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Re: Rapid Fire Zone: The Cloud Garden

Originally Posted by enchantress
Sky Gate - Please reply in skyblue

empoleon dynamite: The entire second paragraph is self updating. Please try to watch out for this in future.

Entering the pub, you notice it's surprisingly dark and quiet. There aren't a lot of people around, though several seasoned travellers are sitting in some of the darker corners, slowly sipping their drinks. All eyes turn toward the door as you enter which is slightly unnerving, but they soon return to their drinks as you make your way to the bar. "Excuse me," you utter shyly to the barkeeper, feeling a little out of place. "I'm here on a day trip and in need of a guide..." The barkeeper looks you over curiously, nodding toward one young woman in the corner. "Suzie there is great if you're wanting a tour of the more peaceful areas like the Forest, Fields, Waterfalls, or Rainbow Road," he replies before turning his attention to a man in his early twenties on the other side of the room. "If you're feeling a little more adventurous Jesse will be perfect for Memory Lane, the Desert, Rock Garden, Wastelands, or Mystery Island." He stops, his gaze falling upon a man who appears to be in his mid-thirties. "Storm isn't the friendliest of fellows, never see a smile on his face, but if you're wanting the Space Path he's the man to see." Something in the barkeeper's tone tells you it might be an idea to steer clear of this Storm character though, when he adds, "All guides can take you anywhere you need to go, some just have special skills for certain areas, and each have their own method of payment." Looks like you have a decision to make...

~Sorry. At first I thaught I was describing a general pub, but a pub in the sky wouldn't be jam packed now would it :P
While I'm at it, i'd just like to say this is very exiting for me, it's like one of those books where you have to turn to a specific page depending on your descission

Wes paused for a moment – he had to decide – keeping people waiting wasn’t a good idea. He knew making decisions wasn’t his strength. He bit his lip and pondered on –who- he’d want to spend the day with. All three guides had their qualities:

The first guide, Suzie, would ensure a safe, yet motivating Journey. She looked quite pleasant, maybe she would make for a fun venture. Although the forest seemed rather lacklustre - remembering his previous escapade – the Waterfall did indeed sound relaxing. Alas, Wes wasn’t interested in a peaceful journey.

The second guide, Jessie, appeared in his early twenties. This man’s bid was he was more adventurous, which sounded more to Wes’ desire. He grinned as the bar man listed the areas that Jessie and him could journey to. ’Mystery Islands? The Desert?!’ Wes’ eyes widened. Maybe it’d be worth picking Jessie as his guide – he still couldn’t decide though.

Lastly, there was Storm. Much older than Storm, Wes could tell the man had more experience under his belt. It was just as clear however – that he was not a man of many words, his didn’t show a wink of emotion. The Bar keeper’s tone only was clear enough, Storm wasn’t a man to mess with. Nevertheless, Wes still imagined what’d be like to visit Space Path. Opportunities like this weren’t so frequent – he couldn’t just pass it up because of the Bartender’s discretion.

"All guides can take you anywhere you need to go, some just have special skills for certain areas, and each have their own method of payment." It appeared the Barman had made the trainer’s decision even harder. Sure, he had enough coins, but what if they wanted something else. Wes gulped as he readied himself for another question.

“Payment? I’d prefer to travel with Storm, but, how much will it cost me?” he replied to the barman.

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