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Relicanth Confirmed for pickup on Thursday, 31st October 2013

EM/MT/AM/Relearned Confirmation
Blaze: Mienfoo with EM Baton Pass and MT Drain Punch
Charm: Absol with MT Dark Pulse and MT Zen Headbutt
Itza: Chatot with MT Ominous Wind, MT Tailwind and MT Twister
Jeri: Torkoal with EM Fissure, MT Iron Defence and MT Stealth Rock
JJ: Durant with MT Sleep Talk, Dwebble with MT Knock Off and Pinsir with MT Headbutt
Kairne: Dewott with EM Air Slash and Druddigon with MT Dragon Pulse
Kin: Pawniard with EM Psycho Cut and MT Dual Chop
Pest: Dusclops with MT Seismic Toss and Lopunny with MT Endeavour
Schala: Houndour with MT Hyper Voice and MT Super Fang
Shadow: Happiny with EM Aromatherapy and MT Helping Hand
Talon: Foongus with EM Endure and MT Synthesis
Treep: Doduo with EM Assurance and EM Mirror Move
Tyoyo: Misdreavus with EM Curse, EM Nasty Plot and EM Screech

Kin: You need to link to Pawniard's Serebii page to confirm that it learns those moves. Edit the link in and give me a shout.

If you think I've goofed, get in touch. Thanks!

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