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Apologies for those who've been waiting on me to get their adventures going; I must admit that juggling various things including the Tynamo Tryouts and a new job as of a few weeks ago have had me bogged. I'd also like to take this chance to welcome Charminions into the group. I hope you enjoy your first ever adventure!

Desert of Illusion (Please reply in DarkOrange)

With Trapinch having fallen victim to the secondary effects of your attack, you realise that this is as big an opening as any. If it's not broken, you're not too keen on fixing it, and it's clear that Nihilia thinks so as well. In a stance that wouldn't be wrong to appropriate as "overkill", Nihilia rears back before screaming another set of Dark Pulse rings into Trapinch, striking it at the point between its round head and half-buried body. Landing softly on your shoulder Nihilia sports a half-grin, half-sneer, daring Trapinch to rise up, but to no response as Trapinch's noggin falls backwards. Level up for Nihilia. Your fingers tense, grasping the capture orb you had prepared, and bringing your arm backwards you toss the Premier Ball at the defeated insect. Sand falls in to fill the space where Trapinch was as it disappears into the PokéBall, which barely squiggles a few times until the Level 4 female Trapinch finally gives up the ghost.

Instinctively you lean forward, trying to grab your prize, but a sudden hiss from Nihilia and a tumble ahead remind you that you're still in very, very dire straits. Silica particles crowd and clog about your knees as you desperately try to regain your balance, flailing your arms in no particular direction, but all this does is give you a faceful of sand. With no sight you begin to panic and try wresting your limbs, but all you can sense is an ominous, shuffling noise as the sands finally give way under your weight. Nihilia, Trapinch, the desert heat - jumbled thoughts ring through your head, clashing with instinctive movements, until your mind finally blacks out...


"...I'm afraid I can't be sure. He's not sunburned, but it looks like he's undergone quite the amount of exhaustion."

"I see... Wait, he's opening his eyes!"

Crinkles of pain dance about your eyelids as you weakly force them open. A gentle waft carresses your face, briefly making you wince, but you're certain that you're no longer under the desert sun... it doesn't feel hot enough for that, and for some reason everything seems darker than usual. You blink; what looks like a dimly lit ceiling lies above you, as well as a couple of faces - a tanned, elderly man, and a similarly dark teenage girl, by the looks of it. You guess that their voices must have roused you awake - how long were you out?

"Are you okay?" asks the girl, brown hair neatly framing the sides of her face as she leans in.

What now?
((OOC: Ah, no problem, I totally understand!))

Blearily, Kin wiped the sleep from his eyes, wincing as the grainy texture bit into his skin. He blinked as he slowly took in the place and the people that surrounded him. It was dark, very dark... But hadn't he just been in a desert? Could this be... Kin's eyes widened in excitement as he considered the possibility of an undiscovered kingdom below the sands. Well, until he realized that his rescuer's skin was probably to dark to be a race of tunnel dwellers. Perhaps a village, then? But then... Why was it so dark...?

With a small cry, Kin remembered the moments directly before fell unconscious. The rush of the sand as it was freed from it's master's shackles, the earth below him sinking freely, and finally that moment of stunned silence as he fell as though he was miles above the earth. And now... This? But then, that would mean... Kin broke out in a cold sweat as he realized the darkness likely meant that night had fallen over the desert, and that...

Realizing he had probably stayed silent for far too long, Kin finally remembered the presence of the two others in the room. As he opened his mouth to reply, he hunched over for a moment as coughs racked his body before he finally caught his breath.

"Um, I suppose you rescued me? I'm not sure how, and I'd really like to thank you, but first... I don't suppose you found anything else? One of my companions and... A new friend of mine seem to have gone missing. If they're still out there..." Kin made to get to his feet, before sinking back as his body screamed at him for his negligence. Wincing, Kin settled for pleadingly looking up at his presumed rescuers as he tried to return life to his limbs.
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People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.
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