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Lalu led the way to the kitchen, at which point Melittin started to slowly flutter his wings. To his relief, the battle hadn't damaged them too badly, and he was able to get in the air. Still, to play it safe, he hovered very close to the floor, only floating an inch or two off the ground. As they entered the kitchen, Lalu explained that she wasn't the best cook, but that she would try her best to make him something great. The Beedrill tilted his head slightly as the Roggenrola added that Behemoth's lack of kitchen access was a good thing, as he wouldn't appreciate what she had in mind.

Melittin landed on the floor in the kitchen, watching Lalu gathering pots and pans. Silently, he wondered how she would manage to use them, given that she lacked the limbs to make use of them. Hermione always enlisted the help of one of her teammates, usually Peeves, to assist her in the usage of such cooking implements. Though only as far as moving them around- the actual cooking, she always handled that herself. However, Lalu was asking for no help, and Melittin was pretty sure she couldn't use Psychic... And yet, she still managed to make use of them somehow. As she was working, she explained to Melittin that she would ordinarily have Haykhong help her start a fire, but as the Slugma was busy, she'd just use her Firestream attack, a move she was sure Melittin would remember. "Heh, I remember, all right," Melittin chuckled, for he did indeed remember that move very, very well- Lalu had used it on him when they first met. Melittin was a perpetually ill-tempered Weedle back then, and had been demanding respect from his older, bigger, and more experienced teammates, which the Roggenrola did not take kindly to. When Melittin had defiantly refused to apologize to Sirius for peppering him with Poison Sting, she responded with Firestream. This, however, earned Lalu Melittin's respect, which had eventually developed into the feelings he had for her now.

It quickly became apparent that Lalu was making a chocolate sculpture of some sort. The Beedrill found himself curious as to what it would look like, and once it was completed, it... didn't really look like anything. It was very bloblike, though the Roggenrola seemed proud of what it was. Melittin looked at it in confusion, though was spared having to ask what it was by Lalu explaining it was a sculpture of the Beedrill having beaten Behemoth, standing atop the Steelix after crushing him into the floor. Melittin looked back at the sculpture, and slowly started to grin as he could start to see it. "Wow," the Beedrill murmured. As sculptures go, it was far from the best, and he knew it, but he had seen for himself the work Lalu had put into it. And knowing it had been entirely for him... And the subject matter didn't exactly hurt, either- now he knew why Behemoth would likely not appreciate this sculpture. "It's great, Lalu," he said, a small yet genuine smile on his face. "Thank you." Of course, now the only problem was that it almost seemed a shame to eat it!

Well, the only problem for Melittin, anyway. Elsewhere in the base, Helena's attempts to put Fae more at ease around Ghost-types seemed to be unsuccessful, as the Wurmple crawled away and curled up on the floor beneath her trainer. Helena looked sad- not only were her attempts at helping Fae unsuccessful, but she was pretty sure the Wurmple was still somewhat scared of her... Helena hated the idea that everyone could be scared of her. Oh, sure, she wished dearly for members of Team Rocket to be terrified of her, but soulless dirtbags like those deserved it. Fae, on the other hand, most certainly did not.

"Helena?" Keith said, noticing his saddened Shuppet. "What's wrong?"

"...Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a scary species of Pokémon," Helena admitted quietly, speaking in Shuppet language.

"Oh, it's alright," Keith said to her, also switching over to Shuppet language. "Helena, remember, you're only as scary as you let yourself be. Besides, it's not like Fae's just gonna get over her fear of ghosts just like that. You gotta be patient."

"Yeah... Yeah, you're right," Helena nodded. "Thanks, little brother," she smiled. With that, the friendly Shuppet floated slowly down to the floor, where Fae was curled up. "Fae?" Helena asked softly. "Would you feel better if Myrtle went away?" The Banette didn't look entirely pleased as she overheard this, but said and did nothing to imply that she wouldn't move if asked to. Meanwhile, Helena started to feed on Fae's feelings of fear- partly for sustenance, as she hadn't eaten in a while, but mostly to try and help the Wurmple feel better.

Leviathan almost created a whirlpool with how he was pacing around in his tank. He had no clue how to trigger his evolution, and stated that there must be some records that would help them find this out, though had no idea where they could find them. Pomona opened her mouth to reply, when a sinister voice came forth from a dark corner, offering to help. The Ivysaur shuddered slightly at this voice, but so desperate to evolve was Leviathan that he was willing to do anything. The Magikarp therefore promised to do anything the mysterious voice asked in return for it helping him to evolve. After this, he looked at Pomona, somehow managing to look both confident and worried at the same time. "Um..." Pomona began, "uh... W-was that a good idea, just there?" she asked Leviathan. "I mean, I'd be glad to help you find out how to evolve, and I wouldn't have asked for anything in return... W-what if whoever that was isn't so nice? What if whoever that was wants you to do bad things?" Indeed, Pomona seemed to be less scared of that mysterious and sinister voice, and more worried about her friend. And then, an idea occurred to Pomona- maybe if she helped Leviathan figure out how to evolve before the mysterious voice did, then things would be OK. The deal, after all, was that Leviathan would have to do whatever that sinister voice's source wanted if it helped Leviathan to evolve. But if Leviathan got help with evolving from another source, then maybe he wouldn't be bound to this shady deal? It was worth a shot, Pomona decided. But still, the question remained, how to do this?

And then, it hit her- of course! If any of her teammates would have a chance of knowing this, it would have to be Hermione! The little Weedle was highly intelligent, and loved to learn. Maybe she picked up something about the evolutionary requirements of Magikarp? "Hey, Leviathan," Pomona said, "I have an idea. "Maybe we could ask one of my teammates for help- her name's Hermione, and she's really smart, so if anyone on my team will know, it'll be her. What do you say?"

Elsewhere, things were not going well for Chuck and Rose. Chuck's attempts at telepathy were not getting through to the Ralts. I don't get it! Chuck thought to himself, though deep inside, he knew it was probably due to his lack of experience with telepathy. He had to try something else if he was going to be able to get through to his girlfriend, but... he had no idea what would work. And then, Rose passed out- clearly, whatever it was that she had been seeing and/or remembering had gotten the better of her. "Rose..." Chuck murmured. He floated over to her and hugged her with arms he formed quickly out of the gas surrounding his body, hoping to somehow be able to comfort her. Then, he looked up upon realizing that Peach was still going on about her baby, when an idea occurred to Chuck- one so simple that it was almost assuredly too simple to really work. Or would it? Either way, there was but one way to find out- Chuck made eye contact with the Pachirisu and used Hypnosis. His thinking was, sometimes Hypnosis could be used to make others see illusions, so maybe it could be used on those who are already seeing illusions to reverse the effect. It seemed like a strange idea, borderline ludicrous, in fact, but right now, Chuck was really running short on ideas.

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