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In the kitchen, Lalu had created a chocolate sculpture for Melittin. The quality of the sculpture was somewhat less than stellar, but the Beedrill appreciated it nonetheless- considering that Lalu had no limbs with which to work, the fact that she nevertheless managed to use all the pots and pans she had gathered, that had to have taken effort. She had really worked hard on this, all for Melittin. He admired the sculpture for a few moments, before deciding that no matter how much he liked to look at it, food was food, and was meant to be eaten. He betrayed a slight grin as he started by spearing the chunk which represented Behemoth's head on one of his foreleg stingers, and ate that first. "Mmm," he mumbled as he ate the piece of chocolate. "It's delicious," he said once he had swallowed it. He speared another piece of chocolate and munched on it, while looking over at Lalu, blushing slightly. "If you're really not the best cook around here, then you gotta be close to it," he added.

Helena's attempts at comforting Fae were not in vain, for the Wurmple agreed that it would be better if Myrtle went away. She apologized to Helena, explaining that she didn't want to be scared of anyone, but just was. "You don't have to apologize for that," Helena said. "It's not like you can help getting scared. I just wish there was a way I could help you... I'll tell Myrtle to keep her distance," she stated, before floating over to the Banette. "Myr-tle," Helena addressed her evolved form, switching back to English, "Would it be O-K if you may-be kept a-way from Fae for now? Just un-til she is used to the i-de-a of friend-ly ghosts?" she asked.

The Banette sighed. "I do not like the fact that she fears me going by ap-pear-an-ces a-lone," she confessed. "It is all too fa-mil-i-ar to me... Just a-bout e-ver-y-one I came a-cross in life would re-act in a sim-i-lar way to mee-ting me."

"I know," nodded Helena, "but that's ex-act-ly what I am try-ing to help fix. Please?"

"...Fine," replied Myrtle after a brief pause. "I- GAAAH!" she exclaimed, as suddenly, an energetic Houndour puppy jumped up, going right through her. Ruby landed on the floor, and looked back up at Myrtle, a look of confusion on her face. Having had enough, Myrtle dove down at Ruby, a mad look on her face, but stopped herself. Seething with barely controlled fury, Myrtle hissed through gritted (zipper) teeth, "...That was not a plea-sant sen-sa-tion. If you in-sist on poun-cing on me a-gain, kind-ly do not take me by sur-prise so you do not pass right through me!" With that, she wheeled around, rose back into the air, and stormed off, unaware that all this took place in very close proximity to Fae, who would have had a very sudden and clear view of the look on Myrtle's face.

Helena, however, did notice this. Slowly, she floated back over to Fae. "...Fae?" she asked the Wurmple quietly. "Are you O-K?" Ruby, seemingly unperturbed by the Banette's reaction, sniffed curiously at Fae.

Leviathan seemed confident at first that he would be able to handle anything once he became a dragon, but then showed concern over whether he would be made to do bad things. "I don't know," Pomona admitted, "but... It just seemed so shady... I might be worried over nothing, but... I just don't know either way." In the end, Leviathan agreed to let Hermione help. "OK," smiled Pomona. "I'll go get her." With that, she dashed over to Keith, extended a vine from beneath her leaves, and tapped on his shoulder.

"Wha- Oh, Pomona," Keith said, upon noticing his Ivysaur. "What's up?"

In response, the Ivysaur pointed the vine at Keith's belt, while examining the Poké Balls. Noticing this, Keith tilted his head. "You... want me to send something out," he said.

Pomona nodded vigorously, then extended a second vine and held the tips of her vines very close together.

"...Something small?" Keith guessed, which Pomona replied to by nodding again. "A Bug-type, perhaps?" Keith continued, to more nodding from Pomona. "OK, well... If it was Stewie, you'd have just gone for the ball yourself, there's no mistaking that one... Melittin's out already- hmm?" For at the mention of Melittin, Pomona held up one of her vines in Keith's face. Then, she drew it back, still holding it up high, then lowered it so it was level with Keith's waist, and then lowered it again until it was almost touching the floor. "Wha... Has to do with Melittin, but lower... wait, lower as in evolution? You want me to send out Hermione?" he asked. Pomona grinned widely and nodded.

"Wow," Meowth remarked. "Youse is good at dis. Ya know, Pomona coulda just told me and I'd have translated fer youse."

"...Oh, yeah," Keith remarked sheepishly. "Still, though, I gotta admit, that was kinda fun. Plus, it's important for any good trainer to be able to understand their Pokémon in some way. OK, Hermione," he added, detaching a ball from his belt and holding it up, "Come on out!"

In a flash of light, a small Weedle materialized on the floor, glancing around. She looked pretty much like any other Weedle, except for her tail stinger, which was completely stained black. "Hmm," she murmured. "We're in a cave in some sort of volcanic region, I think," she said to Pomona. "Am I right?"

"I think so," Pomona nodded. "We're in Rowan's Secret Base- he's a friend of Keith's- but there's someone I want you to meet, Hermione!"

"Lead the way," the Weedle replied.

Meanwhile, Keith spoke to Rowan again. "I don't know if you ever met Hermione," he said. "She was the first Weedle I ever got- second, obviously, was Melittin- only Hermione's something else. For one thing, she's probably my smartest Pokémon ever. You see how her tail stinger's all black? She dips it in ink and uses it as a pen to take notes. She loves learning."

Pomona led Hermione over to Leviathan's tank, and the Weedle looked at the Magikarp with mild interest. "Who is this?" she asked.

"Hermione, this is Leviathan," Pomona replied. "Leviathan, this is Hermione. OK, Hermione, here's the thing- Leviathan really wants to evolve, but neither of us knows what to do."

"I see," nodded Hermione. "Well, as it happens, I was researching evolution methods of various Water-types just the other day- and in the process, by the way, happened upon a very interesting theory regarding a new type of Pokémon evolution. I'll talk more about that later, though- Magikarp are capable of evolving by gaining sufficient experience," the Weedle explained.

"Is it true that he can turn into a dragon?" Pomona asked.

"Well, he won't become an actual Dragon-type," replied Hermione, "though he'll certainly look like one. Magikarp evolve into an extremely powerful sea serpent called Gyarados." She glanced over at Behemoth, then continued. "You see that Steelix? Picture something like that, but blue, with a large tail fin, except it looks more like a dragon."

"I knew it," Pomona grinned. "I knew you could become a dragon, Leviathan!"

"Which brings me to the question," Hermione said, turning to face the Magikarp. "Leviathan, what level would you say you're at right now? Because just by looking, I can tell you've had some training... I just can't tell how much. You might very well be close to evolving, I just need to know how close."

Meanwhile, Chuck smiled in relief- his theory was correct, his usage of Hypnosis was snapping Peach out of it. It seemed to be a gradual process, but it was definitely working. Once Chuck was certain that the Pachirisu would snap out of it fully without further hypnotic assistance, he turned to look back at the Ralts, just as she opened her eyes. "Rose..." Chuck murmured, for it seemed as though she too had snapped out of it. She tried to get up, prompting the Gastly to float to her side and gently help her up, again making arms and hands out of gas to do this. "Are you OK now?" he asked her. Then, he finally noticed the green flashes of light. "What the..." he murmured as he turned to look at the entrance, still gently holding onto Rose.

Chuck's mouth fell open as he saw outside- the bright purple sky, the field of dark grass, black flowers, and thorny bushes, and the single Honchkrow monitoring the entrance. "What in the..." Chuck murmured again, taking in the decidedly unfamiliar landscape and thinking furiously to himself. Decidedly worried though he now was, he took hold of Rose's hand once again, knowing that this had to be freaking her out as well, and he wanted to be there for her. "We... we seem to be in some sort of alternate dimension," he said quietly. "Likely whatever it is that caused the illusions did this. But... why?"

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