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"Alright, Malfoy, use yer Ice Beam attack!" Meowth ordered.

"Dodge it, Strychnine!" Keith called.

"Grimer gri!" exclaimed Strychnine. She hastily oozed off to one side, narrowly avoiding the Beam of Ice energy her Toxicroak opponent was firing off.

"Nice!" grinned Keith. "Now, Strychnine- Sludge Wave attack!"

"Griiiiiiii..." said the Grimer, as a thick, opaque layer of gooey purple sludge swirled all around her body. Strychnine yelled louder and louder as she charged up the potent Poison-type move... and then the sludge fell unceremoniously to the ground all around her.

"Damn," sighed Keith. "I was sure it'd work this time."

"Gri..." sighed Strychnine, looking down sadly at the puddles of sludge.

"Oh, cheer up, Strych," Keith encouraged the Poison-type. "You'll get the hang of that move sooner or later.

"He's right," nodded Malfoy. "Sludge Wave takes a little work to master, and you've only just learned it."

"Yeah, a little more practice might do it," Meowth suggested.

For a few moments, Strychnine said nothing. Then, she looked up at Keith and said, "...Well, I guess it couldn't hurt." A small, optimistic smile was forming on her face as she said this. Though Keith didn't understand the words she was saying, he got the idea nevertheless.

"Heh, that's the spirit," grinned Keith. "Now, first, watch Malfoy. Malfoy, use Sludge Wave."

"Croooaaaaak," croaked Malfoy as thick purple sludge began to swirl all around him. Then, he launched a powerful wave of the rancid goop right at a nearby small, dead tree, practically reducing it to splinters.

"Nice one!" Keith nodded approvingly. "OK, Strychnine, now you give it a try-" He stopped, however, as a rumbling noise met his ears. "What the hell...?" he muttered. He glanced around in confusion, as did his Meowth, Toxicroak, and Grimer, but they saw nothing. And then, the noise's source seemed to draw closer, when suddenly, a tremendous green and brown beast burst through a cluster of dead trees, roaring loudly. Four large, broad leaves stuck out of its back, looking almost like wings, and oddly enough, a bunch of bananas hung from its long neck.

"WAH!" Meowth exclaimed in terror at the sight of the rampaging Pokémon, as Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Tropius, the Fruit Pokémon," droned the device. "If allowed to, Tropius will eat fruit nonstop, which is said to have caused it to sprout bananas. Though normally docile, an angered Tropius is difficult to stop."

"Oh, yeah. That bodes well," Keith said sarcastically. Then, he heard a voice from behind Tropius.

"No! Tropius, cut it out!" the voice was pleading. Keith looked around the Grass/Flying-type, and saw a young boy who had to be the Tropius's Trainer, for he was running up to the rampaging Tropius, holding out a Poké Ball, and trying to withdraw it. Tropius, however, did not take kindly to this idea, and flapped its leaf-wings furiously, stirring up a twister of foliage which took off towards the trainer.

"Whoa! Look out for the Leaf Tornado!" Keith called to the trainer, and though the youth jumped out of the attack's path, it managed to yank the Poké Ball out of his hand and send it flying. Keith helplessly watched the ball soar high over his head, and land on the roof of his nearby Secret Base.

"Ohhh, this isn't good!" the trainer whined. "Please, mister, can you help me stop my Tropius? He always gets like this when he finishes using Outrage!"

"Got it," nodded Keith, before turning to Meowth. "Meowth, climb up to the roof and get that ball."

"I'm on it," nodded Meowth, though he had barely taken two steps when Tropius gave a great flap of its leaves, and was in the air. And then, with an earth-shaking crash, it landed right in front of Meowth, standing between Keith and his Secret Base.

"OK, looks like retrieving the Poké Ball isn't an option right now," Keith remarked. "Malfoy, use your Ice Beam attack!"

"Toxicrooooaaaak!" bellowed Malfoy, as he let fly the Ice-type move once again. Tropius, however, seemed to be ready for this, and proceeded to rapid-fire Seeds from its mouth, as though it were a machine gun firing off Bullets. The two attacks collided in midair, neither one showing any signs of overpowering the other as a pile of frozen seeds started to collect on the ground.

"Keep it up, Malfoy!" Keith urged his Toxicroak, but as Ice Beam was not a move his kind was especially familiar with, Malfoy began to weaken, and finally stopped the attack altogether, panting slightly. Tropius seized its advantage immediately- it Slashed at the Air wildly with its leaves, sending what appeared to be numerous saw blades made entirely of air flying towards Malfoy.

"Oh, crap, Malfoy, dodge it!" ordered Keith urgently. The Toxicroak lunged out of the way of the Air Slash- or he tried to, at least, but half of the saw blades hit nevertheless, and Malfoy collapsed to the ground, where he struggled to get up.

"Tropius, please, stop it!" called the boy, but the Fruit Pokémon seemed to not hear its Trainer, and instead delivered a forceful Stomp attack, which forced Malfoy to abandon his attempts to get back up as he succumbed to unconsciousness.

"OK, not good... not good..." muttered Keith as Tropius started to stomp towards him-


Suddenly, Keith found that Tropius had stopped short- Strychnine had oozed over to them and positioned herself between Keith and the Tropius, and was now glaring up at the Grass/Flying-type.

"Strychnine?" Keith said. "You sure you're up for this?"

"Gri. Gri!" nodded Strychnine enthusiastically. She then turned to give Keith a determined look. Keith met his Grimer's gaze for a moment, and then grinned at her.

"Very well, then," he stated. "Go, Strychnine! Sludge Bomb!"

"Grimer... gri gri gri!" exclaimed Strychnine as she launched numerous Bombs made of Sludge. Tropius responded with another Bullet Seed, and the attacks exploded in midair, creating a huge cloud of dust. Keith coughed as he tried to see Tropius through the cloud, when he suddenly saw something decidedly less welcome- the Dragon Pulse attack it just fired off.

"Look out, Strychnine!" Keith warned his Poison-type, but too late- the Dragon-type move made contact, and sent the living pool of sludge skidding backwards, leaving a trail of freshly-killed grass in her wake. Now Keith was starting to panic- there was no way in hell Meowth was going to be a match for this Tropius, not if it could take out two Poison-types of significantly higher level. And the rest of his Poké Balls were in the Secret Base he was currently unable to access.

On the ground, Strychnine opened her eyes- the Dragon Pulse hadn't knocked her out, but it was a critical hit, and it took a lot out of her. She looked up at Keith, who was trying very, very hard to not panic as the Tropius advanced on him once more. As she realized that she was their last line of defense against this Tropius, Strychnine's eyes narrowed in determination- no way was this banana-bearing beast going to get the better of her!

Keith stood his ground bravely as Tropius slowly stomped closer and closer to him, a wild, fierce look still visible in its eyes. He contemplated using an attack, but he knew that Tropius was likely to react very violently at the first sign of Smog, and there was no way he was going to be able to maintain a Mean Look long enough for Meowth to fetch the Poké Ball. And then, suddenly, he found himself distracted by a brilliant, dazzling glow next to him. Even Tropius was distracted by this. Keith looked around for Strychnine, and when he couldn't find her, it slowly dawned on him that this glowing mass was Strychnine- his Grimer was evolving! Keith's mouth fell open as he realized this, and watched as Strychnine grew larger and larger, until finally, the glow faded away.

"MUUUUUUUUUK!" bellowed Strychnine. She didn't look terribly different from before- just larger. Much, much larger. She oozed her way back between Keith and Tropius, as the former aimed his Pokédex at her.

"Muk, the Sludge Pokémon, and the evolved form of Grimer," droned the Pokédex. "Muk can blend in with the ground perfectly if it so chooses. Its favorite food is anything disgusting and filthy."

"All right, Strychnine!" cheered Keith.

"Yeah!" Meowth added. "Way ta go!"

"Muk Muk!" replied Strychnine, the newly evolved Muk smiling confidently as she faced the Tropius, who looked slightly hesitant in the face of this new, larger, and smellier adversary. Keith, meanwhile, was thinking of which move to order Strychnine to use first, when an idea hit him. Maybe, just maybe...

"OK, Strychnine, let's see what you can do now!" Keith called. "Sludge Wave attack!"

"Eh?!" Meowth exclaimed, looking at Keith as though he was crazy.

"Muuuuuuuuuuk," grunted the Muk as a thick purple sludge started to swirl around her. Then, she yelled loudly as she finally fired off a perfect Sludge Wave. Tropius started to flap its leaves to Fly out of the way, but the attack was too quick- Tropius roared loudly in protest as it was blasted by Sludge Wave, but the roars quickly gave way to a piteous moan as it collapsed to the ground and fainted. Seizing his opportunity, Meowth dashed over to the tree, and by making excellent use of his claws, climbed up the trunk of the tree and the side of the house atop the tree, and not a minute later, managed to grab the Poké Ball and return Tropius to it.


The boy sighed in relief and held his nose as Keith handed him the Poké Ball containing his Tropius. "Thanks so much," he said. "I'm really sorry about Tropius, he's normally very gentle, it's just, he gets a little out of control once he's used Outrage, you know?"

"Yeah, I hear that, my Axew's the same way," nodded Keith. "Well, OK, not quite that bad, but I do know about the after-effects of the move, believe me. And by the way, it's not me you should be thanking- thank Strychnine here," he added, gesturing to the Muk next to him, who spread her arms wide, as though expecting a hug.

"Eh... Thanks, Strychnine, but I'll pass on the hug, OK?" the boy said nervously.

"Hey, believe me," Keith said to him, "once you get past the smell, it's really not that bad. Then again, I've been Strychnine's trainer for a long time now, so I'm pretty much used to the smell by now."

"I figured as much," admitted the boy. "I didn't mean any offense," he added, addressing the Muk. "It's just, I'm not quite as used to the smell as your Trainer, you know?"

"Muk, Muk," replied Strychnine, nodding understandingly.

"Strychnine says ta not worry about it," Meowth translated.

"Wait, wha-" stammered the boy, for this was the first time he was able to properly hear Meowth speak. "What- did that Meowth just-"

"Yes, yes he did," sighed Keith. "I probably should have mentioned that at some point."

"Muuuuk," Strychnine nodded in agreement.

What?  Grimer is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Grimer evolved into Muk!

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