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Kecleon All My Squad.

All my Squad.

Thanks, Daisy~
Number of Pokémon: 76

Spoiler: show
The Normally Abnormal Normal Squad!
Fetra - Female Clefable (Level 6) [HP Flying]
Fetra's daintiness is unmatched. If you asked the Queen of England to point out the dantiest thing she has ever seen, she is obligated by law to point to Fetra. Fetra has taken home the gold in every International Daintiness Competition for ten years running.

Well, that's what she'd like you to believe anyway. In reality, Fetra is actually kind of a mess. After a traumatic encounter with Deoxys as a Clefairy and an extended stint of re-arrested development during my Baby Gym days, she has never quite matured. In spite of this, Fetra has always been a staple of the squad from my earliest battling days. However, her fixation on daintiness is at least superficially charming, until she inadvertantly causes a disaster. Taking inspiration from her penchant for setting off Absols for miles around, Fetra has developed a DIY diaster of her own.
Special Attack - Dainty Disaster (Ground)
Fetra conjures up a fairly large sphere shaped like a stereotypical asteroid on the tip of her finger and chucks it at the foe with a flourish. Upon contact with any attack, it bursting into a shower of debris. Much like Water Pulse, the damage is dealt through the burst of debris, not the actual contact. This attack deals significant damage for significant energy and can also cause some slight impairment of vision similar to Sand-Attack if the debris gets in the foe's eyes. Fetra can use this attack twice per battle.

Pupurin - Male Wigglytuff (Level 6) [HP Ground]
Pupurin is pretty much the opposite of what anyone would think to find in a Wigglytuff. He's blunt, crass, critical, sarcastic and sometimes even a little condescending. He's rather fond of alcohol, though his puffy body gives him an astounding tolerance for the drink, making it so he can down a few cases without even the slightest bit of inebriation. He also really likes explosions, for whatever reason. Taking a page from another pink puff, he's developed an awesome sig that combines both explosions and kick-awesome weapons.
Signature Attack - Exploding Shurikens (Fairy)
Pupurin creates four small, black shuriken using Fairy energy. He then throws them in fairly quick succession. When they make contact with an object, they latch onto it and explode, dealing light damage with a good deal of concussive force. Due to their explosive nature, they are particularly good at breaking screens and protective barriers, and can be timed so that they can clear these obstructions before the rest hit their target or can be used to hit up to two targets (though each will only take half of the full possible considerable damage). The explosion is enough to shatter Reflect or Barrier, and their physical nature makes Light Screens rather susceptible. They also trigger the fading of a Safeguard or Protect, allowing the rest to get through. These cost considerable energy to make and can only be used twice a battle.

Koi - Male Kecleon (Level 6)
Koi: Male Kecleon. If I wasn't trying to get this sig passed, that'd be 'nuff. The TO's resident Kecleon, and Jeri's favorite wacky Pokemon. Hana fanboy, Haruhi obsesser, and master of the internet meme, Koi has risen to a god-like status, at least in his mind. He believes that one day, Kecleon shall rule all humans and Pokemon, and they, with their Spinda and Snorunt brethren, will annoy Talon to no end by jumping out of the bushes and saying, "Supwise! :3". Or just generally take over the world. Like said before, Koi loves Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, and has seen every episode so many times, he can act them out perfectly. He even knows the Hare Hare Yukai Dance, with in all variations and choppy, poorly choreographed styles. (he had to learn it anyways, as for it was on his test to become a meme master). His favorite episode, though, is the first, mostly because he likes Mikuru, and the fact that his name appears a few times in the opening song. Koi is extremely jealous of her eyebeams, so, using Hidden Power as a starting point, Koi has developed eyebeams like Mikuru. Well, sorta.
Signature Attack - Koi no Majikaru Biimu! (Typeless)
Koi fires two jagged beams of typeless energy from his eyes, hitting the foe for significant damage for significant energy. Koi has some level of control over these beams, allowing him to arc them around to avoid obstacles or score more direct hits or partials. Shooting the beams anywhere other than directly at his target costs an additional minor energy.

Quark - Male Spinda (Level 6) [HP Psychic]
Quark is quirky. That's basically his whole schtick. He's operated as Koi's right-hand-man for basically their entire (nearly ten year!) friendship. Like the rest of my main crew, he has had some strange fixations, such as poking spleens (which in retrospect is actually really creepy), caligraphy (which in retrospect is actually really cool), and balloons. In his number of years, he's matured somewhat and his tics and tendancies have normalized a little, but his obsessions with helium-filled globes has managed to linger in one way or another. After a few attempts at a useful sig incorporating his favorite object, he has finally settled on something with at least middling utility.
P.S. Supwise! :3
Signature Attack - Balloonra (Normal/Psychic)
Quark conjures up five spheres in front of him in various primary colors, which he then punches. These spheres break like billards balls before homing towards the foe, similar to Magnet Bomb or Aura Sphere, and burst on contact, dealing light damage each for a total of heavy damage. This attack costs high damage energy and can be used either as a Normal or Psychic attack (Normal is default, Psychic must be specified).

Ryuusei - Female Blissey (Level 6) [HP Psychic]
Ryuusei is the only sane one of my Normal squad. She's a cheery egg-carrying pink blob, and often goes around complementing people and spreading cheer. She is often seen distributing freshly picked flowers from her garden behind the TO. Often when she battles, she's in a very cheery mood, and, even though its not impossible, it is hard to make her angry.
Ryuusei has had a few signature moves over the years, but has never been particularly satisfied with any of them. When contemplating a new signature attack, she turned to her idol, TiA, for advice. She came in contact with the singer, who made a POMIS to personally help Ryuusei with her signature. She told Ryuusei if she BARIVED her POMIS, it would not be TOO HAD TO GIB HER COURAG. ARR WIT HER FERRINGS, she spent PORECIOUS TAIM with TiA, and developed a powerful signature attack, THE ULTIMATE POMIS.
Signature Move - THE ULTIMATE POMIS (Typeless)*仮
Ryuusei performs a short prayer, suddenly releasing a shimmering burst of energy. The energy slowly rises skywards, gathering in the sky for the next one to three rounds. Right before the energy is released, small sparks of energy begin to fall from the sky, resembling a meteor shower, signaling the fulfillment of the POMIS. The next round, a huge, star-shaped burst of energy crashes down on the foe, dealing significant damage. This move costs significant energy and can be used once per Pokémon.

Propaganda - Male Lickilicky (Level 6) [HP Flying]
Propaganda has been a staple of my team since my days as the Normal Gym Leader, once the head orator for Koi's short-lived world domination plot. Fluent - strangely - in Classical Latin and nothing else, he somehow manages to still have a way with words in spite of his gigantic tongue. He's still rather fond of giving speeches to just about anyone whether they'll listen or not, but his words are somehow strangely calming. Sometimes he can get a little bit caught up in his rambling rants, but their oddly relaxing nature means no one really complains.
Signature Move - Pontificate (Normal)*仮
Propaganda begins to ramble on in his calming yet booming voice, pontificating in Latin about whatever topic interests him at the moment. These words, though totally incomprehensible to the average 'mon, are quite pacifying, discouraging any battling. For the next round (or the following round if the last attack used), all Pokemon, including himself, are restricted to non-damaging moves. Moves that cause slight damage or indirect damage are also barred from use (i.e. Future Sight, Toxic, Will-o-Wisp, etc.). Also, any Pokemon under the influence of Taunt/Swagger/in similar states that lock them from non-damaging moves will fall out of such state and will be unable to be Taunted or Swaggered as long as Pontificate is active. Pontificate can be used once per battle.

Shoushi - Shiny Female Miltank (Level 6) [HP Fire]
Shoushi was born in India, where she was worshiped for her pure white color. She is a very serene cow, and often can be seen distributing her fresh sacred milk. She's even started a food company, "Shoushi's Sacred Dairy", which sells her holy lactose wears; all of the money raised that isn't stolen by Koi goes to help dying children in Africa. When she lived in India, she was called "The Great Pasu", but decided for a more humble name upon joining my squad. Therefore, she adopted the name "Shoushi", literally meaning, "holy cow". While she is a very peaceful cow, she's a heck of a battler. The only reason she battles is to pass the time, but when she's done battling, she'll give her opponent a heaping helping of her sacred milk. When not on the battlefield, she often can be found meditating, practicing yoga and Tai-Chi, or giving her own... unique brand of "wisdom", which are more random sayings then anything else. She's also very charismatic, and often provides a more sane view on TO matters. This has caused her to become Jeri-sama's favorite Pokemon, and is often engaged in rousing conversation about spirituality or science which goes completely over everyone else's heads.
Signature Technique - Nirvana (Normal)*仮
Being a cow from India, a Buddhist-populated country, the Dali Lama, Shoushi has studied with the greatest of meditation teachers and martial arts masters. By combining her meditative abilities with Tai-Chi stances learned from masters of the form, Shoushi has created a beneficial means of improving her whole self in the midst of battle. Going into a state that can be described as a cross between a Calm Mind and a Meditate, she takes a Tai-Chi stance which is generally representative of the battle at hand. Then, she focuses her energies in her body, and raises all her stats akin to the boost received from Ancient Power. This costs the energy of 2 Bulk Ups and a Long-term Agility and can be used once a battle.

Jupiter - Male Zangoose (Level 6) [HP Flying]
Jupiter is an arrogant Zangoose. Born to a prestigious Pokemon breeder, Jupiter was a prized contest and battling Pokemon for many years, and has seen and won plenty of battles with his combined speed, strength, and move set. Upon my rise to Gym Leadership, Jupiter was given to me as a gift from his trainer, as he knew that I had been wanting to try using the mongoose, and the breeder was soon to retire. Although Jupiter has a strong bond with his trainer, he still wishes to battle, and has willingly come onto my team to fight along side me. Taking after his name, Jupiter has concocted a technique resembling the fabled bolts of Jupiter, but putting a spin on it to fit his physical fighting style.
Signature Attack - Bolts of Jupiter (Various)*仮
Using Normal energy to form the physical base of the attack, Jupiter summons up two thunderbolt-shaped projectiles. These bolts can be imbued with an type, as long as Jupiter has access to a physical attack of that type. They are then thrown at the foe, doing good physical damage equal to that of a Night Shade. Energy use is equal to that of a Night Shade and an Ember. Three uses per battle, no more than two uses of any one type of energy.

Kumatora - Female Togekiss (Level 6) [HP Ice]
Kumatora is the princess of a simple castle in the middle of a rural area. What she rules exactly is unclear, but her name is known all through the land. She was raised by strange group of mystical men, the Magypsies, who trained her to be a powerful Psychic. When the Pig-Masks came knocking on her castle door, she was the first to fight back, soon teaming up with a ragtag group of citizens to take down the Pig-Mask army. Kumatora is a master of PSI, a strange psychic technique, from which she developed some interesting attacks. Though her signature move, PK Starstorm, is her favorite attack, she couldn't quite find a way to make it work in the ASB, so she's opted for a potent alternative.
Signature Attack - Brainshock Ω (Psychic)*仮
Kumatora concentrates for a moment before sending forth waves of Psychic energy in the form of interlocking golden rings. These rings are visually disorienting and somewhat distracting, potentially distracting the foe and disrupting their current action. The waves also assault the foe's mind directly, dealing good damage. Due to the disorienting nature of this technique, there is a 20% chance the foe will be confused. This attack uses solid energy.

Clockwork - Female Girafairg (Level 5) [HP Dark]
Clockwerk Cowlkwork Blockwprl Cockwork Clockwork is a creature of habit. Every day, she does the same thing the same way at the same time. One thing she really enjoys is that what keeps her in time, clocks, and both her punctuality and fascination with times earned her the name "Clockwork". However, being a Girafarig, she's a bit two-faced, and sometimes throws her habit and consistency out the window.
Signature Attack - Overclocked (Psychic/Dark)*仮
Clockwork sends her mind into overdrive, allowing the primitive id of her tail's brain to link with her Psychic mind. Using the extra processing power, she triggers a heighten conscious state, sending her mind into a frenzy. From this point, she can either direct it in one of two ways depending on how it's ordered, allowing her Ego to take control to perform a series of intense bursts of Psychic energy or allow her Id to take over, sending her into a rage in which she unleashes all her Dark energy in huge flares and a violent physical thrashing. Both the Ego (Psychic) and Id (Dark) versions do the damage and energy of a fully realized Outrage. This attack may only be used once a battle regardless of the version used. This attack leaves Clockwork tired and unable to use Psychic moves the following round due to needing time for her mind to readjust.

Juno - Female Kangaskhan (Level 6) [HP Flying] @ Kangaskhanite
Named after the Roman goddess of women and marriage, Juno displays a personality much like her namesake. Just like the goddess, she shows great contempt for Zeus, though she's had no romantic involvement with the Zangoose, she does show a great deal of jealousy towards him and constantly strives to show him up, often seeking vengeance when outdone. Despite this rather bitter nature, Juno puts one thing above all of this, her son, dubbed Heracles (even if he's technically not her son, but the spawn of Zeus and some other innocent Kangaskhan he seduced). Despite her adoption of Herc, she still treats him as if she had given birth to him. Since taking him into her pouch, she's trained him extensively in the secrets of Kangaskhan battling. With the discovery of Mega Evolution, Herc is now quite capable of fighting alongside his mother, allowing them to develop advanced tactics to coordinate between the two.
Signature Move - >throw baby*仮
Twice per battle, Juno can charge the energy of a physical attack of heavy damage or less into her son and then throw him at the target. While flying through the air, Herc will execute the attack at full strength, performing the attack remotely. Attacks performed this way can only be done while Mega Evolved and will cost 10% more energy. Juno can follow up with a subsequent attack, but will not perform more than one attack before she's been reunited with Herc. Herc and Juno will reunite automatically at the end of the round, provided both are able to move.

Khronos - Male Noctowl (Level 6) [HP Grass]
Khronos, as most Noctowl are, is a very serious, silent and stoic Pokémon. He frequently sits unmoving in deep thought, though the nature of Khronos’ thought is a mystery. He blocks out all other Pokémon, and even my Psychic Pokémon can’t penetrate the strange barrier he’s set up in his mind. Once in battle, his thoughts are accessible, but Khronos has such intense focus that it completely rids his mind of any distractions beyond the battle at hand. Having focused on his powers and trained extensively, Khronos displays abilities beyond those of his species.
Special Training - Athena's Wisdom (Psychic)
Khronos can use Light Screen and perform non-damaging Psychic attacks without using Psychic energy, using Normal energy instead, though they retain their normal properties. It can no longer use Dark attacks.

Laxxy - Male Snorlax (Level 7) [HP Fighting]
Laxxy is your run of the mill Snorlax, which is surprising, considering my otherwise strange squad. He also wears his signature blue star nightcap (which can't be removed), never going anywhere without it.
Special Training - Stomp Stomp Stomp (Normal)
Laxxy likes to stomp things sometimes. Now, Laxxy can use Stomp.


Aeather - Male Volbeat (Level 6) [HP Water]
As a young Volbeat, Aeather had a strange mutation which caused his wings to be of abnormal size and caused him to grow a small pair of auxiliary wings. However, as he grew, he began to grown into the larger wings, and they eventually became more proportional to his size. The auxiliary wings also have become useless as they are now are small in proportion to his body and don’t particularly serve a purpose any longer. While his title as God of the Upper Air may be a little further obscured, he’s found another expertise through battling. Being a Volbeat, he is able to produce limited amounts of Electrical energy, to which he has become partial. Not naturally being a Pokémon that produces electricity, however; he shares very little of the qualities of an Electric and cannot use many electrical attacks without taxing his body of its negative charge. Expressing a desire to use electrical attacks more fully, Aeather met with Zapster, who trained him in the art of shocking things. After extensive sessions in the Kanto Power Plant and a risky battle with a certain legendary bird, Aeather has begun to take on the characteristics of Electric Pokémon. Now, with a Jacob’s Ladder-style current flowing along his antennas, it’s safe to say he has achieved his goal.
Special Training - Lightning Bug (Electric)
Aeather is now considered Bug/Electric type and gains all weaknesses and resistances associated with it, though he is still weak to Flying due to his Buggy nature. Additionally, through his extensive training, he learned how to use the move Zap Cannon and Parabolic Charge.

Gangan - Female Chimecho (Level 6) [HP Fighting]
Gangan's had a pretty storied history in the ASB. As one of the first to join my squad upon TL2, she's been around for quite a few years, bumming around the TO and shooting at people's heads with her signature Hyper Beam that she learned from a group of Remoraid when acting as a chruchbell. Despite her rather cute demeanor and cheerful appearance, she's actually kind of a jerk and rather aggressive; cross her and you might get your head blown off!
Special Training - Gangan the Hyper Beaming Chimecho
Gangan can use Hyper Beam. Due to her light frame and floatiness, the force of the attack is enough to propel her around the arena and can be used as way for her to move about. Her speed and distance depend on the charge of the beam; a QC Hyper Beam will push her back a couple yards, while a FC Hyper Beam could blast her across the arena. She does risk suffering some minor recoil from bumping into walls or objects, but she's generally careful enough to avoid them.

Dr. Mime - Male Mr. Mime (Level 6) [HP Dark]
Dr. Mime has invented a number of alternative therapies in his time as a medical professional, but just can't seem to settle on one specialty. When he recently discovered his magical capabilities as a newly christened Fairy, he began to explore the medical - and battling-related - implications of his new abilities. This took him down the road of psychiatry, finding that between his Psychic abilities and his magical fairy techniques that he had a rather potent grip over his opponent's mental faculties, developing a new technique to mess with his opponents.
Special Move - Doctor's Orders (Psychic/Fairy)*仮
Dr. Mime creates what appears to be a patient file out of physical Psychic and Fairy energy and begins to read off the fake documents, diagnosing his foe with a number of horrific and painful diseases and disorders. While the opponent is distracted, he sends a sneaky burst of Psychic energy to invade their brain, which convinces them that they are actually experiencing these ailments. This technique is rather distracting and can interrupt moves that require concentration or charging, as well as stun the foe for a moment. Once the foe has been convinced of their ragged state, Dr. Mime will throw the physical construct at the foe, which will burst, dealing solid damage and resetting their mental state. This attack costs significant energy and deals both Fairy and Psychic damage, making it super effective against Fighting (only x2), Dragon, and Poison, though it's resisted by Psychic, Steel (only x.5) and Poison, and making Dark immune to the effects entirely.

Ares - Male Marowak (Level 6) [HP Electric]
After what can only be considered an extended cosplay stint and more than a few failed weapon modifications, Ares has finally given up on all his proposals, deciding to stick with his old sig, especially after its usefulness in the fight against Jesus (the Magmar).

Signature Attack - Brandish (Ground)
From his many alleged battles with the Pig Solders, Ares has developed an ability which he used to take out multiple enemies at once. Ares charges a significant amount of Ground energy in his bone, swiping it through the air and sending a shockwave of ground energy at the foe. The swipe is rather wide, allowing it to hit multiple targets. It deals significant damage upon impact.

Scherzando - Shiny Male Sableye (Level 6) @ Sableyeite
A staple of my squad since my early ASB days, this dusty-colored Sableye has had quite a few identities over the years. Through all of them, one thing has stayed consistent: Scherz is a mischevious, curious and scheming. He's always cooking up a new way to trick his foes and manipulate them through fear and confusion. His newest sig plays off those specialties, seeking to spook the foe as well as target those of a more pugilistic persuasion.
Signature Attack - Haunting Refrain (Ghost)*仮
Using considerable energy, Scherzando creates projections of Ghost energy in the shape of strange ghouls and frightening ghosts. He sics these projections on the foe, which proceed to swirl around them. These projections issue a strange mental force, creating echoing cackles, haunting screams and piercing shrieks all in the foe's head. After a few moments, all the projections rush the foe, dealing solid damage. This attack is particularly frightening, intimidating most foes and discouraging them from attacking. Pokémon with particularly vulnerable minds weak to mental infiltration and manipulation (that is, Fighting-types) will take Super-effective damage from this attack. This attack may be only used twice per battle.

Ka-wai - Male Blastoise (Level 6) [HP Electric] @ Blastinite
Ka-wai is your typical tropical turtle. Hailing from the land of leis, volcanoes, and Lilo & Stitch, Ka-wai's Polynesian flavor and style and his astounding surfing ability draw in admirers of both genders like tourists to a gift store holding a half-off sale on all novelty "handcrafted driftwood" sculptures. Despite the assumptions by the various Japanese girls that he attracts with his surfing, his name does not, in fact, mean "cute" in Japanese. Actually, it means "water" in Hawaiian. If you suspect otherwise, you're either a Japanese girl or wish you were. Recently, he decided to leave his home of sun, sand and surf to have a go at competitive battling alongside me and my Motley Krew. Always toting his signature blue-tinted sunglasses, Ka-wai uses his surfing prowess and diverse moveset to send his opponents for a spin.
Signature Attack - Belly Flop (Water)*仮
Ka-wai coats his chest with a layer of Water energy, charging, jumping and landing on his foe. This attack is effectively a Water-typed Double-Edge, using the same energy and dealing the same amount of damage, but deals slightly less recoil than Double-Edge due to Ka-wai's protective shell. However, his shell does not do well under repeated stress, and he can only use this attack once every five rounds.

Atlas - Male Machamp (Level 6)
Upon evolution, Hermes has undergone a name change to better fit his newfound strength and bulk. Because of his gain in muscle mass and arms, he's shifted his focus away from speed and more towards precision and fancy moves. His new sig reflects this.
Signature Attack - Mercury Mash (Typeless)*仮
Atlas gathers energy in one, two, three or all of his hands, and then stabs the air (or foe) with the energy, sending forth a high-speed wave of typeless energy to hit the target. He can use just one hand, dealing decent damage for slightly greater energy, or all four for heavy damage for slightly higher energy (two = good damage/energy, three = considerable damage/energy). With each added fist, charge time increases slightly, to where a full, four-fisted attack would take 2-3 seconds, where a single fist attack would take only 1. Atlas has given up learning Bullet Punch in favor of learning this signature move, and also refuses to learn Power Trick and Thief, as he fights fair. Three uses per battle.

Astrum - Male Drifblim (Level 6) [HP Dark]
During the third great Super Smash Bros. crossover of 2007 in which Nintendo breaks down their series continuities for a period, Astrum managed to find himself in the Mushroom Kingdom. After multiple Pokeball releases, he began to warm up to the place, and eventually found himself taking an extended visit in the fair kingdom. However, when Bowser got bored and decided to lift Peach's Castle into the sky again, he got taken along with it. After a while, he met the cheery star beings, the Lumas, and learned about the ways of the stars. Sharing similar biology, he became able to use some of the strange abilities the Lumas could, including how to make and utilize his own Launch Star. Through practice and refinement, Astrum managed to simplify the ability to be used efficiently and effectively in battles.
Signature Attack - Launch Star (Ghost/Flying)*仮
Using his most malleable energy type, Ghost, Astrum forms 2 star-shapes around him, one smaller one around his lower body and one larger one around his rotund main body. Then, with a quick spin, he uses the energy from the stars to propel himself forward at considerable speeds, with the energy enveloping his head in a manner similar to Skull Bash. When in flight, he has a good deal of control over his direction, but he can only turn in fairly large arcs, and sharp turns are extremely difficult to achieve and commonly slow him down. Because of this, the attack is somewhat easier to dodge, but the speed at what it is executed (akin to that of a short-term Agility) makes the time frame for dodging shorter. This attack does the damage and takes the energy of a Skull Bash, dealing both Ghost and Flying damage simultaneously, making it it Super Effective against Grass, Bug, Fighting, Ghost and Psychic but Not Very Effective against Dark, Electric, Rock and Steel.

Mons - Male Dugtrio (Level 6) [HP Grass]
Known for many things as a Diglett, being both the cute miner's hat Diglett that was the subject of a popular drawing, and the Diglett that beat an Onix in the battle of "8 inches vs. 30 feet", Mons has experienced quite a lot in his fairly short lifetime. Upon his evolution, Mons adopted two companions, Olympus and Everest, named appropriately after two legendary mountains. Though they're still collectively referred to as "Mons," they all have vastly different personalities. Mons is fairly chipper and excitable, and despite his surprising amount of experience, he has a tendency to act naive. Olympus is rather cocky and competitive, and will generally stop at nothing to accomplish what he strives for, provided he doesn't faint in the process. Everest is stoic and pensive, and even though he is the quietest of the trio, he packs just as much punch in the end.
Signature Attack - Grave (Rock)
Mons pounds against the ground, calling a rock up from below that hits the foe from beneath before sinking back into the ground, quickly followed by a ring of jagged rocks which enclose the foe and smack them around a bit. This technique locks them in a circle of rocks much like Rock Tomb, but the resulting tomb is somewhat less sturdy and the rocks, being rather thin slabs, are a little easier to break. This attack does solid damage and while it may vary slightly in energy use depending on the size of the foe, it typically costs significant energy.

Spalding - Male Electivire (Level 6) [HP Ice]
Spalding's always been sort of an outlier on my squad. I've never really been a huge fan of the Electabuzz line, but out of the need for an Electric type, he filled the role quite well. He's been quite a few different things over the years, including Penn Jilette, Jake of Jake and Amir and even Zeus for a short while. As such, his personality has always been a bit hard to pin down, but he's always been pretty jolly though a little arrogant and confrontational. During his short-lived role as Zeus in my Seventeen Gym test run, he picked up a pretty good sig and he decided to stick with it.
Signature Move - Bolts of Zeus (Electric/Steel)*仮
Zeus forms a bolt-shaped projectile from a good amount of Steel energy and then electrifies it with light Electric energy. The projectile is relatively solid, allowing it to easily break through Light Screen. Upon contact with the foe, it bursts into tiny shards and releases its charge, dealing good Electric damage and light Steel damage. These shards are rather thin and pointed, getting easily caught in skin, fur or hides, acting as conductors. If a Ground Pokémon has been stuck with these shards, they will take 75% damage from Electric attacks as the moves are channeled directly into their bodies. All additional modifiers for secondary types, SCs and sigs will calculate as normal.

Brayburn - Male Magmortar (Level 6) [HP Grass]
Brayburn has always been the second half of my Fire and Electric duo, acting somewhat as the subordinate to Spalding's rough-and-tumble style. Just like his Electivire partner in crime, he's had quite a few faces over the years, but one thing has remained constant - he's always had a good sig move. Unlike Spalding, the technique he picked up as a Magmar has benefited him greatly, and despite not being a magician anymore, he still gets quite a bit of use from his illusion technique.
Signature Attack - Magic Flare (Fire)*仮
Utilizing his ability to make flames magically appear, Teller releases a small, compressed flame, which he has limited control over and can change the direction of for small amount of energy. When the flame touches the enemy, it will immediately erupt into a pillar of flames in the opposite direction to which they are moving, pushing them away and inflicting damage equal to a Flamethrower. Larger, sturdier Pokemon will generally not be deterred by the flame, and smaller Pokemon will generally be stopped short, but an average-sized Pokemon (around the size of Teller himself) will usually be pushed back slightly, but not completely stopped. This attack has 10% chance of burn, uses the energy of a Flamethrower and 2 Embers. Directing it also takes minor energy equivalent to an Ember for every 10 seconds it is under Teller’s control.

Antonio - Male Slowking (Level 6) [HP Rock]
Antonio is an interesting addition to my squad. Ever since I caught him Antonio has long been a FABULOUS addition to my squad, using his Psychic prowess to net me a fair few wins - with style. Antonio is a Slowqueen and is quite proud of it and will rarely pass up a chance to show it. As such, he developed a signature that is about as fabulous as you can get: summoning a rainbow in the middle of the field.
Signature Technique - Arco Iris (Water/Psychic)
Antonio sprays a good amount of Water into the air, filling it with atomized particles of water which hang about the field, shimmering. They catch the light, generating a rainbow. This signature produces effects similar to Water Pledge when combined with Fire Pledge, increasing the chances for secondary effects slightly for Antonio and his allies for the next five rounds. This technique can be used once per battle and costs good energy.

Crysta - Female Shiny Quagsire (Level 6) [HP Grass]
Hatched as a tiny pink Wooper from a mysterious egg in the land of Fizzy Bubbles, Crysta has been a faithful companion to both Tetsu and her current trainer in her stints as an adventurer and battler. After a few years of traversing Fizzy Bubbles with Tetsu, she was given to me for a tour in the ASB by the boy, hoping to give her the battling experience he couldn't provide for her, and while she still adventures with her original trainer from time to time, she has spent a good bit of the last year or so training to battle. Though aloof on the outside, Crysta is a very motherly and caring creature, but her knack for tactics has thrown her into the arena. Since she comes from the land of Fizzy Bubbles, a strange place where Pokemon can learn techniques they otherwise cannot, she has a few tricks up her sleeve others of her species don't.
Special Training - Bubbly (Water)*仮
Crysta can use Bubblebeam, Aqua Jet and Sweet Scent, but has forgotten how to use Amnesia (ironically), Mud Sport, Mist, and Secret Power.

Rocky II - Male Steelix (Level 6) [HP Flying]
Descendant from the famous flying Onix himself, Rocky has had a lot to live up to. Feeling compelled to fly himself, he trained quite a while to manipulate his magnetic field in order to soar into the skies... but soon found that that just wasn't going to happen. Through all of this, he built up quite a lot of electrical charge but found he didn't have much use for it. As such, he refocused his training to weaponize his electric charge, teaching himself a useful new attack in the process.
Signature Move - Magnets, How Do They Work? (Electric)
Rocky's days as a Flying Steelix are long over, but he decided to do something with all that leftover charge. As a result, he has learned Thunderbolt and Discharge.

Lirio - Male Ludicolo (Level 6) [HP Psychic]
Lirio is an exotic man from exotic lands, hailing from an oasis smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert. As a young Lombre, he lead a rough-and-tumble life, roaming the desert and protecting his turf from outsiders and scheming invaders. In his wild days, he was known as the "Hombre of the West", somewhat of a local legend among wary travelers who'd stumble upon the oasis only to get a face full of Bullet Seeds. For a long time, he went by this nickname, trying to maintain his outlaw image, but in recent years he's become much more open and jovial, even going so far as to open a Mexican tiki bar at his old watering hole. Now a days, he goes by his birthname, Juan Marcos Lirio Concepción Alverez, or just Lirio. Though his Wild West days are long over, he still has one trick up his sleeve that he's brought to the battlefield.
Signature Attack - Mexican Standoff (Grass)*仮
Lirio waits for the foe to make a move, either moving from place to place or beginning to execute a technique, gathering a good amount of Grass energy while he waits. When they begin their move, he shoots a highly concentrated bullet of Grass energy at a vulnerable point which would cause their move to fail. Though the move only deals moderate damage, its targeting of a vulnerable point causes a great shock to the target, likely causing their move to fail. Since Lirio aims at a vulnerable spot, there is also a 50% chance that it will leave a sore spot behind, a la Crush Claw. This move can be used twice per battle.

Snowy - Male Snorunt (Level 6)
Snowball 9, better known by his nickname “Snowy”, belonged to Tetsu, a trainer adventuring in the distant land of Fizzy Bubbles. Originally born to a pair of Glalie living in the mountains of this vast region, he was lost to them before he even hatched in a terrible avalanche, killing both of them and leaving him to freeze. A kind pair of mountain-dwellers stumbled upon his egg buried in the snow, taking him in and raising him as their own. Their only son, Rigar, bonded closely with the Snow Hat Pokémon, eventually taking him as his first Pokémon to start his journey through the land of Fizzy Bubbles. However, when he died about a year later in a freak accident involving a stampede of Piloswine, Snowy was left in the hands of Rigar’s parents once again. However, with his trainer and friend now dead, he spent his days in Rigar’s bedroom, watching the blizzards outside, aside from the occasional trip down the mountain with Rigar’s parents. He continued this way until one day a young boy showed up on their doorstep. He seemed confused and displaced, and could not seem to explain how he had ended up on this mountain. He was also without any Pokémon, and Rigar’s parents offered to guide him off the mountain. The only Pokémon the couple had to protect them were Snowy, Rigar’s only other Pokémon, a small Swablu, and a small Smoochum who wasn’t much of a battler, so he and the bird accompanied them down the mountain, and after quite a trek fending off a few wild Sneasels, they managed to make it to the bottom relatively unharmed. During this time, Snowy and the boy, who he later learned to be Tetsu, began to form a bond, as Snowy saw a lot of his old trainer in this new boy, and by the time they reached the bottom, they were nearly inseparable. Therefore, the couple granted Tetsu Rigar’s former Pokémon to start his journey. From that point forward, the two of them traveled all over the vast land of FB, from rolling fields to spooky mansions to boiling volcanoes and tropical islands. During this whole journey, Snowy grew to be a very strong Pokémon, even hitting the coveted status of level 100. He also learned many techniques others of his kind aren’t familiar with, giving him exotic powers he could use to his advantage. After a while, however, Tetsu decided to discontinue his adventures in hopes of some more competitive battling, and has left Snowy in my hands to train him in the ways of the ASB. Since then, he has picked up some of the remaining techniques that he didn’t learn in FB, but also focused on some of his stranger moves otherwise not able to be learned by a Snorunt, keeping them for use in the ASB.
Special Training - Snowball's Chance*仮
Over his years in the land of Fizzy Bubbles, Snowy has learned many attacks, and has retained the following from his days of adventuring: Bubblebeam, Hyper Beam, Giga Drain, Ice Punch, Payback, Swords Dance, Tri-Attack, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt. However, he never learned or forgot the following because of this: Attract, Avalanche, Body Slam, Captivate, Hidden Power, Façade, Flash, Frustration, Protect, Secret Power, Snore, Spite, Substitute, Toxic. However, since he was trained to level 100 as a Snorunt, he is also unable to evolve into Glalie.

Nimbus - Male Altaria (Level 6) [HP Rock] @ Altariatite
Nimbus, full name Nimbostratus, has gone through a couple of hands in his time. Originally owned by a mysterious trainer, he was eventually left in a Pokemon adoption center of sorts as a chick. Soon after, he was picked up by a young trainer by the name of Rigar, but after a tragic incident with a heard of Piloswine trampled him during a series of strange events. His parents soon found his body buried in the snow, and after a short funeral, took him and the only other Pokemon he had, Snowy, back to their cottage. For months, the two of them spent most of their time in the house, Snowy suffering from depression, while the confused Swablu aimlessly flew about, unsure of what to do or what happened to his trainer. One day, a young boy by the name of Tetsu stumbled into the small cottage, tattered, bruised and frozen. Nimbus, somewhat shy, was dubious of him, but was soon entrusted to Tetsu after his keepers had learned he lacked Pokemon. At first, he was quiet and withdrawn towards his trainer, but after a while, opened up to his new-found trainer. Upon his evolution, he became a completely different bird, inverting his shy, silent personality into a flamboyant and almost hyperactive disposition. He also became oddly... overzealous, hitting on anything with two wings. Feeling the constant need to impress his peers and overshadow his enemies, since evolving, he's never passed up a chance to show off his beauty. He was always quite fond of the Ice-type, of the opinion that it complemented his beauty (and was thematically fitting). At one point, he had frozen himself into an icy state, but has since thawed, regaining his natural attributes. However, it still left him with a fair number of frosty capabilities.
Special Training - Snow Clouds (Ice)
Nimbus can use Blizzard and Icy Wind using his wings.

Pangea – Male Torterra (Level 6) [HP Fighting]
Spoiler: show
Pangea is very much a relic, and his age shows. Although he find it in himself to crank his body back up to full working speed for the occasional battle, he often lazes around lethargically, his thick, rocky joints grinding and his sharp, crystalline leave jangling as he slowly ambles about. He, however, is significantly different from other Torterra; his age, patience and a certain convenient event brought him a quality few other Torterra possess - a rock-hard carapace, solidified (yet still thriving and verdant) plant-life and a particularly keen control over the mineral. His story is one that spans quite a time for the typical Pokémon, starting, as one would assume, in his days as a Turtwig.
As most healthy Tiny Leaf Pokémon do, Pangea started his life around a silt-rich stream, absorbing all the fortifying minerals and developing a healthy and firm hide. His competitive spirit, however, soon took the reigns, as he tried to get the best and hardest shell of all his Turtwig brethren. He sure to maintain a moist and sturdy shell, often gorging himself on the stream's abundant water in order to supply it with the minerals it needs. Even with all this water, he still thought that he needed a further competitive edge, and finding that rainy days provided the best water due to the significant amount of silt and sediment washed from upstream. Even during the most violent of rainstorms would the little Turtwig be out by the riverside, lapping up all his stomach could hold in order to beat out the other Turtwig, but one of these days proved to be unfortunate for the little Grass-type. One day, a massive mudslide swept him away from beside the stream, whisking him miles downstream before catching him inbetween a rock and a hardplace, quite literally, buried in hard, rocky mud. While in most situations, he would have probably died from the pressure and lack of food or water, the conditions were just right for the little Turtwig, as his nutrient-enriched shell held up well even with the dirt pressing down upon him, and he could get just enough of his face and leaves exposed to the sun and the fairly frequent rains that he managed to reside in his little trapped state. Eventually, he managed to free himself from his muddy prison, but came out finding that his shell was even harder now with the accumulation of mud.
This experience soon was turned into a ritual: Turtwig would bury himself among the compacted mud, sometimes for weeks on end. Once he eventually evolved, his shell of soil became rocky and firm, almost like sandstone, and his mud regiments only became more intensive. He also began to train with rocks, finding his increased durability and girth to benefit him when dealing with boulders, and he found himself able to manipulate them with great ease. Right before his final evolution, he took on one more, extreme test to further firm his already compressed and hardened hide. After some extreme photosynthesis to build up enough sugar to last him weeks, he wandered deep into a cave not far from a lake. The Grotle found a spot under a dripping stalactite and then proceeded to bury himself in the hard ground, letting the extremely rich water drip onto him. For the first few days, he simply sat there patiently, but his body slowly began to go into a sort of hibernation, eventually causing him to lay unconscious under the dripping water, essentially becoming a stalagmite. For three months, his body was slowly crystallized, his shell and leaves had hardened and practically petrified. Once he finally awoke, he found himself stuck beneath a mass of accumulated minerals, and with all his strength, tried to force himself from the hole. The first push proved unsuccessful, as well as the second, third and even forth, but on his fifth - and possibly final try - he exerted every ounce of energy he had, and managed to break free. This intense release of energy and extreme effort coupled with the jumpstart of his bodily processes coming out of the psuedo-coma triggered spontaneous evolution. His body, which was now encased in crystal and stone, inexplicably merged with the sediment in the spontanious alteration of the DNA in the process of evolution, effectively overwriting the Ground-type attributes he would have otherwise gained in his final form with those far more reminicent of that of the Rock-type. Ever since, he's been stoic and rocky, much like his newly acquired type, but, with a bit further training, has shown himself to be just as skilled with Rocks as any natural Rock-type.
His transformation has also inspiried poetry, which is as follows:
Mineral Water
Drink, Turtwig, be solid
Hark, a Plant and Rock!
There once was a 'twig who got in a lock
In the hardest shell ever he put great stock
He drank and drank
And in mud he sank
Until he turn'd into a rock!

Special Training – Petrified Wood (Grass/Rock)*仮
Pangea is considered Grass/Rock type with all associated weaknesses and resistances. He has also learned how to use Head Smash and Power Gem; however, he has forgotten how to use Sand Tomb, Amnesia and Earthquake because of it, and use of Synthesis has become impossible due to the overly reflective foliage he has developed. Solar Beam takes a couple seconds more to charge since it's not as easy to absorb sunlight.

Dorothy - Male Rapidash (Level 6) [HP Ground]
Dorothy is the epitome of gay. Taking his name from the phrase "friend of Dorothy", a somewhat outdated euphemism for homosexuality, Dorothy wears his name proudly, gushing rainbows and warbling musical numbers. He is so insistent on portraying his homosexuality, he has taken his gay pride to a whole new level, ingesting a myriad of colorful chemicals that cause his flames to burn in a rainbow of colors. Employing these beautiful, rainbowy flames, he has developed an attack that makes you OPEN YOUR EYES
Signature Attack - HARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE (Fire)*仮
Though Dorothy has rid himself of some of the questionably useful effects of his GLAYMES, he still retains the FABULOUS rainbow effect in his mane and his attacks. Now, however, he has decided to apply his GLAYMES differently, using them to fuel a move inspired by Robot Unicorn Attack (of course). First, Dorothy revs up his GLAYMES a bit, making them hotter and more intense. Then, using his special ability to create trails of flames, he creates a boost of rainbowy fire that sends him forwards at a high speed, charging the foe in a GLAYZE OF GLORY. The sheer force of this attack allows him to penetrate most defensive techniques (save for only the most sturdy, like Protect and Safeguard), dealing heavy damage and having a 30% chance of causing a burn. This move counts as a two-move combo and takes the energy of a Flare Blitz Flamer Blitz and a Will-o-Wisp Willie Wisp. It can be used once per battle.

Moimaru - Male Empoleon (Level 6) [HP Ground]
Moimaru is a good friend of Ka-wai, surfing with him on the beaches of Hawaii as a Prinplup. Recently, he has come to me to join his friend in the battling arena, deciding to abandon the surfing scene for a bit of a change of scenery. Much like his buddy, Moimaru shares a love of the ocean, and takes his name from the Hawaiian language as well, his name meaning "King Bird", and even has a pair of tinted glasses, though his are gray instead of blue. Ka-wai, who has always been slightly superior at hanging ten, has driven him to practice his surfing in the strangest of places, even when there isn't enough water to generate a proper wave. As such, he's learned a few techniques to help rock the water a bit to build up a nice surf.
Special Training - Tropical Storm (Flying)
Moimaru can use Twister and Hurricane.

Champignon - Male Breloom (Level 6) [HP Electric]
Champignon, or Champ for short (pronounced like the first syllable in "Shampoo"), is a pretty hot 'shroom, and an accomplished chef. His skills in the kitchen are world renounced. His flavors are spectacular and spicy, and heat is his specialty.
Signature Attack - Sauté Smash (Grass/Fire)*仮
Absorbing energy from the sun, Champignon sets his chlorophyll into overdrive, processing a significant amount of energy into a hot and spicy chemical. He then gathers the energy and the chemical into his fist, which causes a chemical reaction that sets the surface of his hand ablaze shortly. Then, he throws a quick, stretchy punch, hitting the foe with a searing fist. Though this attack technically uses Grass energy, it does Fire damage, and has a 30% chance of causing a burn. Although similar to a Fire Punch, it's much less about fire and much more about extreme heat. This allows it to go a little further, and while it won't always leave a burn, it will burn off feathers and fur, possibly making it difficult for birds to fly or making certain spots uncomfortable. This attack uses the energy of a Fire Punch and a half and does the damage of a Fire Punch, and usually takes about 5 seconds to charge in normal Sunlight, becoming much faster (2 seconds) in Sun and much slower (10 seconds) in Rain, Hail or low light.

Djinn - Male Flygon (Level 6) [HP Electric]
Djinn hails from a long line of legendary Flygon that act as guardians of the mysterious tomb located on Route 111 in Hoenn. The exact origin of this Flygon lineage is unknown, but according to legend, they were bred by the ancient peoples that inhabited Hoenn long ago to protect those who lived among the desert's churning sands. It is said that this troupe of Flygons was instrumental in combating the legendary Golems and subduing them. Djinn has long been privy to a special attack said to have been developed eons before by his ancestors that was used to fend off the advances of the golems, using the power of the desert.
Signature Attack - Haboob (Ground)*仮
Djinn sends forth a huge, forceful, high-pressure blast of sand. This sand is extremely gritty and can cause contact burns, with about a 30% chance of it occurring. The amount of heat the sand generates causes it to work well against Ice moves, effectively countering many by melting them mid-attack. This attack does significant damage and uses high energy and can only be used twice a battle.

Syzygy - Female Froslass (Level 6) [HP Fighting]
Syzygy has always been a fortunate creature, born to the same clan of Glalie as my other faithful Snorunt, Snowball 9. Her name, deriving from the proper term for the alignment of heavenly bodies, both refers to said event, which occurred on the day of her hatching, and her general fortune, which is typically associated with a planetary alignment. As a Snorunt, she was always followed by good luck and when attending the houses of mountain-dwellers hoping to gain the fortune brought about by visits from the creatures, she would always have some great occurrence follow her. One village she frequented heralded her as a heroine, giving her a necklace formed from a Dawn Stone fragment encased in glass. Right after obtaining the necklace, however, Lady Luck turned her back on the Snorunt, and she was caught in a fierce snowstorm. Wandering for days, she eventually came upon a cave, and looking for some shelter from the storm, entered it, only to find too late that it was the den of a Mamoswine. Accidentally enraging the mammoth Pokemon, she was trampled by the gigantic beast. Under the long-tusked Pokemon's gigantic foot, she clung to dear life, but suddenly, just as she began to fade, the glass in the necklace broke, exposing her to the Dawn Stone's radiant power. After a dramatic evolution, she rose from the Mamoswine's massive foot, seemingly unharmed. Once again, the Mamoswine stomped her, but once she raised her arms, she suddenly felt her body disperse, and found that the swine's foot passed straight through her. Again and again, the stomps were rendered ineffective, and while the beast was distracted, she used her newfound abilities to defeat the monster. Soon after her triumph, she came across Snowy, Tetsu and me on a trek to find Snowy's parents, and after some adventuring and a happy reunion, she agreed to join my team and use her strange abilities to her advantage in battle.
Signature Ability - Synchronicity*仮
Syzygy is a firm believer in fate and convalescence of events. With her experiences in the strange realm of purgatory, she has learned how to manipulate chance to her favor. Every time she performs a move with a chance of an additional effect occurring, she has the option to "extract" the chance of the effect occurring, making it so it can't occur for that move. Instead, she "stores" this chance. When ordered, she can apply the pool of "luck" she has accrued to a move, increasing the percentage of the extra effect occurring by up to 30%. Each 10% applied costs light energy and she can store no more than 50% at a time.

Darwin - Male Farfetch'd (Level 6) [HP Rock]
Darwin hails from, well, Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, in (well more North of) the famous Australian Outback. For a few years, Darwin would travel between the port city in the summer and winter when the fishing boats are in full swing and the Outback in the spring and fall when the temperatures were more tolerable. With some scarier creatures in the Outback and the need to fight for survival in the city, Darwin had to learn to protect himself at an early age, coming up with some unique ways to fend off his foes. One of his most unique features stems from his choice of leek; his is shaped like a boomerang, found in a strange Chinese market, and has served him well over the years.
Special Training - Leekarang*仮
Darwin's leek is shaped much like a boomerang, bent at fairly sharp angle and somewhat flatter than other leeks. This allows him to perform attacks using his leek at a distance by throwing his leek, as it will always return to him. However, when used in this manner, they cost slightly more energy. Moves that can be used this way include Slash, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Cut and Poison Jab. These attacks will still regarded as physical attacks

Mors - Male Dusclops (Level 6) @ Reaper's Token
Mors is a mysterious creature. After a stint as a reaper and a Greek God, he's settled again to a much simpler life. He has resigned himself to a life of battling in my care, though he trains minimally and rarely interacts with the rest of my squad, save for the other Ghosts. His origins are mysterious and largely unknown, but he seems to have developed some strange abilities from his previous experiences, including the ability to project his hands from his body.
Special Training - Drag You To Hell
Mors hands are detached from his body and move much like those of a Haunter. He has complete control over them and is able to send them a decent distant from his form and are able to take Ghost states independently of the rest of his body. They can move in about a 10 foot radius of his body and he is able to perform hand-based attacks even at this distance, though they will require slightly more energy.

Max - Male Hitmonchan (Level 6) [HP Dark]
Max is a bro. He is the broiest bro to ever have been a brother. When he's not partying and knocking back a few with his best bros, he's at the gym, busy gettin' swole. Max has a secret, though. Unlike all his other bros, though, he isn't particularly fond of the company of lady types. On more than one occasion has he been caught eying the buff and muscular legs of the Hitmonlee next door. But if you ever confront him about it, you might get a fist in the face.
Signature Attack - Brofist (Various)*仮
Striving to be the broiest of all bros, Max has developed the ultimate brofist. Any attack involving punching can be used in conjunction with this sig. Max charges up the energy utilized in the punch specified, and then punches very quickly, sending the energy out in a shockwave akin to Mach Punch. This shockwave travels at a slightly slower speed than that of Mach Punch due to the additional energy, but it's overall velocity is still quite high. To modify punches in this fashion, a mild amount of additional energy is required along with the energy of the attack itself.

Lustre - Female Aggron (Level 6) [HP Water] @ Aggronite
Lustre, so named for her lustrous carapace, is a rather calm and collected creature. Lustre comes from a long line of Aron and Larion that dwell in the depths of an abandoned silver mine, ingesting a good deal of silver in her regular diet of rocks. This has given her body some strange qualities, with a good deal of silver mixed in with the standard iron shell she sports, giving her a noticeable sheen and some slight defensive differences from the average Aggron.
Special Training - Silver Steel*仮
Lustre's carapace contains significant silver impurities, causing it to be more pliable and reflective than the average Aggron's. When hit with a physical attack, the metal on her body will "spring back" slightly, causing foes to stagger after being attacked physically, delaying their next action. This spring back can also cause slight (10%) recoil against physical attacks of significant or more strength. Additionally, the lustrous quality of her hide will reflect light, causing light-based moves to be somewhat reflected. However, due to this, she is also slightly more vulnerable to physical attacks, taking slightly more damage than other Aggron.

R.C. - Male Crawdaunt (Level 6)
The Pokedex is weird. It uses strange phrases to describe Pokémon, such as "rough customer", but apparently that's what a Crawdaunt is, so this curious crustacian was dubed as such, for lack of better name.
R.C. is from the Bayou, living much of his early life in the muddy, grimy swamps of the Louisiana lowlands. Sucking up a lot of soot and rolling around in the mud, R.C. has built up a significant amount of dirt and mud in his body, allowing him to harness some of this gunk in battle to fend off a few of the more threatening opponents he comes across.
Special Training - Mudbug (Ground)*仮
R.C.'s body carries some mud and silt in it along with his natural supply of Water, giving him familiarity with the type. This allows him the use of Mud Bomb and Muddy Water and his Mud Sport is more effective, though he has forgotten Endevour, Sludge Bomb and Toxic as a result.

Prescott - Male Swalot (Level 6) [HP Dark]
Prescott lived next to a bleach factory for most of his life, ingesting the toxic water (which was completely fine to him, of course) and generally getting bleached 24/7. Because of this, he's absorbed so much bleach that he actually has begun to secrete it along with his normal poisons and gases. Also, he's turned a decidedly pale color due to all the bleach oxidizing his normal pigments, making him look particularly pallid.
Signature Technique - Basic (Poison)*仮
When released into battle, Prescott will begin to secrete sodium hypochlorite (the active ingredient in bleach) from a converted and specialized poison sac, adding a highly basic element to his supply of poison. While this does no extra damage, all Poison attacks have a stinging effect that can be distracting if accumulated. In addition, each Poison attack has a 5% chance of causing a burn in addition to causing Poison. Due to the corrosive nature of most bases, Prescott's poison attacks actually have effect on some of the more susceptible resisters of the element, doing neutral damage to Rock and Ground Pokemon, and doing 1/4 resisted damage to Steel types. Due to being basic, his poison is also somewhat slippery, and can cause Pokemon to trip and fall if they step in it. For a move, Prescott can force the secretion to stop, but it can't be started again for the rest of the battle. With this in effect, all Poison moves cost 20% more energy.

DJ Scritchy Scratch - Male Shiny Scrafty (Level 6) [HP Psychic]
DJ Scritchy Scratch, or Scritchy, is one of the most respected mix masters in Unova, host of the biggest rave in Nimbasa and widly regarded throughout the community as one of the finest DJs of his time. He's known for his pumping raves, smooth moves and toxic green pants, in which he constantly looks fly.
Signature Technique - REMIX! (Various)*仮
Thrice a battle, Scritchy can REMIX! any of his physical attacks that involve energy, changing the type of the move while still maintaining its effects (if the effects are illogical, like a Fire REMIX!'d Ice Punch freezing, then they will simply not work). Only physical attacks with an energy element can be REMIX!'d and only to types which Scritchy has access to as a similar physical attack.

Rascal - Male Skuntank (Level 6) [HP Water]
Rascal is, well, a rascal. I found him digging through my trash one night and decided to just catch him, something I soon regretted. It turns out that this little guy was the escaped result of a genetic breeding experiment conducted by a certain Science corporation that used to deal in shower curtains and murderous artificial intelligence. He was one of the failed attempts at producing a Stunky that could secrete large amounts of neurotoxin. The lab techs never quite perfected it, however, and Rascal and his brothers and sisters were dumped. It does seem, however, that this breeding has allowed him a slightly less potent version of this neurotoxin, which he puts to good use in battle.
Signature Technique - Neurotoxin (Poison)*仮
Though Rascal's brand of Neurotoxin is not quite as deadly as that produced by Aperture Science, it does still pack quite a punch. Rascal releases a cloud of yellow neurotoxin from his mouth which quickly fills the arena. Any non-Poison type that inhales it (including organic Steels) will begin to experience great discomfort. Attacks that require charging large amounts of energy (Hyper Beam, Fire Blast) or require concentration (Psychic, Disable) will be significantly hindered, taking more time and energy to perform. Pokémon with significant mental capacity (including, but not limited to, Psychics) are particularly vulnerable to its effects. Inorganic Pokémon can still be affected by this if they fall under the umbrella of having significant mental capacity, but they will only be affected normally. This technique requires solid energy and can only be used once a battle. If the cloud is dispelled, its effects will lessen somewhat.

Koka - Male Beartic (Level 6) [HP Electric]
Koka used to live among the glaciers and ice floes, happily spending his day hopping from sheet to sheet and playing in the chilly waters of the North. But slowly, his home began to disappear. The ice began to melt away and the floes and glaciers he played amongst were gone. His world suddenly became much wetter and many of his brethren fled north. Koka, however, decided to stick it out, adapting to the new warmer weather and watery environment.
Special Training - Global Warming (Water)*仮
Due to the disappearance of Koka's icy habitat, he has learned to adapt to the wetter, warmer weather and has embraced a waterlogged existence. As such, he learned some new Water techniques to help him out. Koka can now use Crabhammer and Water Pulse and has a greater supply of Water energy, double of what he was afforded before. However, he has sacrificed some Ice moves as a consequence, never learning Frost Breath, Avalanche or Blizzard.

El Halcón - Male Hawlucha (Level 6) [HP Dark]
El Halcón hails from the arid plains of the Patagonia, an immigrant from the distant land of Kalos. He was brought to the area by his previous trainer, a herder of Tauros, used to help corral the cows. His trainer, however, found himself down on his luck, looking for another way to make end's meet. His trainer moved northward, chasing a rumor of a tournament that granted a massive cash prize for the victor. As he made his way north, he began to pit his Hawlucha in a number of battling circuits. The most popular type of tournament was that of what amounted to cage fighting. These matches were dominated by bulky and muscular Fighters, such as Machokes and Gurdurrs, who used their weight and strength to overpower the competition. The Hawlucha, however, had a distinct advantage that none of the others possessed. His nimbleness and Flying attributes allowed him to easily trump his foes, many of whom had never seen such a Pokémon before. He became known as El Halcón, meaning the Falcon. During his stint as a cage fighter, he developed a special technique that he used as a sort of finisher, one that would allow him to easily dispose of even the most defensive of foes.
Signature Move - El Ciclón De Los Dioses (Flying)*仮
El Halcón begins to twirl rapidly, arms extended. This spinning begins to create a massive cyclone, similar to that of Twister. While he can send it forward for damage equal to Twister, he may also remain inside it for a slight drop in its speed. This allows him to quickly follow with a physical attack, if ordered. This uses slightly more energy than Twister.

Gunner - Male Shiny Manectric (Level 6) [HP Ice] @ Manectite
Gunner was a little Electrike I found by chance one day wandering around under the bike path in Hoenn. As my first-ever Shiny Pokémon, I cherished him as a treasure, raising him to be a faithful companion. I traveled with him through much of the Hoenn region, and although I found him late into my challenge of the Hoenn League, he participated in a number of battles, becoming an invaluable member of my team. Some time after the end of my adventure in Hoenn, I retired Gunner as a member of my battling team, leaving him in the care of a good friend. One day, said friend was robbed by a strange group from a distant, desert region, calling themselves Team Snagem. The group took only his Pokémon, including Gunner, and shipped them off to their headquarters. For a quite some time, he was sequestered in this organization's vault until the region police raided their facility and began to send the Pokémon back to their original owners. Thinking my prized Gunner was forever lost to the winds, I was quite surprised to receive his Pokéball in the mail nearly a year later with a letter explaining the situation. Now reunited with my Manectric, I noticed that while he was still the faithful companion he had once been, something fundamental had changed about him from his time away...
Signature Attack - Shadow End (Typeless)*仮
Gathering a strange, shadowy energy around him, Gunner charges the foe, tacking them for major damage. This attack, while apparently once super-effective against all Pokémon except for a strange, evil kind, has now lost some of its strength, and now deals neutral damage to all Pokémon. Some of the shadowy energy has a slight chance of remaining once the move has ended, boosting Gunner's Attack and Special Attack slightly. This move takes a severe amount of energy.

Del Sol - Male Heliolisk (Level 6) [HP Psychic]
Koi: Del Sol is a good friend of El Halcón, having met him in the restaurant he worked in while El Halcón participated in the cage match circuit. The little lizard was born in the middle of the Mexican desert to a family of rock-dwelling Heliolisk, but found himself captured by a restauranteur looking for a cheap source of electricity. The Helioptile was a rather rare sight in the desert, with his family being the descendants of Heliolisk imported to the area a few decades prior as pets, released into the wild after their owners grew tired of them. He became a popular attraction in the area, with few having seen such a Pokémon in person, and was named after the restaurant in which he worked. He found himself living long days in intense heat and light between the kitchen and the desert, adapting much more easily to these arid conditions than others of his type.
Special Training: Child of the Sun (Fire)*仮
With Del Sol's rather substantial time spent in the desert, he has adapted to environments with intense heat. He is now able to use Sunny Day and Solar Beam. His electric attacks also suffer much less in the heat, failing to be refracted by higher temperatures.

Parappa - Male Azumarill (Level 6) [HP Psychic]
Parappa is named after the famous rapping dog of PlayStation fame... for no really good reason. He's not a dog, nor is he particularly adept at rapping. But one thing he does share with his namesake is a penchant for enthusiasm and self-confidence.
Signature Move - I Gotta Believe! (Fairy)*仮
Parappa thinks happy thoughts and fills his body with Fairy energy, before shouting "I gotta believe!" This shout looses a burst of Fairy energy, dealing significant damage. After using this attack, Parappa's mental state will improve and he will fight more enthusiastically for the next three rounds. This move costs significant energy.

Chai - Male Simisage (Level 5) [HP Rock]
Chai is the oldest member of the Tea Trio, in charge of raising the leaves for the tea, tending to the tea bushes, the herb garden and the grounds around the Dreamy Leaves Café. Not only is he responsible for the cultivation but also the blending of the tea, preparing the various blends and immersions that the café serves. Due to this, he tests (and drinks) quite a lot of tea, absorbing a lot of the chemicals and flavorants. As such the chemical composition of the plant parts of his body have changed as well, becoming even more bitter than before, and filled with a number of compounds that, in combination, can trigger a number of allergic reactions.
Signature Move - Tannins (Grass)*仮
Chai releases a cloud of spices and bitter scents, spreading throughout the arena. The scent is extremely powerful and overwhelming, flooding the foe's lungs and possibly causing an allergic reaction that will make their breathing labored. This will make any foe that inhales it act as if they are quite tired, requiring a rest. This move uses good energy.

Camellia - Female Simipour (Level 5) [HP Grass]
Camellia is the middle member of the Tea Trio, in charge of serving of the tea, as well as the management and purification of the spring nearby the Dreamy Leaves Café that supplies it. Although she is a masterful barista, she drinks surprisingly little tea, preferring to drink more herbal infusions than normal tea. Due to this, her natural water sources have become infused with the scents and compounds from the herbs and tea she ingests, leaving the water stores in her body infused with these calming aromas.
Special Training - Infusion (Water)*仮
All of Camellia's move using liquid water are infused with scents from the various herbs and teas she's ingested. This gives them a unique and calming smell, which gives the attacks the effects of a mild Sweet Scent. Additionally, these scents are relatively calming, keeping the opponent in a calm state. All moves that are effected by this require additional light energy to use.

Brewer - Male Simisear (Level 5) [HP Ground]
Brewer is the youngest member of the Tea Trio, in charge of drying the tea and herbs, as well as the brewing of the tea itself, drying it in a smoke room in the back of the Dreamy Leaves Café. In order to effectively dry the leaves and brew the tea, Brewer has developed a special technique to properly extract the water from the plants without harming the delicate compounds used to flavor the tea.
Special Technique - Wither (Fire)*仮
Brewer releases a wave of pure heat from his body, a powerful burst of energy. Due to the rather unfocused nature of the technique, it does not do any damage, but instead affects the target's energy. The heat dries out the target, sapping the Water type energy from their body, robbing them of their Water type energy, though they will not lose energy from their overall pool. If they do not have Water type energy or are Water-typed, they will lose significant energy. This costs significant energy to use and can only be used once per battle successfully.

Permia - Female Lileep (Level 2) [HP Fire]
Permia is a rather unique specimen, revived from a bed of fossils deriving from slightly later on in the evolutionary timeline than a majority of her brethren. As such, she's developed some rather unique features that have granted her a little more mobility, allowing her to chance after prey more easily than the average lily.
Special Training - Motility*仮
Permia has roots which are far more developed than the average member of her species, which are significantly more plant-like. They are large and fairly robust, allowing her to easily hold traction and move at a reasonable pace. However, since they are roots developed for underwater living, they're relatively sensitive to open air. As such, she'll start the ground rooted with Ingrain. She is able to move, more or less, while still Ingrained, but her movement will be fairly slow as a result, and will stop the Ingrain when she moves, not restarting until the start of the next round. If she uproots, she'll be able to move at a reasonable speed, but will need to reroot next round and will be unable to move for the next round. Uprooting and rerooting will not cost a move. Additionally, she is unable to use Ingrain normally.

The Pink Purloiner - Female Shiny Yamask (Level 2) [HP Bug]
The Pink Purloiner is, somewhat ironically, a graverobber. Before coming under my command, she would roam the deserts of the Pokémon world, seeking out new treasures. Over the years, her ambitions steadily grew, and she began to develop a number of techniques to make her heists more effective. In order to broaden her bag of tricks, she tweaked all her tricky techniques to use Ghost energy, allowing her to take advantage of her odd mental attacks to throw off her pursuers without wasting valuable energy.
Special Training - Grave Robber's Tools*仮
All non-damaging Psychic moves used by The Pink Purloiner use Ghost energy instead of Psychic energy, but still retain their normal effects.

Tickler - Female Omastar (Level 6) [HP Flying]
Tickler is appears to be a fairly standard Omanyte, revived from a fossil found in Mt. Moon, though she seems to have been revived with a bit more... predatory instinct than normal. In fact, Tickler is rather aggressive, though she's generally not maliciously so (at least, on the surface). Her preferred form of aggression generally involves a lot of tentacle wiggling, a technique that, while effective against undersea prey, isn't terribly useful against surface targets. Her tendency to wiggle all over everything inspired her rather silly name, though it hides another rather sinister ability. She's actually developed a special kind of venom that she can use to weaken her foes, which she tends to employ after a fierce tickling session...
Signature Move - Tickle Toxin (Poison)*仮
Tickler approaches the foe, wiggling her appendages wildly, distracting them with a less-directed version of Tickle. This, however, is simply a distraction, as she quickly stabs the target with her beak, injecting a toxin specific to the target she's after. When ordered to use the move, the move will be specified with either Plant or Animal. If the Plant toxin is used, Grass-types will become extremely tired, and non-Grass types will lose their Grass energy pool. If the Animal toxin is used, Fighting-types will become extremely tired, and non-Fighting types will use their Fighting energy pool. The exhaustion will generally last about two rounds, and will make them less enthusiastic to fight for the duration of the battle. If the Pokémon is not Grass/Fighting and does not have one of these energy pools, when targeted by either move, they will simply need a one-move round the following round. This move costs significant energy and Tickler only has one use of the move per battle.

Isa - Male Grumpig (Level 5) [HP Fairy]
Isa has come to me from the land of Fizzy Bubbles, another of the 'mon granted to me by my friend Tetsu. A 'mon with a rather troubled past, he was long under the influence of a corrupt Raichu who manipulated the poor pig into a bit of psychosis. However, with the Raichu's disappearance and some guidance from his fellow teammates and new trainer, he has managed to bring himself back into reality, taking a new name to fit this transformation. During the time before his recovery, he grew obsessed with the Moon, his psychosis waining and waxing with its monthly cycles. Now that he's recovered, however, some darkness of his past still lingers...
Special Training - Corruption (Dark)*仮
The years of darkness that still linger in Isa have left him with a greater handle over Dark energy, giving him more Dark energy. This also allows him to use Dark Pulse and Sucker Punch, but has lost Future Sight, fearing his future, Frustration, fearing a relapse, and Amnesia, unable to forget his past, as a result.

Pluton - Male Seviper (Level 6) [HP Ice]
Pluton is actually the half-brother of Jupiter, my Zangoose, both sharing a father belonging to the same breeder that Zeus was raised by. Pluton, however, is in some sense an illegitimate child, the result of their father's escape from the breeder's ranch. The breeder ended up with Pluton's egg, not particularly keen on raising him, focusing much more attention on his prized Zangoose. When he retired, he stowed away the Seviper, having little interest in him. After a number of years of neglect, the breeder had discovered the snake when he began to clean out his stock of Pokémon, offering the snake to me to compliment Jupiter. As one would expect, Pluton and Jupiter are far from friendly. Hoping to be as much of an antithesis as he can against Jupiter, he has developed a move with a very hellish inspiration.
Signature Move - Down to Hades (Poison)
Pluton sends forth a wave of bubbling posion energy resembling a break in the earth, leaping into it. The wave washes over the foe, soaking them in Toxic poison. This energy then gathers around Pluton, activating the mechanism on his Pokéball to allow him to switch, a la U-Turn. If his momentum is halted by an attack or defensive technique, this move will fail to switch. This move uses significant energy. Pluton has forgotten Toxic.

Murasaki - Female Venomoth (Level 5) [HP Fire]
Murasaki hails from the Friend Safari, daughter of a Savannah Vivillon and a Venomoth imported from Kanto. Her mother was caught soon after she was born, causing her to be raised by her Vivillon father, from which she learned a particular technique once unique to Vivillon - Powder. However, she managed to take it to a bit of an extreme, using her natural affinity with a number of powders to turn it even more volatile.
Signature Move - Volatile Powder (Bug)*仮
Murasaki sprinkles an extremely volatile powder over her foe, which can catch fire with any contact with Fire moves. If the target uses a Fire move or is hit by one, the powder will explode, doing damage proportional to the damage of the attack used. If it touches an open flame, it will deal significant damage and fade. Volatile Powder uses significant energy and can only be used once per battle.

Pinocchio - Male Nuzleaf (Level 2) [HP Rock]
Pinocchio is a well-mannered and good-hearted Pokémon, always looking to do his best. As a little seed, he aspired to be the kindest and do-good-ing-est Seedot there ever was, but was pained to find out that if he were to evolve, his heart would grow dark and full of mischief. Hoping to flout his species trickstery ways, he pledged to never tell a lie and act in the name of good, even after evolution. It seems that his ardent resolve and unwavering honesty has brought him success, as he now lives without those Dark energies in his heart - though it didn't stop his nose from growing.
Special Training - A Real Boy*仮
Pinocchio never obtained the Dark-type upon evolution, leaving him as pure Grass. He is still able to use Dark moves as if here were familiar with the type.

Scribbles - Female Flareon (Level 6) [HP Fighting]
Scribbles specializes in sketch art with pencil and, in particular, charcoal. Scribbles is the only one of the Shinka Artists not to be bred and raised for the Gym, instead being my own personal Eevee that I brought in to complete my set. She has settled in well, however, spending much of her time in the sketchroom, working on all sorts of drawings. When not sketching, she is often found out on the grounds, burning off her excess energy.
Signature Attack - Scribbles Shot (Fire)
This move is a slight variation on Searing Shot with a bit more explosive force behind it. Scribbles draws circles in the air with her tail, sending a circular wave of Fire energy rapidly towards her foe. This energy surrounds them and after a few moments, explodes inwards with a great amount of force. This attack normally does solid damage for significant energy with a 30% chance of a burn, but for Pokémon with hard, rocky or firm bodies (e.g. Rock/Ground types), it does heavy damage (ignoring Rock's resistance) due to the explosive force, though the burn chance is reduced to 10%.

Tincture - Male Leafeon (Level 3) [HP Rock] @ Harvester's Token
Tincture specializes in fabric dye and production, including clothing and accessory manufacture. Tincture has dabbled in just about every type of technique involving fabric and dye and will do just about anything, but his signature product is Caterpie silk with fresh berry dyes from the Sculpture Garden. His dyes and silk fabrics are world famous and handmade, but he doesn't share his secret recipe with anyone... mostly because they're a bit toxic!
Signature Technique - Powdered Dye (Grass)
Tincture's body has accumulated a significant amount of dye through his years of work. Since the dyes are made out of some rare and volatile berries, they have some strange effects. When ordered, Tincture shakes her body and releases a burst of powdered dye. When the attack makes contact with the foe, it causes them to have a severe allergic reaction, which can distract them and interrupt a move, as well as dropping their defense and special defense sharply. While the allergic effects wear off quickly, the drop will fade like a normal boost. This move can affect inorganics, though only the drop will occur, not the allergic effects. This attack costs solid energy.

Route 1

Anake - Female Pidgeot (Level 4)
Himeros - Male Staraptor (Level 4)
Phusis - Female Unfezant (Level 4)
Nesoi - Female Toucannon (Level 4)
Chie - Female Butterfree (Level 4)
Rinre - Female Beautifly (Level 4)
Dakini - Female Beedrill (Level 4)
Sandoku - Male Dustox (Level 4)
Amida - Female Fancy Vivillon (Level 4)
Noryo - Male Vikavolt (Level 4)
Augustus - Male Raticate (Level 4)
Livia - Female Furret (Level 4)
Claudius - Male Bidoof (Level 4)
Caligula - Male Diggersby (Level 4)

445 TP/200 KOs/15 SP (22.5 to next level)
Trainer Level 6
A Grade Referee
Former Gym Leader of the Plushie Palooza Normal Gym and Little Circle Baby Gym
Gym Leader of the Shinka Workshop Eeveelution Gym
Holder of the Pokébowl Z Badge, Onslaught Badge, Void Badge and Biohazard Badge

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