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Chad met Cyrus in the Cable Club. They had made an agreement many months ago to trade two specific Pokemon when Chad could find the specific Pokemon Cyrus was after. After hatching many eggs and making new friends, Chad had finally met his goal.

Earlier this morning, a Male Karrablast had hatched. Thinking back to their agreement, Chad knew he had met his goal. He had quickly run over to the Egg House to pick up the Clamping Pokemon.

Now Chad was moments away from obtaining a Pokemon he had long sought. Even though he already had a Drifloon, he was still anxious to get this one because of the agreement he had made with Cyrus. A second Drifloon meant, to Chad, that he didn’t have to worry about missing having a Drifloon around when one of them evolved to Drifblim. Plus, having a flock of Drifloon was an idea Chad had really begun to like.

The two trainers met shaking hands. “Thank you for sticking with the agreement, especially after I acquired my current Drifloon,” Chad said. He was a bit over excited, as he was shaking Cyrus’ hand for the entire time he was speaking.

The pair initiated the trade, and after all was said and done, Chad reached in his pocket and handed some Rare Candies to Cyrus. “I really appreciate you taking care of Drifloon for me while I was searching for your Karrablast. Please also accept these Candies as a way of saying thanks.”

OOC: Trading my Lv.3 M Karrablast (stats below) and 2 Candies to Talon87 for his Lv.6 M Drifloon.


Karablast's stats

Spoiler: show

Name: Karrablast
Classification: Clamping Pokemon
Type: Bug
Held Item:
Level: 3
Gender: Male
IQ: 1/100
Contest Stats: Cool – 10 || Smart – 10 || Beauty – 10 || Cute – 10 || Tough – 10
Beauty Points: 0
Birthday: October 10
Evolutionary Chain: -> Trade with ->
Received: Egg House
Location: PC

Level Up:

Egg Moves:

Move Tutor:

Energy Ball

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