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Misdreavus A dark story unfolds - hopefully

After Behemoth helped Mel back on his feet the Beedrill gave him a look only a true warrior can give. That one look said it all for him, his respect for Melittin that had grown during the battle was returned as well as a promise to fight again one day. Behemoth returns Mel's nod with a nod of his own and then turns away as Mel turns to Lalu.

"You're asking if I'm okay? How about I ask you if you're okay first? If I remember correctly you're the one who was fighting Behemoth, not me," Lalu laughs a little, she isn't really sure how to react. Mel fought Behemoth to protect her from harm, he got hurt for her, something no-one has ever done for her. She's used to take beatings, to act hard and tough as rock. Maybe it's her being a girl, maybe it's something else, but somehow Lalu also feels flattered. A man fought for her.

"But thank you Mel, I'm fine," she says grateful, "Thanks to you Behemoth didn't get a chance to hurt me." Lalu pauses for a moment, looking up at Mel, she would smile if she could, before she continues, "You're exhausted, you should take it easy for a while. Come with me to the other room, it's nice and cozy there and I'll work some of my Chocolate Magic to make you a nice treat. I'm sure you'll like it!"

Meanwhile, upon receiving confirmation that he indeed heard correctly that Helena is Keith's sister, Rowan, for the first time in his life, has no idea how to react on that which shows in his face as he looks shocked, confused and surprised all at once.

"I... uhm... okay, eh, uhm," Rowan stammers, not sure what to say, though he does realize how out of character he sounds doing so and swiftly recovers himself, "I'm terribly sorry Keith, where are my manners. This is not exactly a type of situation I am used to, my apologies, you have me at a loss of words here. There are many things I could say, but I am not entirely sure if they are appropriate or offensive."

Meanwhile, Helena tries to comfort Fae a bit more by telling her she is a good Ghost and that even Myrtle is good at heart even though she does not always seem to be, which prompts the subject of the conversation to shift to the newly evolved Banette who joins Helena and Fae. The Wurmple however ducks even further behind Rowan upon seeing the Banette as her appearance frightens her much more than Helena's did.

On the floor, Ponoma reassures Leviathan he's not pathetic and tells him about her experience of a PokÚdex having it wrong, showing her ability to stand on her hind legs while that, according to the PokÚdex, should not be possible.

"Thanks Ponoma, I know I'm not pathetic and I know Rowan knows that too. When we first met I could see he thought the PokÚdex wasn't very nice either. And when I got angry at the PokÚdex Rowan seemed to like my spirit. He even said I reminded him of Behemoth when he looked me in my eyes. I know I can be strong, I know it and I will proof that stupid piece of machinery wrong!" Leviathan get more excited with very sentence he speak, a fire burning in his eyes as he is determined to become as powerful as possible to complete his quest.

"You know," the Magikarp continues, "I've heard Magikarp can evolve into a dragon, I don't know how but I really want to find out!" Once again his eyes shoot a fiery passion of determination.

Somewhere, far from the base, a tree's heart started beating. Chuck grabbed Rose her hand to comfort her. A gesture she appreciates as the sudden beating startled her to say the least. Even Peach, the normally hyperactive Pachirisu is brought to a halt, not moving a single muscle. But if the heartbeat wasn't enough reason to freak everyone out, the tree is now really starting to come to life. It's life force has started flowing again and pulses through it's arteries giving of a faint green light on the rhythm of the pulse, lighting up the inside of the tree and the room Rose, Chuck and Peach find themselves in.

Rose holds on to Chuck, the phenomenon she's beholding is starting to freak her out. Every fiber in her body is telling her that there is something terribly wrong with this tree, but she also feels that there is more to it than what they see now, which is not making her feel any better at all.

Finally it is Peach how is the first to speak up.

"Please... help," Peach her voice is soft and weak and sounds as if she is about to cry, "Please... not again." She turns around to face Rose and Chuck and holds up a single chestnut, her eyes red and teary, "I don't want to loose my baby again, please, help me."

Rose looks at Chuck. Besides freaked out she now is confused too, having no clue why Peach refers to this chestnut as her baby. The Gastly's comforting prevents her from being completely paralyzed by fear. And so Rose lets go of her boyfriend to try to comfort Peach. She walks over to the Pachirisu and hugs her while Peach still has a firm hold over the chestnut she's holding. Rose then sends a calming shade of blue into Peach her mind in an attempt to have her regain control over herself. But her efforts are of no effect.

"Please... help me, Peach repeats herself, "Please safe my baby." She cries, "My baby, my little baby."

Rose turns around, trying to see if Chuck might be able to help her. But as she looks at the spot where Chuck was only a moment ago she now sees an aggressive Houndour, her love is nowhere to be seen. At the sight of the Dark PokÚmon Rose's body immediately stiffens and her eyes go wide open. Never has she been or looking this scared. Her mind is starting to fill itself with faint screams, voices and roars. Memories of long forgotten times, locked up far inside Rose her mind, are slowly finding their way out of their mental prison adding to her feelings of fear and despair.

Chuck however now finds himself facing an intensely scared Ralts and a desperate, crying Pachirisu.
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