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The clock on the wall would strike midnight soon. Unlike the week before, when everyone in Fizzy Bubbles celebrated the momentous occasion that was the eleventh anniversary of the land, in a few moments it'd be... just Halloween. He sighed.

His family never had the habit of participating in the holiday's traditional events. Levin was glad for that; knocking on people's doors and begging them for candy was something he'd always found demeaning, even as a kid. The theme of the holiday itself was no more appealing, either; he'd never been half as attracted to the mysteries of death as he was to the certainties of life. Even now, his very team reflected that: the complete lack of Ghost and Dark-Types was a testament to his indifference toward the occult. He'd gone so far as to sever the last remaining tie he had with Ivan's spirit, Faust the Duskull, not that long ago; he'd made peace with his demons and his brother, and he'd moved on.

But still... this was a highly anticipated moment for a lot of Trainers in Fizzy Bubbles. And he couldn't deny that the land was in dire need of excitement lately. He'd enjoyed himself in the anniversary celebrations, not to mention he'd made a profit even Corvus the Honchkrow would find impressive. Maybe he'd give this event a shot, for the sake of social development... He'd told himself he needed to get off his high horse a while back and mingle with the crowd; healthy interpersonal relationships were a necessary step toward the global recognition he'd sought for so long; if playing along with silly holidays was what it took, he'd give it a spin. What was the worse that could happen?

He pulled a Gold Pokeblock from his Bag, a memento of Mellow the Trapinch's finest moment under his care.

Yeah... everything will be just fine.
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