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The Birthday Surprise

''I'm sorry Sprout'' Jake apologized to the Bellsprout who was walking beside him, crying all the while.

Jake and Sprout had just came from the Cable Club, someone who was going to trade them a Leaf Stone had backed out, leaving Sprout miserable.

However, Jake was unaware that Sprout was fake crying, in fact, the trade itself was just a set up.

''How about another slice of that apple pie you baked?'' Jake asked.

At this, Sprout pretended to feel better and stopped crying.

The duo kept on walking down the path until they came across the familiar oak tree, home to their base.

''Home sweet home'' Jake said as he got to the rope ladder. However as Sprout and him started to climb up, Jake sensed something was wrong. No noise could be heard except some Pidgey flying over head.

''That's weird'' Jake muttered, usually you could hear all sorts of noise from the base.

As Jake opened the door, he noticed that the lights were off.

Just as Jake started to clue in, all his pokemon and Sophie jumped out.

''Happy Birthday!'' They all cheered, Sprout included.

It was then Jake noticed a banner made of Joltik web, saying ''Happy 14th!''

''T-thanks everyone, but you really didn't have to'' Jake said.

''Of course we did, it's your birthday!'' Sophie insisted. ''When I found out you or your pokemon didn't have any real plans, I came over and put this together!''

''Everyone it's time for cake!'' Telpo chimed in everyones minds. Pom brought in the cake decorated with 14 lit candles.

''Come on, make a wish!'' Sophie insisted

Jake rolled his eyes, but leaned over anyway, and blew out all the candles.

''I-I wish to become the best electric specialist in Fizzytopia!''

Later that evening.........

''Well, I need to get going'' Sophie said as she put on her coat on.

''Alright, thanks for the party, I had a blast!'' Jake said as he waved goodbye.

Sophie gripped the door handle, and was about to turn it, when someone loudly knocked at the door. Startled, Sophie nearly jumped a mile.

Then shortly after, multiple knocks were heard.
''Help me!'' A man's voice yelled.

Immediately, Sophie opened the door, causing a man that looked like he was in his early thirty's to fall into the base.

''Close the door! Quick!'' The man panicked.
''What's going on?'' Jake asked as Sophie closed the door.

''They, they are after me!'' The man yelled.
''Who's them?'' Jake asked.
''They are cloaked figures,with powerful pokemon, THEM, THEM!''

''Are you ok?'' Sophie asked.
''I'm fine, just tired, that's all'' The man replied.

''Ok, do you want some tea?'' Jake asked.
''What's your name son?'' The man asked, avoiding the other question
''Um, Jake''
''Jake Eclair?''
''Yes, how do you know?'' Jake asked

''How could I not know?'' The man asked as he stood up. ''Jake Eclair, the aspiring electric specialist, you're known by many people, good and bad. How do I know you?''

''Your the murderer of, your father, my most prized worker.''

As soon as the man finished, a barrier surrounded the room.

''Ow, master, something's wrong with, t-this r.......'' Telpo didn't finish as he suddenly fell to the ground and couldn't move. As if something was holding him there.

''Now, just confess to the murder, or else.'' The man demanded.

''What murder?'' Jake asked pretending to be clueless.

''Not talking huh? How about this!'' The exclaimed as he grabbed Sophie and put a knife to her neck.

''Confess or she dies!''

''J-j-jake, w-what-t's g-goin-ng on?! H-hel-lp m-me!'' Sophie managed *stammered.

''I I did it, I m-murdered my father but how did you k-know?'' Jake asked, though he didn't really want to know who changed his life for the worst.

The man smirked, and it was then that Jake realized he had recorded his confession.

''Easy, I hired someone to use their Xatu to see the past, which brought up your pokemon, which I then used Trainer Search, which brought up you.''

''I then questioned people about you, I wanted to know if anyone saw the crime. And sure enough someone did.''

The man then let go of Sophie.

''Have fun with your last few moments of freedom.'' The man said before laughing.

The barrier then opened briefly allowing the man to walk out and make a call to the cops.

''Jake, why did you kill your father?! I can't believe you!'' Sophie yelled

''I-I can explain'' Jake replied.

''Then let's hear it!''

''It was self defense, Jake or him....'' Telpo strained to tell Sophie, he didn't want Sophie to think of Jake as a cold blooded killer.

''It was you or him wasn't it?'' Sophie asked, taking note of what Telpo had just said.

At this Jake nodded. '

'Well then what are we waiting for, we have to get out of here!'' Sophie exclaimed.

''But how?'' Jake asked

''I'll get some stuff we need, you try to break the barrier'' Sophie said before searching for potions, Burn Heals, and such.

''Alright Pom, give it all you got, Swift!''
Jake commanded. *At this, the monkey pokemon summoned stars and fired them at *the barrier. Nothing happened.

''Alright, how about the other side!''

Still nothing.

''What's going on?! What barrier is this powerful?'' Jake asked to no one in paticular.

''It doesn't matter, every barrier has a weakness, idiot'' A voice came from behind.

Jake turned around to see Aco out of his ball.

''Thanks, but was that last bit really necessary?'' Jake asked.

''Fully, it's kind of obvious, and since you hit both sides and I can taste emotions above, then the weak point is most likely the floor.'' Aco explained.

''Ok, everybody, return!'' Jake said, returning everyone except Sparky to their pokeball.

''I'm ready!'' Sophie said as she took Jake's pack and put various things like potions, and bags holding apples, oranges, the rest of the cake, apple pie, and steak into it.

''Alright, Sparky, use Thunder Bolt on the floor!'' Jake commanded.

Sparky let loose a bolt of lightning at the floor, breaking the barrier and the hardwood.

''Medit use Psychic to lift us down!'' Sophie commanded her Medicham.

Soon everyone was on the ground.

''Alright, let's go!'' Jake said before him and Sophie dashed off, leaving his base, and all his fond memories of Fizzytopia behind.........

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