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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post

It looks really super moe and almost H-Game-y (even if it obviously isn't). Part of what I liked a lot about DR (and SDR2 in particular) is the characterization and design of the characters. Ever17's cast looks really generically anime, which is the kind of thing I pretty actively avoid.
>super moe
>generic anime look

And I feel that your words precisely describe Dangan Ronpa. So I'll say it once again: if you didn't have a problem with Dangan Ronpa, then you shouldn't have a problem with my recommendations. If you have a personal hang-up for some reason with non-DS, non-PSP visual novels and have already decided to hate my recommendations without trying them out for yourself first, well, that's on you. I can't help that. But if you've got an open mind and are hungry for more good visual novels, then you should check out Ever17. The VN community on the whole tends to agree that it is one of the best (if not the best) visual novels of all time, so you're doing yourself a disservice not to if you already know of yourself, "Hey. I'm the sort of guy who likes visual novels. :o I liked Homestuck. I liked Phoenix Wright. I liked Dangan Ronpa. Man, maybe I should check out more of that genre ..." I'm not promising you Shakespeare, but then again, neither was Dangan Ronpa.
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