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Originally Posted by jolteonjak View Post
Chad met Cyrus in the Cable Club. They had made an agreement many months ago to trade two specific Pokemon when Chad could find the specific Pokemon Cyrus was after. After hatching many eggs and making new friends, Chad had finally met his goal.

Earlier this morning, a Male Karrablast had hatched. Thinking back to their agreement, Chad knew he had met his goal. He had quickly run over to the Egg House to pick up the Clamping Pokemon.

Now Chad was moments away from obtaining a Pokemon he had long sought. Even though he already had a Drifloon, he was still anxious to get this one because of the agreement he had made with Cyrus. A second Drifloon meant, to Chad, that he didn’t have to worry about missing having a Drifloon around when one of them evolved to Drifblim. Plus, having a flock of Drifloon was an idea Chad had really begun to like.

The two trainers met shaking hands. “Thank you for sticking with the agreement, especially after I acquired my current Drifloon,” Chad said. He was a bit over excited, as he was shaking Cyrus’ hand for the entire time he was speaking.

The pair initiated the trade, and after all was said and done, Chad reached in his pocket and handed some Rare Candies to Cyrus. “I really appreciate you taking care of Drifloon for me while I was searching for your Karrablast. Please also accept these Candies as a way of saying thanks.”

OOC: Trading my Lv.3 M Karrablast (stats below) and 2 Candies to Talon87 for his Lv.6 M Drifloon.


Karablast's stats

Spoiler: show

Name: Karrablast
Classification: Clamping Pokemon
Type: Bug
Held Item:
Level: 3
Gender: Male
IQ: 1/100
Contest Stats: Cool – 10 || Smart – 10 || Beauty – 10 || Cute – 10 || Tough – 10
Beauty Points: 0
Birthday: October 10
Evolutionary Chain: -> Trade with ->
Received: Egg House
Location: PC

Level Up:

Egg Moves:

Move Tutor:

Energy Ball
OoC: RPing things slightly differently to suit my own character. Feel free to disregard as pertains to your intended backstory with Drifloon.

Cyrus had seen the poster in a Pokémon Center almost a year ago. A trainer named Chad was looking for a Drifloon. His contact information provided below, Chad offered a reward to whoever helped him first. Cyrus checked the map for likely locations in the area where ghosts might be sighted ... and spotted what looked like an abandoned building on the outskirts of town. The map indicated that it might be a mansion where people once lived. Cyrus then took out his Pokédex to see what he could find on Drifloon. " 'It loves damp, humid seasons', huh?" mumbled Cyrus. It was early January and the ground was blanketed in snow several inches thick. " 'Because of the way it floats aimlessly' ..." he read on. This didn't sound promising. No wonder Chad had put a poster up seeking help from others. It didn't sound like Drifloon would be an easy Pokémon to track down. Cyrus's heart began to sink a little bit: he didn't think he would be able to grant Chad's wish before someone else. Nonetheless, Cyrus recorded Chad's contact information in his Pal Pad before moving on. "Besides," he thought, "I can still go check out that abandoned building. Even if we don't find any Drifloon there, it still might give us a clue as to Reiko's whereabouts ..."

* * *

It was the end of October and Cyrus was making his way towards the agreed-upon meeting place. "I hope he hasn't been waiting too long," Cyrus worried to himself.

* * *

After many trials and travails over the past year, it just so happened that Cyrus had recently come into possession of a Drifloon. He remembered the poster he had seen months ago and dug out his Pal Pad. "Chad," he said, reading the name aloud as he began to dial the phone number. Someone picked up on the other end. It was the trainer who had placed the advertisement Cyrus had seen in the Pokémon Center. Was the offer still available, Cyrus asked. His heart fell: Chad said he had already gotten a Drifloon. However! He then said he was still looking for another one! And he was still offering a reward to anyone who could help him complete his quest! Cyrus's heart leapt. "Where are you?" he asked. "I'll be right there!" Chad told Cyrus his location: it was several towns away, but nothing Cyrus couldn't get to in a couple of days. And so Cyrus set off, his trusty Pokémon in tow, as he made his way towards the meeting spot where he would give Chad a Drifloon and he would get ... a what, exactly?

* * *

The little blue beetle stared up at the human towering over him. "Karra!"

Cyrus stared back down at the Karrablast. If words were to describe the look on Cyrus's face just then, they would convey something along the lines of what Cyrus thought next:

What am I going to do with you?

The young man standing in the cool autumn air had never been one not for Nature. Cyrus called the forest his home, its denizens his friends and neighbors. He traveled the forest, breathed the forest, slept the forest, lived the forest. So by no means was Cyrus unacquainted with Bug-type Pokémon nor did he even especially mind them. But the problem was ...

"Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... ¬¬"

Cyrus smirked to himself, his brows slightly furrowed, as he turned around to confirm exactly what he thought he would see behind him: his many Grass-type Pokémon all looking intently at Karrablast, with Celes the Chikorita in the front, staring him down with a fierce stare. Right, Cyrus thought to himself. Bugs eat plants. It was only natural. And Bug-type Pokémon ... well, it went without saying. Many were strictly herbivorous, but there were some Bug-types in this world known for their omnivorous appetites. And neither Cyrus nor Celes knew whether Karrablast was one of these Pokémon or not.

While SugarPuff and the other Hoppip floated lightly overhead and while Celes quietly growled in the general direction of Cyrus's newest charge, behind them, near the back of the pack, was the quiet, shy Petilil. She too was curious to see who this new Pokémon was. Her eyes met with his, and suddenly --

"Karra! <3"

Karrablast went racing over towards the Grass types. The Hoppip all fluttered out of reach, startled but not scared. (Karrablast could hardly reach them up here!) Celes tried to stop Karrablast from advancing further but was bowled over by the enthusiastic bug. Petilil gave an almost inaudible squeak in surprise as Karrablast came right up to her ...

... and started talking to her very excitedly, waving around his hands, thumping one on his chest on occasion, and bowing to her once or twice. Cyrus snuffled a smirk through his nose. Celes's jaw dropped, her "WHAT" almost audible. And as for Cyrus's Petilil ... well, as anyone might expect, she blushed and didn't seem to know what to say. Cyrus didn't want to interrupt the mood but he felt a little bad for her and so, after trying to catch Karrablast's attention didn't work, he recalled the blue beetle to his PokéBall. Celes offered her opinion on their newest teammate. Cyrus laughed heartily in response. "Well I like him!", he said. "Give him a chance!" "Chikaaa... ¬_¬" Celes clearly wasn't sure. And as for Petilil ...

OoC: That, I'm afraid, we'll have to save for another day. This post has been long overdue and so I just need to post it as is. And so, without further ado ...!

Trading one Level 6 male Drifloon with the following stats and moves:
Species: Drifloon (M) Level 6
Name: (none yet given)
Met: Cable Club, received from Sneezey12 on January 20, 2013
Type: Ghost/Flying
Ability: Unburden
Attacks: Constrict, Minimize, Cut, Icy Wind, Thunder, Astonish
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: none
Contest Stats: Smart: 10 Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Tough: 10 Cute: 10
Beauty Points: 10
IQ: 1
Bio: none yet given
Trophies: none currently
to jolteonjak in exchange for his Level 3 male Karrablast (with stats and moves quoted above) plus 2 Rare Candies. Many thanks, and Happy Hallowe'en!

*Trade Closed*
Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Trading 4 Mysterious Gummis [1] - [3] and 3 Gold Gummis to Talon87 for 2 Rare Candies.

--Trade Opened--
Trading 2 Rare Candies to DaveTheFishGuy in exchange for 4 Mysterious Gummis (1 here and 3 here) and 3 Gold Gummis.

*Trade Closed*

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