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Originally Posted by Charminions View Post
Gilded Town - Please reply in LemonChiffon

Missingno. Master: You watch as the real Tauros breaks through the school door, quickly exchanging a few words with your Meowth as he states the obvious while you return Salazar to his Pokeball.

Helga limps by, clearly exhausted from the run as you pat her head with an apology. You decide it would be best to give her a break in her Pokeball, but she defiantly protests- wishing to help you with this ordeal to the very end as Meowth translates. You smile in admiration at your Makuhita, sharing some words of encouragement as you two connect in a heartwarming embrace. As you broke apart, Helga gave no objections while you returned her to her Pokeball.

With her now resting, you and Meowth now contemplate the whereabouts of the Tauros in the school. From your experience with Vernon, you figure that the Tauros charged straight ahead to the hallway in front of you and that's the path you decide to take.

Entering the school, you see the hallways are empty of any students, teachers, or staff, but you see the dirty footprints of the Tauros in the hallway ahead of you. Looks like your hunch was right. You run ahead, all the way to the end of the hallway to where the school gymnasium is, and you hear a noise as you catch sight of another shattered door- this time the door to the gym.

The shouts of children echo through the gym as you enter it, seeing several grade schoolers in jerseys and shorts hunched to a corner as a middle-aged man, who seems to the be the coach stands protectively in front of them- looking just as scared, if not more, than the children. Facing them is the Tauros you've been chasing down, looking dead set on charging them down. You briefly look around to see several basketballs sprawled across the gym and figure that these kids were having basketball practice when the Tauros barged in.

"H-hey... you there..." the coach stutters, addressing you, "A little h-help please... we don't h-have any Poke-" "TAUROOOOO-," the Tauros cuts in, ducking his head down in preperation for a Headbutt, as the childrens' cries become even louder in fear.

What will you do?
Keith's hunch, much to his satisfaction, seemed to be right- as he raced down the middle hallway, he could see the dirty hoofprints the Tauros had left in his wake. But there was no time to revel in his delight at getting it right- indeed, just as it had occurred to him that he was right, he had reached the end of the hallway, and heard a noise from within the nearby gymnasium. And then he saw it- another shattered door, this one leading to aforementioned gym.

"Uh-oh," Meowth remarked. Keith entered through the shattered remnants of the door, his ears met with the echoing screams of children. Looking around, Keith could see a bunch of grade schoolers, whose basketball practice had clearly been disrupted by the sudden arrival of a Tauros. They were all huddled in a corner, while who appeared to be the coach stood between them and the Tauros, though he looked more frightened than any of the kids. The man stuttered to Keith, pleading for help, though the Tauros's bellowing cut him off in the middle of his explaining that they had no Pokémon with them. Keith nodded at him, and took a Poké Ball off his belt. "Hey, wait," Meowth muttered to Keith. "Ain't dat Helga's ball right dere?"

"Yes, Meowth, it is," Keith nodded. "I made her a promise, and I'm a Trainer of my word. Go, Helga!" he shouted, throwing the ball. In a flash of light, the red-and-white sphere split open, unleashing the Makuhita, who stood between the gym coach and the Tauros, the latter of whom looked ready to attack at a moment's notice.

Looking decidedly surprised to be suddenly facing a Tauros, Helga turned and looked at Keith. "Maku?" she asked.

Keith nodded, a confident smile on his face. "You got this, Helga," he assured his Makuhita.

"Hita..." Helga murmured, tears starting to form in her eyes. Keith was seriously trusting her to take down this Tauros- Helga turned back to face the Tauros, her expression more confident than Keith had ever seen it before. Finally, it was really getting through to her, that Keith truly trusted her, that he was showing confidence in her abilities... and she would be damned if she let him down! And then, as confidence, determination, and affection for her trainer coursed throughout Helga's body, she began to shine brightly with a dazzling white light. Keith and Meowth gasped and exchanged highly surprised looks, then turned back to face Helga, as her body grew taller and wider, her arms lengthened slightly, and her perpetual fists finally unfurled into massive, three-fingered hands. And then, the glowing faded, as the changes completed themselves. "HARIIIIIIIYAMA!" Helga shouted triumphantly.

"Helga just-" began Meowth.

"-evolved into Hariyama!" Keith finished, beaming with pride. He held out his Pokédex- it was true that he had looked up this species earlier that very day, but at the moment, he didn't give a Raticate's ass.

"Hariyama, the Arm Thrust Pokémon, and the evolved form of Makuhita," droned the device. "While Hariyama's body appears fat, it is in fact all muscle. When it tightens its muscles, its body becomes hard as a rock."

"Yes!" Keith exclaimed. "There's no way we're losing now!" Then, he looked back at his newly evolved Hariyama- Helga was staring down the Tauros, as the Wild Bull Pokémon readied its Headbutt attack. "Helga! Arm Thrust!" Keith ordered. "Then go for a Mega Punch, and then let's try out your new move- use Brine attack!"

"Yama," nodded Helga, more than ready to start attacking the Tauros.

What?  Makuhita is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Makuhita evolved into Hariyama!

*Helga learned Brine!*

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