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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
its that time once again when the poke gods shine on down the land of fizzy bubbles and light up the world in sparkly goodness as we reach another year of Fizzdom, and to celebrate the great Drunken Pangoro God unleashes the dam of booze for us to party on down and he brings unto us :

Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew beer
Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew beer

Hold Item

Take one swig of Fiery Fizzybrew beer and feel the burn, this beer has been specially brewed in the heart of the volcanic mountain, lava boils it and you feel it through your veins, the resulting belch brings forth the fiery flames of the volcano, lets just hope no one is standing in your way, unless they don't want any more fur of course.

Just drink it up and in 10 seconds flat you'll belch out an intense flame of flaminess, the flame goes in a straight 2 foot line, if anyone stands in it's way they get damage dealt in the power of a Flame thrower, and each round theres a chance to belch out another flame, but the power going down each time it's belched (Flame Thrower, Flame wheel, Ember) Over the 3 rounds and each belch last for 6 second.

Followed by

A Bottle of Vintage 1984 Fizzy Bubbles

Let One of your Pokemon take a swig of this and if by magic the gentle summer taste that flows from the bottle grants them 3 levels that will make them very happy...or that might be the alcohol, i'm not so sure, but they'll be happy nonetheless.

Have a good time one and all
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

It seems so long ago since we last celebrated Fizzby's Birthday but here we are for the celebration of 11 glorious years. We've had our ups and downs but I feel this is still one hell of a place to roleplay, and I'm only too ready to get in the party mood.

We haven't forgotten our members and on this special day we'd like you to celebrate right along with us. You bring the booze and I'll bring the presents XD

From me I offer you a choice of ONE of the following Birthday Boxes laden with goodies:

Birthday Box 1
1x Piece of Chocolate Cake (Raises Pokemon 3 Levels when eaten).
1x Dawn Stone
1x Miracle Seed
Gummi Sack containing: (3x Mysterious Gummi's, 3x Blue Gummi's, 3x Red Gummi's, 3x Grass Gummi's)
Berry Bag containing: (1x Aspear Berry, 1x Hondew Berry, 1 x Watmel Berry)

Have a great day x
Originally Posted by Stark View Post
On this wondrous of birthday's I would like you all to have the following...

The Super Pass entitles your Pokémon to:
- Two Monday Pokémart candies instead of one.
- Two of your Pokémon will receive two levels in Daycare. Simply supply the link to your pass when next depositing them into the Daycare Centre.
- One of your Pokémon may learn two free Egg or MT moves, or two of your Pokémon may learn one free Egg or MT move each. Simply provide the link when posting in the Move Tutor to use your pass.
- A one week stay in the Beauty Salon gives your Pokémon four Beauty Points rather than two. An accompanying link to your pass must be provided when posting in the Salon.


A choice of 1 Special Pokeball

Leaf Ball


And finally this Special Birthday Pikachu TCG Card

x1 Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew beer
x1 Bottle of Vintage 1984 Fizzy Bubbles
x1 Piece of Chocolate Cake
x1 Dawn Stone
x1 Miracle Seed
x1 Gummi Sack
x3 Mysterious Gummis
x3 Blue Gummis
x3 Red Gummis
x3 Grass Gummis
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Aspear Berry
x1 Hondew Berry
x1 Watmel Berry
x1 Super Pass
x1 Leaf Ball
x1 Special Birthday Pikachu TCG card

Feeding the piece of chocolate cake to this Level 3 Foongus I have in my care, raising her level to 6.

Giving the bottle of Vintage 1984 Fizzy Bubbles to this Level 3 Drifloon I have in my care, raising him to Level 6.
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