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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
It's the night of nights, the fright of frights, get all covered up cause Hallows eve is all about. The time for spooks and vamps a like, where evil is wandering through the night, and what a better way to spook it up.

What we've got for you this eve, is a doll like no other, it may even breath, ok it doesn't but it is kinda eeriee, so just don't stare into it's eyes while you squeeze it to be cheery.

This Pika Doll is not like another, get your Poke to squeeze it and it won't run for cover, the move it teaches is evil it seems, lets just hope your Poke won't have bad dreams.

the move it learns is:

Voodoo Bugaloo (Psychic)
When used the Pokemon summons out a psychicly charged voodoo doll image (Energy usage equal to a confusion), which then dangles in front of them for 10 seconds, in which time the Pokemon can prod with one psychic pin to paralyse the opponent in place for the duration of the 10 seconds, while paralysed, the opponent cannot use any moves other than moves that use the eyes. Voodoo Bugaloo is only usable once per battle.
Contest Effect: Makes the next Pokemon to appeal, lose 2 appeal points with it's move.
Appeal Points: <3 <3 <3
Jam Points: <3 <3

and Enjoy.
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

From me you will receive one Haunter Plushie which, when squeezed by your Pokémon, will vanish, leaving behind 5,000 coins.

Happy trick or treating!
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

I hope you're having a spooktacular day. On my favourite day of the year I've brought you a selection of ghoulishly good gifts. You may choose ONE of the following packs:

Mystic Pack containing:
x1 Super Pass
x1 Halloween candy
x1 Pumpkin Memory Berry
x1 Rare Bone
x1 Psychic Ball
x1 TM Psyshock
x1 Holographic Dark Hypno Trading Card

* The Halloween Candy gives 2 levels to Dark and Ghost Type Pokemon, but one level to any other Pokémon. Sableye and Spiritomb, both being Dark/Ghost Dual types, will receive FOUR levels. If banked, the Halloween candy is the equivalent of a regular rare candy.
* When eaten by your Pokémon, the Pumpkin Memory Berry will allow it to pluck information from its own DNA to help it relearn four moves it has forgotten through evolution, or to learn four egg moves it wasn't born with. In some instances, your Pokémon may even learn a combination of Relearned and Egg Moves.
Originally Posted by Stark View Post
Happy Halloween!

If you're brave enough to face the mass of witches, vampires, ghosts and ghouls who are making an appearance tonight,
you'll find one of these cute little Pumpkin Pails sitting on your street corner with a few little goodies inside.

x1 Pumpkin Pail

x1 Rare Bone to do with as you please, and is worth 1,200 coins when cashed in at the Coin Exchange.
x1 Black Persian Plushie which, when given to your Pokémon, will glow a bright yellow before turning to black dust. Your Pokémon will then breathe it in and learn the move Shadow Claw. The plushie does not remain after using it.
x1 Were Ball that increases capture rate of Canine Pokémon.
x1 Halloween Candy which, when eaten by your Pokémon, gives 2 levels to Dark and Ghost Types, but one level to any other Pokémon. Sableye and Spiritomb, both being Dark/Ghost Dual types, will receive FOUR levels. If banked, the Halloween candy is the equivalent of a regular rare candy.
Blackberry Poffin. This Poffin will give your pokémon different stat raises according to their type. For Dark types, their Tough stats will be raised by 30 points (Sour). And for Ghost types, their Smart stats will be raised by 30 points (Bitter). This Poffin can only be used by Dark or Ghost types and has an expiry date, which is Monday, December 30th - so make sure you use it by then.

Happy trick or treating!
Better late than never I guess, in terms of me posting.

Collecting the above goodies, and using the following things:

Both Halloween Candies to my level 12 Duskull taking her to level 16.

The Pumpkin Memory Berry to that DUskull, teaching her the Egg Moves Pain Split, Skill Swap, Imprison and Dark Pulse.

Taking the remainder with me, ta kindly.
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