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Lalu leads Melittin to the kitchen, ignoring the fact that Sir Haykhong, Bedivere and Nimiane are there too, discussing some business she doesn't even want to know about.

"I'm not the best cook around here," she says apologetic, "but I will do my best to make you something great. Good thing Behemoth can't come here too, don't think he'd appreciate what I have in mind." Lalu giggles as she walk around the kitchen, collecting some pots, pans and other equipment she can't possibly use due to her lack of limbs.

"Normally I would use Haykhong to get a fire to cook on, but he's busy so I'll just use my own Firestream, sure you'll remember that one Mell," she giggles again as she starts to make a fire, "Once this fire gets going I will get started with my Chocolate Magic." An just as the little Rock says that the fire starts burning red hot and Lalu starts firing bubbles of molten chocolate into the pots and pans she brought along, filling them up to the rim before placing them on the fire she just made. She then walks around, waiting for the chocolate to get to the right temperature before taking one pan of the fire and poring the now hot and liquid chocolate into a tray. After that Lalu takes another pan with molten chocolate and carefully places drops of the brown liquid on the cooling chocolate in the tray. With every drop she waits for the chocolate to become cool and slowly but steadily a sculpture is made.

"I hope you'll like what I'm making," she says as Lalu lays the last hand on her work of art. Though it may take a while before anyone would be able to tell what it is supposed to look like as it hardly looks like what it is meant to look like. The chocolate sculpture consist of a crescent like blob with a big flat top on one side and another blob with some spikes and disk-like features. But Lalu is proud of her work nonetheless. "Can you see what it is? It's you having beating Behemoth, you see? You're standing on top of him after you crushed him into the floor."

Meanwhile, Helena tried to comfort Fae once more, telling her that not all that looks scary, is scary, and that she herself will eventually evolve into a Banette too.

"I... I don't know." Even though Helena is talking to her, Fae's eyes are still focused on Myrtle. She is shaking and her eyes clearly express a great fear for the Ghost. "I'm scared," she screams, and with that Fae runs of Rowan's back and curls herself up on the floor beneath him, still shaking and terrified because of all the ghosts around her.

Somewhere else in the base, Leviathan starts to think as hard has he can, trying to find a way to take up Ponoma's offer to help him evolve into a dragon. The Magikarp swiftly swims around in his bowl, almost creating a mini-whirlpool. "We need to find out how I can evolve," he finally says, swimming more rounds, "There must be some records that can tell me what a Magikarp has to do to evolve, but where?" But before anyone can answer that question a stranger breaks in.

"So, knowledge is what you seek? I can help you with that," from the darkness of a corner near Leviathan and Ponoma a sinister voice comes forth, "But...What, is in it for me?" An even more sinister shimmer accompanies the shadowy voice, leaving Leviathan silent to ponder it's question.

"I have nothing that I can give you, but please help me, I will do everything you want once I evolve!" Leviathan desperately tries to get the dark voice to help him fulfill his quest, "Tell me what you want and I will do it!"

"Everything, you say?"


"Good, very good," the voice from the shadow sounds content with the Magikarp's offer. "I will give you what you seek, and you will give me what I want, so it is written, so it will be done." The voice slowly fades away in the darkness of the shadows leaving Leviathan and Ponoma behind. The Magikarp looks at the Ivysaur on the outside of the bowl, his look both confident and worried. He is not sure what to think now, he really wants to evolve into a dragon as soon as possible, but he may just have sold his soul to do so.

Elsewhere, far away from the base, in a place much darker, Chuck is surprised by Rose her reaction to him. But while he is speaking out to her, all she sees is a angerly barking Houndour, scaring her even more as the screams from her past are getting louder and louder. The Gastly tries to reach out to her in different ways, even attempting telepathy, but his attempts are in vain. Rose desperately tries to block her mind completely from all outside influences, but while she succeeds in keeping out Chuck due to him not being mentally strong enough for a more powerful telepathy attempt, that what causes her to see Chuck as a Houndour still gets through to her. But what the little Ralts tries to block most of all are things she cannot keep out, they are there forever, once put far away into her subconscious, but they are coming back to her.

Originally Posted by Flashback
Mommy, mommy, mommy, look what I found!"

"What a beautiful flower you have there, you're such a sweetheart my little Kirlia.

"It's for my little baby sister."

Deep inside the woods of Hoenn's Route 2 lives a big clan of Gardevoir, Gallade and their children. They have lived there peacefully for many years, but things were about to take a turn for the worst.

"Wroef! Wroef!" Somewhere in the distance a barking sound can be heard, vaguely accompanied by indistinguishable human voices. Deep voices, and as little as Ralts is, she feels they're up to no good. A feeling that only gets stronger the closer the barks and voices get.

"Gallade! Defensive positions! Gardevoir! Take the children and bring them to safety! We have intruders approaching!" The leader of the clan quickly gives out his orders to his clan members, scouts have confirmed the presence of some suspicious looking people and Dark-Pokémon. Thank's to their leader everyone knows what is expected of them and the little Ralts is taken away in the arms of her mother to exit their forest home. But they do not get far.

"Grrrrrrr" In front of Ralts and her mother stands an angrily growling Houndour, it's canines clearly visible, it's body ready to strike. In a quick reaction to defend her child, the mother Gardevoir uses her Psychic but it is of no effect on the Houndour who swiftly responds with a devastating Crunch severely injuring Ralts' mother while also sending the little one flying into the bushes. The Houndour however has not forgotten about Ralts and she knows as the Dark Pokémon comes after her. Luckily for her the dog-like creature is taken care of by a Gallade who's Close Combat takes it out permanently. This skirmish however is only the start of the battle that is unfolding in front of the little Ralts as the strangers have arrived and are sending out their power houses.

"Tyranitar, go kill some!" And with that three Pokéballs are thrown revealing three powerful monsters, unleashing their Sandstream as the sky turns dark and the forest's sands start whipping away at Ralts' her family. But these whipping sands are only the start of the horrors that Ralts has to witness.

"Tyranitar! Show no mercy! Get these critters together, round them up so we can collect them, kill them if necessary!" The strangers are angry, their faces are dark, Ralts cannot see them clearly. But she can see the carnage in front of her. As the Gardevoir of the clan desperately try to take their children to safety, Houndour viciously attack them, tearing their dresses apart and ripping the meat of their delicate bodies. Their screams of pain shoot through Ralts' body, burning themselves in her memory. Kirlia and Ralts are scattered around on the floor, some crying in a pool of their mothers blood, others are rounded up by Houndour so the strangers can collect them. The Tyranitar engaged in fights with the Gallade. Blades are swung and fists are pounded, but the Gallade are no match for the mighty Armor Pokémon. One by one they meet their maker as the Tyranitar Trash them into the ground, Crunch their heads between their jaws or slide them into a rocky grave.

Soon enough the fight is over. The Gallade are gone, murdered by their adversaries, as are the Gardevoir. The remaining Kirlia and Ralts are captured by the strangers, many of them crying, terrified and traumatized. The part of the forest that Ralts once called her home has turned into a red waste. The ground is covered in blood, dead bodies and broken down trees. The strangers hastily try to hide the bodies and any evidence of their presence, they came and went within an hour. But what Ralts has just seen unfold in front of her eyes will scar her for the rest of her life.

For hours Ralts has been hiding behind a fallen down tree. She is tired, scared, hungry, alone. She is desperate for her mother, her father and her family. Flashes of her mother being ripped apart keep returning to her and her emotions start to overwhelm her. Ralts closes her eyes and cries, but there is no sound.
Rose lays down on the ground, she is unconscious, her memories got the better of her. Peach is still standing next to her, still holding up the chestnut and talking about her baby.

Meanwhile outside, the sky it turning purple and the heart of the tree is beating faster and faster creating brighter and brighter pulses or light to illuminate the room. Without them knowing, the trio inside Peach's home are taking into another dimension.


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