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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Talon87: Your egg spins on the spot the shell flying everywhere as this dizzy little is left spinning on the spot. She makes her way over to you wobbling all the way and clings to your legs hoping to keep her balance.
Cyrus stared down at the little panda, his gaze silent, his lips pursed against smiling. He bent over at first to pick the Spinda up but soon abandoned that plan and settled for patting her on the head instead. He could feel her weight, alternately tugging on the leg of his denim pants and then clinging tightly to his leg, like a child switching between swinging 'round a pole and hugging to it for dear life.

And, not quite sure what to do, Cyrus walked out of the Egg House just like that, taking very big strides with his right leg, the Spinda still clinging tight.

OoC: Placing Spinda in this PokéBall (20 of 20). Thanks. ¬¬ :p Gerroff me!
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