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Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
Trading my Lv.1 Voltorb to EpicSquirtle for his 3 candies.

**Trade Started!**

Glad to see you picking up an electric type you want! Take care of it! ^^
Trading 3 candies for OkikuMew's level 1 Voltorb

*Trade Closed*

Spoiler: show
The cable club doors opened slowly as a trainer slowly walked in. Allowing enough time for a Plusle to slip in undectected.

The Plusle looked cautiously around the room.
Many trainers were chatting and making trades, while others were showing off some newly hatched pokemon, hoping that some interested trainers would place a bid on it.

How funny situations could change, one moment, you wouldn't think twice about coming to places like this, the next, you were on the run, and going anywhere was a risk, especially a place like the Cable Club.

Tasu shook her head, she had a mission to achieve, and that was to pick up the Voltorb and leave with minimal detection.

Tasu quickly ran to one end of a trading machine, before dumping out the contents of a small sack she had been carrying. Three small wrapped candies fell to the ground. Tasu grabbed one and threw it up on to the plate of the machine, soon two more followed, and in a zap of light, they were replaced by a single pokeball.

Tasu, with some effort, clambered up the machine.

''Here it is, my next teammate'' Tasu thought before hitting the button in the middle.

Emerging from the pokeball was a Voltorb, who rolled around a couple moments before noticing Tasu.

''Who are you?'' The Voltorb asked.

''I'm Tasu, I'm one of your new teammates.'' Tasu replied

''Lovely'' The Voltorb grumbled.
''So anyway, where is our trainer?''

''Um, he's not here, but I'm here to bring you their.'' Tasu explained.

''So he doesn't even have the decency to even pick me up, pathetic'' The Voltorb commented.

He isn't pathetic, he has a reason for not picking you up at the moment'' Tasu replied

''Whatever, you said you were taking me to him so take me!'' The Voltorb commanded.

It was then that a trainers Sewaddle started to cry.

The Voltorb quickly rolled over to the pokemon.

''You stupid brat!'' ''Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about!'' Voltorb yelled.

''Voltorb, cut it out and come back here!'' Tasu demanded.

''Your not the boss of me'' Voltorb sneered.

''I don't like to hurt others, but if you don't come here now, you'll be the one having something to cry about!'' Tasu threatened

Voltorb, deciding that it didn't want to start a fight right now, it begrudgingly rolled over to Tasu.

''See now that's better'' Tasu smiled.
''Now one more question, do you have a name?'' ''I know some of my teammates already had names when they joined but do you?''

''Of course I have a name, its Bakudan, and if, you cry, whine, think your better then me, or call me a he or it, your going to get your face smashed in, got it?'' Bakudan threatened.

Tasu just nodded, not wanting to get Bakudan angry. The duo then left the cable club to find Jake.

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