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Alrighty, my predictions before I move on to the final chapter. Feel free to read and laugh as I find out the truth.

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Right, so, it's obvious the body is in fact Mukuro. The tattoo proves that, and attempting to tattoo the dead body of one of the other dead girls would result in the tattoo not looking right due to being a post-mortem wound. The body has a few weird things going on with it, though, first off being the hands. The clip on nails, while having the potential of being put there by the killer as a red herring, are a bit suspicious. Additionally, the tattoo looks a little faded at parts, where if it were to be destroyed by the explosion it would instead be charred. The hand was upside-down prior to the explosion so it's impossible to tell the state it was in, so I'm going to just keep that in the back of my mind for a bit. The biggest weird thing about the body is the way she was killed. Neither the knife through the chest nor the blow to the back of the head left any blood anywhere, and the knife itself is also clean, and the tape that was around the arrows also has a relatively small amount of blood on it. The only real way I see for there not to have been blood left on much of anything would be for those to not have been the fatal wounds, and were done afterwards as coverup. That leaves the cause of death a little unclear... it couldn't have been poison due to lack of vomiting blood, and the Monobear File states that the additional wounds are old... though it certainly doesn't say how old, and the body could have been preserved somehow, after all there are several places in the school we have yet to gain access to. Though, if we go that route it places the mastermind firmly as the killer, even though Kirigiri has the key. There could always be a second key, and she would have had to have it well ahead of time in order to stash the body somewhere. But yeah, if the body could have been preserved that means it's one of the already dead girls. The only one whose wounds match is... Enoshima. The red nails even match, holy crap! But... that doesn't explain the tattoo... unless... no... well I guess it's possible, given that amnesia seems to be a running theme here, that the body is actually Mukuro... who was made to think she was Enoshima somehow. That explains the fading over the tattoo anyway, it could have been some kind of makeup put there by the real Enoshima... and I think someone said something about how she looks different from her magazine pictures... so if all that adds up without contradicting anything (I don't think it does?), that means the real Enoshima is the mastermind. Wat.

Okay, so, that aside... why are they all here anyway? It's obvious they all have some sort of amnesia and used to actually be at the school for a while (at least a year if what Alter Ego said is true), this is easily proven by the pictures and the fact that Kirigiri has very selective amnesia aswell. The most obvious answer is some sort of apocalypse, that fits what Alter Ego said to a T, plus it explains why the windows and such are all plated up. But at the same time... that's not possible because then where is all of their food coming from? They obviously can grow some of it, but they have milk and processed foods at the very least, even if we haven't seen any meat. So if those things are coming from the outside world that rules out an apocalypse, which means what Alter Ego said is just a red herring. So... virtual reality maybe? No... then they wouldn't need the monitoring room, and Monobear would be able to be controlled much more easily... plus that ruins my entire theory about Enoshima being the culprit, since they could just program in another person whenever they want. Hmm... the only other thing I've thought of so far is clones. That could hold some ground since they could still be getting food from the outside, and they could have been grown in the Biology Lab or something. ...but then that also kills the idea of Enoshima being the culprit, and with so many hidden things pointing to her it kinda has to be true. So... there's no logical reason why they're locked in there, from what I can tell. Meh. At least I tried.
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