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Behemoth responded to Melittin's nod with a nod of his own, before turning away as the Beedrill turned to Lalu. The Roggenrola laughed a little as she told Melittin that she should be the one showing concern for his well-being, given that he was the one who fought Behemoth. The Beedrill blushed, very slightly, in response to this, at the reminder that he had just fended off a freaking Steelix for her sake. Then, he smiled, for Lalu then confirmed that she was indeed OK, that Behemoth hadn't hurt her. "Glad you're OK," the Beedrill replied. After that, Lalu suggested he come with her to the other room, so that he could relax for a little bit. She even offered to use Chocolate Magic to make a delicious treat for him. Being a part of Keith's team, Melittin had of course tasted the sort of things one could do with Chocolate Magic- Hermione tended to put herself in charge of the cooking for the team, and given the Weedle's knowledge of Chocolate Magic, chocolate was a common component of their breakfasts and desserts. "That sounds great," the Beedrill grinned. "Lead the way."

The revelation that Helena was Keith's sister had rendered Rowan momentarily speechless, but he soon recovered from that, apologizing to Keith for his lack of manners, explaining how this wasn't the kind of situation he was used to. "Believe me, I understand," nodded Keith. "It was a lot for me to take in at first, too. Then again, it's a common belief that Ghost-types tend to find their way to whatever trainer they end up with for a reason. I don't doubt it, personally- my other Ghost-types have all been involved in my past in one way or another when they were alive."

At the sight of Myrtle, Fae ducked even further behind Rowan, which Helena was quick to notice. She floated behind Rowan, next to the Wurmple.

"You don't need to be scared of Myrtle," she said soothingly to the Wurmple. "Just because something looks scary doesn't mean it actually is scary. When I was alive, I was a trainer, and I had the cutest Teddiursa in the world. He was the sweetest Pokémon ever, and could always cheer me up by giving me a hug. Then, he evolved into an Ursaring, and he looked more scary than cute, but he was still the same on the inside, still the same sweet and lovable Pokémon." Helena paused for a moment, the slightest bit of worry visible in her eyes. "You know," she added, "I'm going to evolve someday, and when I do, I'm going to look just like Myrtle. You're not going to be afraid of me when that happens, I hope?" she asked.

Leviathan explained that upon his first meeting Rowan, he could tell that Rowan didn't think of the Magikarp as pathetic, and even knew that he'd turn out strong just judging by the look in his eyes. "I see what he means," Pomona observed, noticing the fiery look of determination in the Magikarp's eyes, just before he continued on to say that his kind could allegedly evolve into a dragon, though he wasn't sure how. "I hope that's really true, because you'd be great as a dragon," smiled Pomona. "I don't have any idea how you evolve, either, to be honest, but if I can help you out in any way, just let me know," she said to Leviathan. Although Pomona was by no means familiar with Gyarados, she still firmly believed that Leviathan would turn out to be really strong.

Elsewhere, things were getting freakier by the minute. Rose seemed appreciative of Chuck holding her hand, but Peach seemed to start to lose it, pleading for them to save her baby. The thing was, she appeared to be referring to a chestnut she was holding in her arms. Chuck and Rose exchanged confused glances, before the latter let go of the former and tried to calm down the Pachirisu, to no avail. And then, when Rose looked back at Chuck, he had certainly not expected her to suddenly acquire a frightened expression, looking more scared than the Gastly had ever seen her.

"Rose?" Chuck asked, concern evident in his voice. "What is it? What-" He stopped at that moment, as it started to sink in that Rose was looking directly at him, and that this appeared to be what was causing her so much fear. Chuck started to feel sick at the realization that he was causing such fear, especially in his girlfriend. "What... what's going on here?" he muttered to himself. He glanced back and forth between Rose, who was regarding her boyfriend with an expression of utmost fear, and Peach, who was still pleading for them to save the chestnut... suddenly, something clicked. Of course, Chuck thought to himself. Whatever's causing these strange things to happen must be making them see illusions of some sort! The Gastly started thinking furiously to himself. Illusions... Yes, yes... That would explain Peach's behavior, for sure. She must be looking at the chestnut and seeing her baby... Perhaps she had a baby that she lost some time ago? If that's the case, then whatever this is is making them relive their worst nightmares. Then Rose must... Rose must be looking at me and seeing something horrible from her past. But why am I not seeing any sort of horrific illusions, then? Maybe it's because I'm a Ghost-type? Oh, never mind that- point is, I have to help Rose! But how? Maybe... Maybe telepathy? Can I even do that? I don't know, I've never tried... Well, there's a first time for everything! With that, Chuck closed his eyes and focused. True enough, he had never attempted to communicate through telepathy, but after talking to some of his teammates, he had the general idea. He started to focus his mind, attempting to send words into Rose's mind; "Rose, it's Chuck, please listen to me- I don't know what you're seeing when you're looking at me, but it's not real. Whatever's wrong with this tree is making you and Peach see horrific illusions of some sort. I need you to trust me- I haven't moved from where I was when you let go of me. If you don't believe me, try and sense my emotions- illusions can only fool the eyes."

Now, all Chuck could do was hope that he had been successful, hope that he had managed to communicate telepathically for the first time, hope that Rose would realize that whatever she was seeing was not real... because if this failed, Chuck wasn't sure what he'd do.

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