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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Please only read the below if you are both watching the anime and have already finished Dangan Ronpa.

Dangan Ronpa final two chapters spoilers (Episode 10 of the anime [newest one + the final 3 episodes]):

Spoiler: show
It's making me squirm watching how they are piecing together the events of Ikusaba Mukuro's death. It's almost hard to believe redpanda was able to figure out that much on his own without some sort of spoiler...

I can't be alone here, right? Anyone else reading their comments and just like 'Holy crap, I can't believe they're actually piecing the puzzle together!' However, I'm surprised by this point that no one has suggested the possibility of an apocalypse scenario and the school being a shelter. I had already suspected and theorized that a chapter before the one the anime is currently on... to see that they're speculating on things like crazy science fiction theories such as clones and robots and virtual reality tests but not the apocalypse sort of baffles me a bit. Ah well.

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
Um, Episode 8 is subbed. That's what Talon just saw. I'm talking about it here-

Spoiler: show
Alter Ego's information was money. He's basically confirmed that the outside is a nuclear wasteland of sorts, and the students were originally supposed to hole up within the high-tech Kibougamine as a sort of sanctuary. I can assume then that Monokuma and his supporters probably took over the school and turned it into a depraved game zone.

This also brings up something kaisap brought up earlier that really stuck with me. Monokuma likes irony. If the world outside of Kibougamine is nothing but a wasteland, doesn't that create the greatest irony possible? He's been baiting the students to want to go outside with things of value in the outside world (money, friends, family). But if there's nothing outside, they'll lose their minds to grief and regret for what they did inside the academy.
Dopple's been strangely spot-on with a lot of theories, and not just limited to Dangan Ronpa. He predicted as far back as episode 05 that this was a game made for reality T.V. Mind, I'm finding a lot of the hints towards the major twists glaringly obvious in hindsight. I forgot Alter Ego outright confirmed the plan was to lock the students inside the school due to the "Most Despair-Inducing Event in History", as well as the fact that the reveal they were being broadcast live took place before the final trial. And honestly, if the Japanese name clue stands out to native speakers as much as Talon says it does, that's a pretty huge giveaway right there.

I'd like to think we just have a lot of smart people on this board, who have the advantage of bringing their individual sleuthing skills and knowledge to the table to discuss between episodes. All that's left for them to figure out really is that Junko is the Mastermind... At this point I wouldn't be too surprised if they did. ^^; Heck, weren't there people following along the LP who said something was off about Junko from the beginning? (Tbh I had an idea myself since I watched most of the execution cutscenes on YT before reading, including the final one.)
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