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Bulbasaur That I_D Guy Has A Squad...

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[.:Battle Slots:.]
Slot 1 - empoleon dynamite (UPN)
Slot 2 - mewmaster007 (UPN)
Slot 3 - GrJackass (UPN)
Slot 4 - Ethereal (SPPf)

Gym Slot - ??? (???)

[.:Battle Waiting List:.]
1. milotic111 (UPN)
2. ??? (UPN)
3. ??? (UPN)
4. ??? (UPN)
5. ??? (UPN)

Spoiler: show

Elodie: Level 5 Female Bellossom
Elodie returns to me from way back when known as Bulbasaur and although she did some soul searching and aimless wandering, she heard of my return and has finally found me once again. She was known in the previous squad as the dancer and had a wonderful attack that was very beautiful to look at, though rather technical for a dancer to perform. Always the playful one and never weary of a challenge, she takes up arms to fight for me once again.
Special Technique: Yusuton, Higa Zekkou (Rock)
Elodie starts dancing in front of her opponent, and finishes with a pirouette. She then spins her body at a fast rate and as she spins, little blades of energy fly from her, all directed at the opponent. Each little energy blade has the power of the Rock-type behind it and is sharp enough to cause small lacerations. The multitude of little energy blades create enough light when the attack goes off, that it looks like a fireworks display. The attack does a total of a Petal Dance in damage and can leave the opponent rather dazed. It uses 1.25x of Petal Dance in energy and will leave Bellossom disoriented right after the move, similar to Petal Dance.

Venera: Level 5 Male Salamence
Venera lived a very lonely life within his clan of other Bagon and Shelgon. He was always the outcast and never had any friends whatsoever. To combat this loneliness, he became accustomed to creating a Double Team clone that had real solidarity to it and could think on its own, so he could have someone, even though it was a complete copy of himself, to play with. He used to do everything with this companion. However, the other members of the Clan thought it was quite funny to destroy the clone, by touching it with something with enough strength to make it disappear, just like a normal Double Team clone.
Special Attack: Furuiton, Gatsuuga (Dragon)
When Venera uses Double Team, he only ever creates one clone. In a twister style movement, Venera and his clone spin to create very fast winds around them both and then they jump at their opponent and spiral around each other. The attack deals damage equal to 1.5x Twister. It takes the energy of 1.5x Twister. It counts as a two-move combo when the clone is not already on the field. The clone cannot be destroyed while performing this attack, but immediately disappears after the attack hits.

Vynolia: Level 4 Female Venusaur
My faithful companion, Vynolia has always been by my side. I found Vynolia when she was the leader of a humble group of Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. The group was rather remote and lived in a place of paradise. Their version of paradise had multitudes of flowers covering every square inch of the ground. The flowers had so many petals, it was impossible to distinguish one from another. As a result, Vynolia has six times as many petals on her back than normal.
Special Attack: Haton, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Grass)
Vynolia can use the petals on her back by taking about four at a time and splitting them into hundreds of pieces. Each piece has very sharp edges, akin to a small knife. The tiny knives begin to spin and are spread all around the arena. Then, they are concentrated on the opponent. This attack deals damage equivalent to 2x Leaf Storm and takes energy equivalent to 2.5x Leaf Storm to execute.

Blade: Level 4 Male Gallade
Blade has been training all his life. He has always been against fighting to solve problems, and instead he has always tried talking to resolve issues. Since meeting me, he has come to understand that fighting is mostly a necessary thing, especially with me. However, as a result he started some special training and has finally returned to me with the results. This training was specifically to master the art of the fighting style that is known as Juuken.
Special Training: Seiton, Juuken (Psychic)
Blade has a special fighting "mode" known as Juuken. This is a hand-to-hand combat style that stays on the back foot and tries to dodge as much as possible, using the opponents weight against them like in Judo. Beginning this fighting "mode" counts as a move in battle and must be ordered. Conversely, Blade can stop using Juuken when ordered to do so, but this does not count as an attack. When he uses Juuken, he expends energy equivalent to a 1.5x Foresight every round in order to maintain this style. The style also includes putting some energy in his palms so that with every hit that makes physical contact, extra energy is put into the area touched so that each hit has a 10 % chance of partial paralysis of the limb touched. This increases the energy usage of all attacks that make physical contact take an extra 20 % energy to use.

Revier: Level 4 Male Slowking
I met Revier in a cave. He was always a loner, but the reason for that was unclear. The cave was clammy and cold. It had almost no light whatsoever, except for a small crack somewhere in the cave ceiling. Revier liked it in that cave, he was happy there. However, when I "rescued" him, he found out what is was like to live in the light. Since then, he has had a personal vendetta against whatever/whoever put him in that cave of misery.
Special Attack: Seiton, Tayuya (Psychic)
Revier delves into the mind of the opponent and makes them see particularly horrifying images, usually of friends or family dying, in a rather gruesome fashion. This attack deals damage equal to 1.5x the damage of Psychic and has a 10% chance of causing the opponent to flinch. It takes the 1.5x the energy of Psychic to use.

Flarek: Level 4 Male Infernape
Flarek was part of travelling circus act when I met him. He was labelled as "Smoke-breather", which seemed odd, since all Fire Pokémon know how to breathe smoke. However, when I asked about it, the keepers just told me that he had never breathed fire ever in his life. I thought this was a joke, so I took him off their hands and began training. No sooner had I done so, did he reveal that he can breathe fire like normal Fire-types, but his fire always has more smoke attached to it than normal.
Special Attack: Katon, Hisekishou (Fire)
The fact that he breathes a bit of smoke every time he uses a fire attack from his mouth means that each attack of this type has a 10 % chance of partially blinding the opponent. As a result, it has been found that Flarek can't use Smokescreen. However, more importantly, we turned it into an attack. Firstly, Flarek releases a Smokescreen, but try as he might, his smokescreen is always just a grey smoke. However, the grey smoke is much hotter than a normal Smokescreen, and never black. The grey smoke is sprayed in front of him, and engulfs the opponent, and surrounding arena area, giving an approximate radius of 5m around the opponent. This never includes Flarek. Then, when enough smoke has been released, he clenches his teeth and the entire smoke cloud explodes in a burst of fire, flame and heat. The attack deals damage equal to 1.5x Flamethrower, and takes the energy equivalent to 1.5x Flamethrower and 2 Smokescreens to complete.

Grapper: Level 4 Male Ambipom
Grapper was a weird Aipom since he has an odd obsession with his tail-arm, more-so than any other normal Aipom. He always stands on his tail-arm. But, when attacking, all attacks that use hands/arms are driven with his tail-arm. Since evolving, this hasn't changed and he now uses his tail-arms for almost everything he can possible. This fascination with his tail-arms, and concentration of energy in his tail-arms, spawned his special attack.
Special Attack: Fuuton, Rasen-Shuriken (Flying)
Grapper concentrates a massive amount of energy in his tail-arms such that it forms a small ball that is about the size of the palm of his tail-arms. The ball is pure energy that spins on itself at a rapid pace. Then, using some Flying energy, the spinning takes on the form of a shuriken that spins extremely fast. The result looks like a shuriken that has a ball in the middle of it. He then throws the shuriken-ball into the opponent. If it hits, it causes a large explosion that deals 2x Dynamic Punch of damage to the opponent. The energy usage is 2.5x Dynamic Punch. This attack can only be used once per match.

Lili: Level 4 Shiny Female Ludicolo
Lili hated where she lived. The reason for this was that it never rained. Of course, this was especially an issue for her since she likes to have water around all the time. She began trying to overcome this issue with a daily use of Surf in order to create some water around where she lived. But soon found out that in the summer, the water dried up too fast. Instead, she tried to combine two Surf attacks. What happened was a rather different result.
Special Attack: Suiton, Suiryuudan (Water)
Lili lets out a stream of water similar to that in Surf, but the water spins very rapidly in a more Twister-like movement. The beauty of this attack is that Lili gives this torrent of water a dragon-like head that is extremely menacing. The combination means that a volume of water equal to 2 Surf attacks is created and the dragon face is so menacing that the opponent has a 10% chance of flinching. The attack takes energy equal to 2x Surf and a Scary Face and deals 2x Surf in damage.

Thorn: Level 4 Male Torterra
I found Thorn in a very dense forest of very tall trees. He had spent most of his life in this forest, learning and understanding how the wood grows so tall, straight and solid. Funnily enough, when I met him, he was so shy and scared that he set up a shield of some sort that was very odd in appearance. I eventually coaxed him into coming along with the party and we learned to use his shield in battle.
Special Defence: Mokuton, Mokujou Heki (Grass)
Thorn spends energy to have wood grow out of the ground in front of him, that grows a sort-of cave-like appearance, covering all directions of attack, except directly behind him. The attack takes a very short amount of time to setup, thus he spends the energy for Agility and Protect for the defence. The setup is permanent on the field until destroyed, and cannot be moved since it is rooted in the ground. The wood is extremely strong and thick, however one Flamethrower in one spot will burn a hole through it. Otherwise, it takes a strong attack to destroy a part of it, and two to destroy all of it. Ice-type attacks are 'super-effective' against it, making so brittle that a Tackle will destroy the entire thing. A Blizzard can destroy it in one go. Thorn can only setup two of these structures at the one time. It counts as a two-move combo.

Bronté: Level 4 Female Rhyhorn
When Bronté was very young, she learned that she could move faster if she dug her front legs in a bit before moving, and jump-running around in this fashion. She found that when she did this, she became very connected with the Ground. When I met her as part of her family, she was much older and consolidated this affinity for the Ground. It took a while to convince her elderly mother that she was not going to be hurt if she spent her time with me.
Special Defence: Doton, Doruki Gaeshi (Ground)
Bronté rears up and digs her front legs in deep to make a slab on earth about 1 metre long, 1 metre wide and 50 cm in depth. The slab jumps out of the ground like a seesaw and stands at about 70˚ for about 5 seconds before falling back to the ground. This can be used to block all medium-powered attacks, but it cannot block water based attacks like Water Gun and similar strong attacks, as the earth just breaks apart too fast. This takes the energy equivalent to 1.5x Rock Throw to use.

Buzz: Level 4 Male Electabuzz
Buzz is always making sparks. Ever since I first met him, he just couldn't stop himself from doing it. So, we decided to practice with the spark generation. After some serious long and hard training, he was able to generate quite a substantial field around himself. This field, when concentrated in one part of the body became a very powerful attack. It also had a very nice side effect.
Special Attack: Raiton, Chidori (Electric)
To concentrate the sparks, Buzz uses the energy of Thunderpunch. He chooses to concentrate the energy into his fist and arm for a more powerful version of a Thunderpunch. When he attacks, however, he moves at lightning speed that uses the energy of a Quick Attack. So, the total damage dealt by the attack is equal to 2x Thunderpunch and the total energy used is equal to a 2x Thunderpunch and a Quick Attack. The part of the opponent's body that Buzz hits (except the head or chest) with this attack is paralysed for two rounds.

Liz: Level 4 Shiny Female Sceptile
Liz has spent her entire life living with trees, and just loves jumping around in trees. She enjoys them so much, whenever she is in a tree-filled arena, she will never set foot on the ground and always attacks from the trees. If she needs to come close to attack, she jumps out from the trees, attacks, and jumps straight back into the trees immediately afterwards. Once, while training, I forced her to stay on the ground. And she got so angry, she set about making my life hell by attacking me with such a fierce attack.
Special Defence: Haton, Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou (Dragon)
Liz stands in one spot and waits for her opponent to come close before disappearing from sight. She beats up all over her opponent and every attack has the power of the Dragon-type behind them. The move deals the damage of a Leaf Storm and takes 1.5x the energy. It may only be used once per battle.

Shade: Level 4 Male Sableye
Shade met me when I was visiting a neighbouring town. He decided he liked me for some reason and kept following me, the stalker. I knew nothing about it until one night when he caught me with some technique and I could barely move. He showed himself to me and forced me to take him long with me. I later learned that he was running from his old trainer who treated him like he never existed and never acknowledged his special ability.
Special Attack: Kuroton, Kage Nui (Dark)
Shade puts his hands together in a special seal that allows him to make his shadow jet-black in colour. Immobile, he uses his shadow by extending it in a single line. If the shadow touches the opponent's shadow, they also become immobile. Then, Shade splits the shadow up into 10 strands and has them become a tangible thread that rises out of the ground and pierce the opponent. Each strand deals 0.2x the damage of a Crunch, as such the entire amount of damage can be 2x a Crunch and uses the energy of 2 Crunches. Since it's based on the movement of a shadow, the attack can only be used where a shadow can be formed (i.e. it can't be used at night when there is no moon). There is only a 50% chance of the shadow making contact with the opponent's shadow if it is not already in contact.

Rheza: Level 4 Male Scizor
Traveling deep within a jungle forest area, I managed to stumble upon a well-kept secret. It was a haven of bugs - a bugs' paradise if you like. Except for a small group of Scyther. It was interesting because, at first glance, they looked like they fit in. But, after living with the bugs for a while, I came to the understanding that there were murders going on. There was a killer on the loose. I decided that I would take it on myself to find the culprit. I finally cornered the bug and we fought all night. In the end, I won, and he agreed to come along with me with the promise of plenty of fights to be had where I was going. He had the most fearsome technique in his arsenal.
Special Technique: Chuuton, Mushi Dama (Bug)
Being the bloodthirsty villain he is, he enjoyed taking his opponent's by the neck and threatening them with his arm-blades. While in this position, he was able to dig his fangs and legs into the opponent and steal their energy. The damage dealt and energy used is equivalent to a Giga Drain and the attack also has a 10% chance of the opponent being paralysed. For the attack to work, Rheza must be able to latch on to the opponent.

Elli: Level 4 Female Cradily
I rescued Elli from a river bed that she was wandering down one day. However, I should be more specific, she had been completely submerged by the most torrential rains the previous 2 weeks and she wasn't able to get away from the water. When I rescued her, she was trying ever so desperately to pull herself from the mud and slime. After this, she was much stronger.
Special Training: Suiton, Mizu no Tatsumaki (Water)
The strength in Elli’s little legs has nearly quadrupled and as a result, she is much more easily able to move her body around. She can quite freely jump up to 3 metres in distance. She is 3x faster than normal Cradily and can hold her whole body weight on one foot.

Verim: Level 4 Shiny Male Drapion
I met Verim on a sunny afternoon. It wasn't too hard to find him since he was running in circles. It was obvious that Verim loves his tail. He spends forever chasing his tail. This doesn't affect his battling of course, since he gets to use his tail to beat up his opponents. This fascination is not such a big deal when you learn why he is so fascinated. He has an extra poison sack in his tail and loves that fact. Verim makes his own unique poison in this sack and can use it in one attack.
Special Technique: Dokuton, Satetsu Kaiho (Poison)
Verim gets super close to his opponent and then sticks his tail directly into them so that the poison he releases will go straight into the bloodstream. The poison wracks the system with a initial hit that deals damage to the opponent equal to 1.5x a Sludge Bomb. Can also cause paralysis, sleep, slowness (as in the Icy Wind effect), or the toxic effect. Each of which have 10% chance. However, only one type of status effect can be inflicted. The attack takes the energy of 1.75x a Sludge Bomb to complete and can only used three times a match, and is only usable on Pokémon who could plausibly have their skin punctured.

Orgus: Level 4 Male Abomasnow
High in the mountains of the far north, I was trekking and suddenly a storm blew in and I was wondering whether I would be able to survive the night. I tripped and fell and never found a cave. I woke in the morning to find Orgus standing near me trying to keep as warm as he knew how. He had covered me with his whole body, taking the brunt of the storm by himself. We decided to travel together afterwards as his defense was most useful to me.
Special Technique: Retsuton, Hakuren (Ice)
Orgus raises his arm and charges it with Ice-type energy like an Ice Punch, but then he shoots it out like an Ice Beam. This beam is far colder than a normal Ice Beam and it freezes the air instantly. The size of this block is the same size of Orgus. It is effectively a solid wall of very thick ice that he pushes out from himself. The attacks deals damage equal to 1.5x a Ice Beam and takes the same amount of energy. It can only be used twice per match.

Aéri: Level 4 Female Togetic
Aéri is a sweet girl that spends most of her time in the arts room. Who would have guessed, but Aéri is a proficient painter. She loves painting and has spent almost here entire life perfecting her ability. Her love of the painting eventually led her to try and create an ability for use in battle that was at least based upon the ink she loves to use. She spent quite a number of years perfecting a way to make her energy look like ink and she has perfected the following technique.
Special Attack: Nimpou, Choujuu Giga (Normal)
Aéri charges for 2 seconds before releasing three beams of energy in quick succession each taking the shape of a black and white eagle. The eagle-shaped beams are fired off in arcs that are 120˚ apart from each other. (In order to help visualise this, think a big TriForce with each beam representing one piece of the TriForce. The beams cannot go separate directions.) When they all hit the opponent, they take 2x Mega Punch in damage (each beam being 0.5x a Mega Punch, with 0.5x Mega Punch added if all hit.). As each beam hits, it becomes ink which splatters all over the opponent. This ink has the effect of reducing the opponent's speed by 6.66% per beam such that if all three beam hits, their speed is reduced by 20%. If any of the ink slashes in the opponent's eyes, it may impair their vision as well. The attack takes the energy of 3 Mega Punches to use and Aéri will be fairly exhausted in the following round due to high energy use. Can be used twice per match.

Serenia: Level 4 Female Lapras
Serenia is named as such since she is the most calm Lapras you'll ever meet. However, she still believes that fighting is a necessary evil which creates peace and thus, she makes sure she can create that peace when she is fighting. Hard done by her clan, she decided to come with me in the hope that together we cold create more peace than she could alone. We trained hard, and created the most beautiful and thus peaceful attack.
Special Technique: Retsuton, Hyouten Hyakkasou (Ice)
Serenia shoots a bolt of energy to the sky which cause it to become grey and form clouds extremely quickly over the arena. Then, as the clouds gather closer and closer over the opponent, a beam of blue-white light appears in the centre of the clouds and blasts the opponent. the beam freeze on contact and covers the body quickly. Once the attack ends, the ice melts away quickly. This attack deals damage equivalent to a Hyper Beam and takes 1.5x the energy. It has a 10% chance that the ice doesn't melt at the end of the attack. It can only be used once per match.

Raesta: Level 4 Male Aerodactyl
Raesta is one of the more feisty of its kind. Spending most of his time, flying around and generally making a hazard of himself. His most favourite type of attack is Fire since most of his Fire-typed attacks are released from his mouth. One day, he was playing around with his fire-type energy and burned Vynolia a bunch. We he went for his next attack, she closed his mouth with her vines. When she finally let him loose, the expulsion of the energy was what created his new attack.
Special Attack: Katon, Goukakyu no Jutsu (Fire)
Raesta concentrates a ton of energy in his mouth and then shoots it out in one big blast. The concentrated energy explodes on impact, creating a massive fireball around the opponent or whatever it ends up landing on. The attack has a 10ft radius and this can sometimes include Raesta in small arenas. It deals the same damage as a 1.5x a Fire Blast and the same energy to perform.

Gyra: Level 4 Genderless Metang
Gyra is a sibling of my former companion, Spinna. Gyra, like it's sibling also likes to spin around. But his spinning has always been of a different kind in the sense, that it's for show. Though it likes spinning, it won't be found doing much of that during battles as it is of the opinion that it would hurt it's sense of direction and whatnot. Regardless, Gyra had an interesting battle-worthy ability when we first met.
Special Defence: Doton, Suna no Tama (Ground)
This technique takes the sand from two Sandstorms and condenses it using the Psychic energy natural to Gyra, to form a shield. The defence blocks one attack before disappearing. However, it can't block high-pressure Water-type attacks and turns to glass more often than not when blocking a high-powered Fire-type attack. In which case, it hangs around until it is broken. The defence uses energy equivalent to 1.25 a Safeguard. It can only be used 3 times per match. If it turns to glass, Gyra expends Psychic-type energy equivalent to a Flash each round until the glass is destroyed.

Genryu: Level 4 Male Dragonair
Genryu can't take it at all when people slag him off. He just can't stand it. Respect is of the utmost importance to him. His noble style to the battle demands respect from his opponent. He doesn't tolerate insubordination, but though his emotions run high, should this take place in battle he keeps always keeps his cool. He is never one to be questioned and even i have to spend time making sure I do the correct things by him. Battling with him is more like a partnership of two minds, rather than my ordering of his movements. There is however, one thing that he never keeps his cool about - the attack we developed.
Special Attack: Katon, Joukaku Enjou (Fire)
Genryu spends the energy equivalent to a Fire Blast and a Flamethrower to make a fire to appear in front the opponent. The fire creates a ring very quickly, by encircling the opponent, and completely surrounding them in a wall of flames with a diameter 8 metres. The heat of the flames extends over the top of the circular wall of flames such that it forms a fierce heat barrier that can be broken through but would hurt the opponent akin to 0.25x a Fire Blast. The ring lasts for two rounds and during this time, the opponent takes progressive damage of 0.5x Fire Blast per round. At the end of the second round, the flames rush at the opponent, dealing them an extra 0.25 of a Fire Blast. So the total possible damage is 1.25x Fire Blast.

Zanado: Level 4 Male Seadra
Zanado has been sort of a lone wolf in his own right for quite some time now. I managed to meet him when I was caving in the southern mountains and got lost in. I stumbled across this large underground lake where there were a number of the Horsea, Seadra, and Kingdra. But Zanado turned out to be one of the more special ones. Not only was he totally fabulous to look at (the shine of his scales was totally obvious from the rest of the dull scales around him), but he was one to stand out in just the way he walked and moved. When I finally met him, his personality was what got me and I just couldn't help but be affected by his bubbly nature. We have been a team ever since, and we sorta think a lot alike which is odd due to my Grass-type affiliation!
Special Ability: Suiton, Sakamake (Water)
On the underside of Zanado’s tail, there are small pores that can expel a small amount of water. Zanado uses this in a directional fashion in a propulsive manner to aid his mobility on land. He expends energy equivalent to a Rain Dance every round to be able to move freely on land as if he was a hopping Hoothoot. This ability only activates when Zanado is on land.

Wraith: Level 4 Male Nidoking
Wraith spends his time training his backside off. His addition to the team caused some ruckus, but everyone settled down and now enjoy the push they all get from Wraith, especially during the training sessions, which of course are in addition to the training sessions he does by himself. In fact, I can't even remember the last time he ate with us as a whole team. His personality is an endearing one, but then again, he's just so full of energy and drive that it can be a little overwhelming at times. His attack has been something of talk throughout the team. He made it his own when he was very young, or so I've been able to work out.
Special Attack: Pakuton, Futtobase (Ghost)
Wraith creates thick swirling winds around him before concentrating and channeling that energy into his right hand. The energy swirls about mostly in his hand while some of it races around his whole arm. He then pummels his fist into the opponent, the impact causing an explosion. He takes no damage from the explosion as the slight excess energy absorbs the backlash of the explosion. The damage dealt is 0.75x a Hyper Beam and the energy is 0.8x a Hyper Beam. This can only be used 2 times per match.

Rosé: Level 4 Female Roserade
Let's face it. Rosé loves her wine. Not just any old wine, either. That weird blend of the white and red wine that is rather pink in colour, hence her name. She can always be seen slacking off from her work in order to sip some new blend she's come across during our travels. However, her taste in wine isn't the only weird trait that she has. She also has a complete and enduring fascination with the metals in the wine and more indirectly, the Steel-type itself. She was particularly keen on honing her skills in this area and I knew just the answer. I paired her up with Thorn, and together they trained so that she could be able to control some of the Steel-typed energy she had desired for so long. We came up with a technique that she could use it with.
Special Technique: Yusuton, Sakikurue (Rock)
Rosé starts to glow an odd blue-green colour before many tendrils of energy of the same colour appear from her body and start to flow out towards the opponent. Each tendril is hardened due to the Rock-type energy in them. When they reach the opponent they wrap tightly around the major muscles and pressure points such that they feel a lot of pain, to the amount of a 0.5x Rock Throw. The tendrils siphon health and a little energy back to Rosé in the same way a Giga Drain would siphon energy and a little health - it's effectively a Rock-type version of Giga Drain that has reversed the energy and health restoration levels. As a result, Rosé now no longer has the ability to a normal Giga Drain. It takes the energy of a 2x Giga Drain and a Rock Throw to use. This can only be used twice per match and cannot be used twice in one round or part of a 3-move combo.

Tsuchi: Level 4 Male Shiftry
Tsuchi is a bit of a quirky one, since he preferred to play in the mud and sand rather than learn to be a part of the team. He has since stayed an outsider to the team, but his solitary behaviour did allow for him to come closer to understanding how the earth feels and as such, has worked in an interesting attack.
Special Attack: Yusuton, Ganchuurou no Jutsu (Rock)
Tsuchi whacks the ground with his hand. This creates a massive number of small rock pylons. Each pylon is covered in rock energy. They all have very sharps edges and appear beneath the opponent as a circle of radius 2 metres. They can reach up to 2 metres. The damage is equal to 0.75x a Stone Edge and takes the same energy. This can only be used 3 times per match.

Yinik: Level 3 Genderless Rotom – Mow Forme
Yinik has always been one for practical jokes. And especially since it prefers to stay in the one form, Mow. It also takes a liking to using his favourite form to cut the grass wherever we choose to have lunch, even if there is as little as a square metre of the grass. Weird fellow.
Special Attack: Yusuton, Kage Bunshin Shuriken (Rock)
Yinik turns around and races in a S-like pattern away from its opponent. In doing so, it kicks up stones and rocks from its erratic movement. This debris is flung in every direction possible, and each sharp stone comes infused with Rock-type energy. Effectively, this attack is a Rock-typed Bullet Seed, but sprayed from behind Yinik in a fashion similar to a wide-spread Swift. The attack deals 2x Bullet Seed in damage and takes the same in energy to use.

Brűlur: Level 4 Male Charizard
There’s nothing much to say about this fellow, he’s fiery, he’s full of energy and his sig was one that he just had fun doing. Mind you, he does have a healthy hatred for Vynolia since she always gets more of my attention than he does, and as a result, he has tried to attack me a few times. Let’s just say that we have come to an understanding where we get along as long as I don’t overdo it with Vynolia when he’s nearby.
Special Technique: Doton, Nikudan Hari Sensha (Ground)
Sig to be advised

Sacadores: Level 4 Female Munchlax
A boxer in her heart, Sacadores, the first Spanish addition to the team seemed to fit right in. However, the tomboyish nature and the boxing have put the other girls in a bit of a tizz. She spends more of her time with the boys in the team and some of the girls are starting to get along with her. Her one-two hit is something to behold.
Special Attack: Nimpou, Brazo Derecho del Gigante y Brazo Izquierdo del Diablo (Normal)
Sacadores starts by lending the opponent a nice hit with her right hand. The hit comes with the full force of a 0.75x a Mega Punch behind it. The hit knocks them into the ground such that Sacadores can pound the opponent with her left hand, the attack leaving a distinct mark of a devil’s face around where she hit them. Damage and energy is equivalent to 1.5x a Mega Punch.

Niki: Level 4 Female Larvesta
Niki hates people, hates company and hates life in general. Why she ever decided to be a part of my squad is totally beyond me. She is on a dark path of revenge, though he wont tell anyone what that entails, only that by being with me can she get that revenge. She keeps to herself and doesn’t interact with any of the other squad members save for meal times which can be rather awkward when she’s in a bad mood. This loneliness aided her in becoming a sharp shooter of sorts and has a signature attack to go with it. It is clear from Niki’s intentions that this move was originally meant to be used at about 3x the strength, but it took too much of a toll on her body. With my help, we perfected it for use in battle.
Special Technique: Hagaton, Jakuhou Raikouben (Steel)
Ignacia takes up a fairly defensive stance so that she can deal with the recoil of the attack she’s about to produce (in other words, she doesn’t move while performing this attack). She then charges up a heap of steel-type energy, takes aim and fires. A beam of silver energy is released from her arm, heading for the opponent. It deals the same damage as Thunderbolt and uses the same energy. This move can only be used once.

Ubrus: Level 4 Male Zweilous
Ubrus is one of the more playful members of the team, and has spent a lot of time with Lili. An unlikely pairing, but it probably mostly has to do with a possible crush he has on her. He has enjoyed spending so much time with her that he managed to get her to teach him her special attack. Although, he could never do it anywhere near as well as she could…
Special Technique: Pakuton, Enma Kourogi (Ghost/Dark)
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Jorrul: Level 3 Male Galvantula
When I met Jorrul, he was a little feisty guy. I found him near a swamp, his home was a hollowed out tree nearby, and I had stepped into his territory by accident. He responded by showing himself and hissing at me. However, when he hissed, I got sprayed with little droplets of water. We fought, and I captured him. It was only after he had calmed down and I got to know him better, did he show me how he created the water. He could hold a little bit of mud and dirt in his stomach which he combined with his natural poison glands.
Special Technique: Suiton, Teppoudama (Water)
Jorrul spits at his opponent, and water droplets are sprayed at them. The droplets are smaller than those in a Bullet Seed, but there is a lot more of them. The attack deals 2x Bullet Seed in damage and has a 10% chance of poison. It takes the energy of 2x Bullet Seed and 1x Poisonpowder. It can only be used three times in a match.

Cabas: Level 4 Male Ferrothorn
My journeys through Unova brought me to a small cave. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful little round Ferroseed sitting high up in the roof. I was instantly intrigued. A battle ensued, and after I caught the little guy, he evolved. And as he did so, he seemed to gain a shine that wasn’t present previously. The nutrients Cabas had absorbed from the cave had given is new form a strength uncommon to other Ferrothorns.
Special Technique: Hagaton, Shukaku no Tate (Steel)
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Xenik: Level 1 Genderless Shiny Rotom
As far as I can tell, this little Rotom is as good of a brother to Yinik that they’ll ever get. The two are easily distinguishable from each other since Xenik is the shiny version of the species. However, the one thing they don’t have in common is that Xenik finds Yinik’s pranks very boring, preferring to stay out of those affairs altogether.
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Priya: Level 1 Female Snorunt
Priya is the team’s most definite “primadonna”. If she can get anyone other than herself to do the task at hand, she will. She expects that Rosé will feed her, which doesn’t happen very often, and she struts around everyone as though she really is a princess.
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Cassie: Level 1 Female Shiny Gastly
Cassie probably spent too much time around Yinik, and the two of them are now the team jesters, playing pranks on all of us. This isn’t so bad as it manages to keep us all on our toes, and keeps us laughing. Just one of these days though, I wish she would let up…
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Izzi: Level 1 Male Girafarig
Fascinated with his tail, Izzi spends a lot of his time, trying to work out why it looks so evil. However, he does find it fun to use it in duels against Sadie. The two of them play-fight far too often for my liking.
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Sadie: Level 1 Female Sneasel
Sadie spends most of her time with Izzi, trying to mock fight against his tail, but is also a wildly avid whittler. If she ever gets a chance to stop, she’ll find a branch, or fell one, and whittle away until the early hours.
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Mazane: Level 1 Male Riolu
Mazane spent most of his life reading. A bookworm like no other, it was a wonder to me when I first met him inside a local library, sitting cross-legged. He took a liking to me and I decided it would be fun to have a little bookworm on the team – especially if it meant we learnt more…
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Denz: Level 1 Male Torchic
Denz has watched too much Naruto and has fallen in love with Rock Lee and his Nice Guy Pose. He adopts this pose wherever possible, including within battles when he has a moment to look his best. His love of the character also meant he copied one of his attacks.
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Nyram: Level 1 Male Scraggy
Unlike most of his species, Nyram would rather not bang his head into things. This makes him one of the more intelligent members of his brothers and sisters, but also made him an outcast – scoffing at your species characteristic can do that to you. Instead, he spent his time focusing on more important things, like his future…
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Haylee: Level 1 Female Shiny Meditite
Haylee is too much a tom-boy for most of my team’s liking, but it suits her just fine. She has the same issue as Denz, but her liking of Rock Lee extends to Might Guy and a fairly simple attack made famous by the anime sensei.
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Quase: Level 1 Genderless Shiny Magnemite
I picked up Quase at a local PokéMart. It was just wandering around aimlessly, and being shiny, I just had to have it. You never know when having a massive magnet around might be helpful…
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Total Pokémon: 43

Looks like I might be here to stay...

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PASBL Referee (C+)
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