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The only caveat I have to Ever17 is that when we all played it, that was 2007 and the year 2017 is rapidly coming upon us. Some of the technology or events in it may seem dated or even retro. Terabyte discs now exist when they were merely speculative technology in 2002, but no country passed a Clone Law in 2010.

Still, I have to echo Talon's sentiments, Jeri - you basically tiered your like of DR on the character designs and character development. They're not temporally equivalent. You had to like the character designs to play the game in the first place, but you'd be hard pressed to admit that after finishing both games you like the designs more than the characters, no?

I'll admit Ever17 looks unspectacular, especially now, but the frame of reference I went into the story originally was that it was an H game, as VNs of that time presupposed the viewer was accustomed to a diet of such experiences and so wouldn't expect a solidly built story with the same appearance. A "subversion" *shrudder* if you will, not unlike Madoka Magica or other media involving the look of one genre, but the content of another.

Even barring the super huge galactic twist at the end, the puzzle and mysteries of the story are so exquisitely linked (and skillfully revealed/presented) it's a satisfying play even in our modern world. You get the retrospective sense that you could have solved the mysteries yourself with the right frame of mind, sense of where to look, and ability to think outside the box. At the same time, you an appreciate the answers told to you (in an "oh, wow, so that was it! Why didn't I notice it sooner?!") kind of way, not a disappointing ("there's no way I could have solved that") sort of manner.

As Talon says...this game is effectively free since the company that translated it has gone bankrupt. It's very much still a Masterpiece even if it's aged quite a bit in the 11 years since it came out. And we're still in 2013, so the story's events have yet to come to pass.

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