I'm here already anyway." The miner continued to walk inside, finding Rowan, but not for long, "Oh yea, I almost forgot. Just call me Rayzen. No need for pleasantries and all that, I don'tlike being formal, so there."

"Actually, when I asked the question, I meant, rocks, as in, you know, marble or granite and such, not pokemon. Some people like to see rocks, some people like to collect rocks. Me? Working with rocks is good for me, when I'm not doing something else, I mean. Rocks tell a piece of history of the Earth. But, eh, I like the ground more. Now back to pokemon. I sure do like ground types, but there's something I like more. Dark types. Especially ones that don't disappoint. Like this one," Rayzen sent something out of his pokeball.

A drapion appeared began to scratch the ground with its claws excitingly. One could see the word 'Laptop' on the ground. "Yea, this is Laptop. The drapion's name is Laptop, and it talks to me by that. Don't mind its spelling next time, I don't spend that much time teaching that to it," explained Rayzen. Apparently, when Laptop was called out, some bits of shards of rock appeared at where it was.

Rayzen picked up a piece of the shard, "So, what do you know about rocks? Oh nevermind, don't answer that, I'm pretty sure you can do an encyclopedia search on that on the internet anyway. Show me around your base, or not if you have other guests."
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