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Re: Beginner Trainer Battle: Lilbluecorsola vs. Psychopath

Originally Posted by Cyprus
Lilbluecorsola and Alice have won this battle! Alice receives 2 levels for her win, raising her from Lv. 13 to 15, and Lilbluecorsola receives the Beginner Trainer Battle Trophy! You'll need to collect 3 of these to participate in the Level 1 Fizzy Bubbles Gym Challenge!

I hope you all had fun with the battle, hope to see you both again soon!
OOC – Proudly picking up my first Beginner Trainer Battle Trophy. Thanks a lot for reffing our battle, Cyprus. ^-^ It was a lot of fun, especially since I got to develop both my trainer’s and Pokémon’s characters. Thank you for the fast and wonderful updates. <3

Jessica grit her teeth as she felt every successive blow engrave her Pokémon’s soft flesh as agonizingly as if it were her own. All her energy was spent towards sustaining the psychic correspondence between their minds, offering her mental support as she obstinately bore with the implacably painful incisions. Each excruciating second perpetuated for an eternity, until she could persist in her steadfastness no longer and lashed out impressively in retribution. The Scyther pitched backwards in response, elevating his dimming head once to regretfully acknowledge his accepting trainer before slumping blissfully into unconsciousness.

A radiance sparkled to life in the middle of the field, expanding its aura fiercely to nearly rob the overcome trainers of their precious sight. The luminary gradually declined overhead until it approached the wounded Alice, hovering proudly just before her reach. The injured Pokémon blinked, then understood. Extending her pale hands, they contacted the brightness, drawing its light into their possessor’s body. The star vanished, and she remained, smiling contentedly at the girl, who reassuringly smiled back.

“Al, you did wonderfully. Now return to your ball so you can rest,” she whispered softly, extracting the weary Pokémon from the garden through her capsule’s scarlet beam. No words were exchanged, telepathic or otherwise. None were required to express the close pair's mutual pleasure. She turned and advanced towards her rival on the reverse end of the arena, gently offering her warm palm in consolation.

“You guys were great, it was a really close battle at the end. I look forward to meeting with you two again. Perhaps we can have another battle someday.”
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