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While Lalu and Melittin enjoy themselves in the kitchen, Fae is not enjoying herself at all. There are just a few too many Ghosts around for her to be able to that, even though Helena isn't that bad at all. In fact, Fae thinks she might even be able to be around her without freaking out. But with the scary Banette around Fae just cannot feel at ease. The Shuppet meanwhile tries her best to make her feel at least a bit better and asks Fae it would be better for her if Myrtle would leave while she also eats Fae's feelings of fear away.

Helena's attempt as comforting the Wurmple are successful.

"I thank that may help," Fae's voice is still a bit shaky but an improvement nonetheless, "I'm sorry Helena, I don't want to be scared of anyone, but I just am. When I see a Ghost I always think of when I was born and I get scared."

Elsewhere, Leviathan's concern was not lost on Ponoma and the Ivysaur questions the wisdom of the Magikarp's decision to do everything for the shady voice herself too. The subject of the matter however still switches between confidence and worry.

"I'm sure it will not be a problem. Once I have evolved into a dragon I can take on every challenge, Leviathan says, only to follow it up by, "You don't think he would make me do anything bad do you? I don't want to do bad."

But Ponoma over-thinks the whole situation and comes up with a plan to help the Magikarp evolve into a dragon wile at the same time opening up a way to get out of the deal with the voice from the shadows. Her idea involves one of her teammates, Hermione, who according to the Ivysaur is very smart so if anyone could help Leviathan it's her.

"Yes, maybe I should ask her for help too," it sounds somewhat insecure. Leviathan is thinking about the right course of action. All he wants is to evolve as soon as possible to teach that Pokédex a lesson, so accepting more outside help in the form of Ponoma's teammate will get him there faster it's great. But on the other side the Fish Pokémon also has some doubt. He made a promise to the figure in the shadow already, what if this figure will take action if finds out that he is looking for a way out of the deal? What it that would cause him more problems? Or worse, cause problems to Ponoma, who has been so friendly and helpful to him? But finally Leviathan disregards his concerns, evolving is priority number one, "Yes, thank you Ponoma, could you ask Hermione for help than? I can't get all that far being stuck in this bowl."

Somewhere far away from the base, Chuck is trying a different approach to get Peach out of her illusion. The Gastly looks the Pachirisu in her eyes uses his Hypnosis to try and bring her back into reality, for as far as anything going on in and around the tree can be called reality. Peach stares back at Chuck as the Hypnosis is starting to affect her. Slowly Peach is getting back, the baby she carries in her arms begins to act weird. It distorts somewhat, or looks to turn into a chestnut for just a flash.

"My baby," her voice has turned from sad to confused, slowly she starts to realize that something is wrong with her baby, or maybe even with herself, slowly but steadily Chuck is getting through to her.

But the illusions are not the only thing that are wrong. Outside tree the world is deforming, the cloudless night sky is now of a bright purple color and the tree has to come to rest. It's heart is beating at a normal rate, sending flashes of green light into the room at it's rhythm. However, it is no longer where it was. Previously standing in the center of a forest, the tree now finds itself on top of a hill in the center of a vast and empty field filled with black flowers, thorny bushes and patches of dark grass. The murder Murkrow that sat on one of the branches are no longer there, instead a single Honchkrow is left monitoring the entrance of Peach her home while sometimes staring in the distance as if it waiting for someone, or something.

Inside, Rose is recovering from her illusion and passing out too. Her head feels as if someone hit her with a hammer, but her strength is getting back to her. With some effort she manages to open her eyes somewhat and she can see Chuck standing next to her and Peach, who is still holding the chestnut close to her. The little Ralts is happy though, she is not sure what happened, but she's glad that the Houndour is gone and that Chuck is back. And with that happy thought in her mind she tries to get up from the floor, a faint screech barely audible in the background.
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