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Originally Posted by Celebii151 View Post
Trading Level 1 Female Tentacool to Missingno. Master in exchange for his Level 1 Male Foongus.
"Aw, come on!" Meowth complained as Keith strolled through the doors of the local Cable Club. The Normal-type was, as usual, situated on his trainer's shoulder. "Why won't youse tell me wat yer tradin' da Foongus for?"

"Where's the surprise in that?" asked Keith, a smirk on his face, and a Poké Ball clutched in his hand. "I like to keep you in suspense, Meowth."

"Will youse at least tell me wat type it is?" said Meowth.

"Nope," Keith shook his head as he approached the trading machine. After smiling and waving at Cele, who was standing at the other end of the machine, Keith placed the Poké Ball containing the Foongus he had recently hatched on his end of the machine. The switch was then thrown, and the Poké Ball was sucked up into the device. Seconds later, a different Poké Ball dropped back down onto Keith's end. The Poison-type trainer picked up the sphere, a satisfied grin on his face.

"Well?" Meowth prompted his trainer. "What is it?"

"See for yourself," replied Keith as he threw the ball into the air. "Go! Tentacool!" he called, as the ball split open, unleashing a small blue Pokémon. Keith caught it expertly in his arms and examined it. Its body was a light shade of blue, with three ruby-colored orbs poking out. The two top orbs were significantly larger than the one just above its eyes. From beneath its body there sprouted a pair of beige tentacles. This was not the first Tentacool Keith had owned, though it was the first he had come into ownership of since the PC storage restrictions were repealed. And to his immense relief, this one was reportedly way less nutty than his first Tentacool.

"Tentacoooool," said the Water/Poison-type in a slightly nasal tone. Keith, despite having owned two of its kind before, took out his Pokédex and pointed it at his newest Pokémon. It had been so long since he had even seen a Tentacool, he figured the numerous Pokédex upgrades over the years might have offered some more info on the species.

"Tentacool, the Jellyfish Pokémon," droned the device. "Tentacool's body is composed almost entirely of water. It drifts aimlessly in water and attacks with Poison Sting."

"Hello, Tentacool," smiled Keith. "I'm Keith, I'm gonna be your trainer, OK?"

"Tentacool, Tentacool!" replied Tentacool, sounding somewhat upbeat.

"Tentacool says dat's perfectly OK wit her," Meowth translated. "But don't Tentacool shrivel up when dey're out o' da water?" he added, frowning.

"Oh, Meowth," sighed Keith, shaking his head. "The Pokédex is, for the most part, a reliable resource, but there are just some nuggets of information it offers you just gotta file under Tauros crap. The proof is right here," he said, with a nod at the Tentacool in his arms, who nodded back enthusiastically. Then, the Tentacool wrapped her tentacles around her trainer. At first, Keith was afraid this may have been an attack, but once he recalled that she wouldn't have known Constrict or Wrap by this stage, he realized what this was- a hug.

"Tenta Tentacool," said Tentacool. Then, she let go of Keith, wriggled out of his grip, and fell to the floor. As Keith bent over to pick her up, however, he noticed that she seemed to be trying to stand up on her tentacles.

"...OK, dat's pretty cool right dere," Meowth stated. Around that time, Tentacool started to walk around, using her tentacles as makeshift legs.

"Cool is right," Keith replied, sounding impressed. "Never seen a Tentacool do that before. I'm impressed, Tentacool," he said.

"Cool Tentacool!" replied Tentacool, her tone of voice making her happiness at the praise she was getting very obvious.

"Now, then, we need a nickname for you," Keith said. "Hmm... How does Aquarius sound?"

"Tenta Tentacool!" the Water/Poison-type nodded vigorously.

"She says she loves it," Meowth translated.

"That's settled, then," Keith smiled as he picked up his new Tentacool. "Welcome to the team, Aquarius." With that, he left the Cable Club, Meowth still on his shoulder, and a new friend in his arms.

OOC: Trading my Lv. 1 male Foongus to Cele for his Lv. 1 female Tentacool. Thanks! She's in good hands.

*Trade Closed*
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