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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post
Spoiler: show
Levin entered the Cable Club once more, ready to do something that was already becoming a habit - letting an old partner go. How many had it been now? And why didn't he feel bad about it? Was he really the kind of person everyone thought he was?

He clutched Faust's Pokeball as he relived past events. Thanks to the subservient Ghost-Type, he had been able to meet Ivan again, through a link to the Spirit World created during one of his dreams. He distinctly remembered the Duskull floating close to his elder brother, his incredible, disconcerting power having made the much-needed reunion possible. In a way, that Ghost was what allowed Levin to put his own to rest...

But ever since then, as if the strain placed on him had been too much, Faust had grown apathetic - almost catatonic, even. As if nothing but an empty shell emerged from that dream, the Duskull became unresponsive to commands, requests, to Levin's very voice. And it was then that he remembered...

He'd never been big on ghost stories. In fact, even after experiencing a string of paranormal events in Phantom Isle, Levin still had a very hard time accepting forces he didn't understand. In a way, he feared Faust as he did all undead. But he recalled someone say that ghosts linger on in the world of the living as long as they have unresolved issues, or until they have served their purpose. What if Faust's reason for existing was to give Levin the opportunity to reunite with Ivan? Having fulfilled that, his role and his very reason for existing... were over.

He greeted the Trainer who was about to inherit the formidable Duskull. It was a shame, really. As a Dusclops, or even a Dusknoir, who knows how far Faust would have taken him on the path to becoming Champion... But the Faust he knew, that one manifestation of a past life, was no more. In a sense, he no longer owned the Pokemon once traded to him by Pengyzu, but a foreign spirit with no ties left to his Trainer. So maybe it was time to watch him reincarnate and fulfill another, completely new role under a new master...

It's the right thing to do.

He released Faust one last time to say his goodbyes. The cold red orb stared back at him through the skull mask, conveying no emotion. But when Levin placed a hand on the black cloth and whispered his thanks, expecting no answer, the orb began to glow, brighter and brighter, a blinding flash of red... and when the young man opened his eyes again, all that he saw was a tiny object fall to the ground with a metallic noise. He kneeled down and picked it up - it was a coin. But not just any coin...

It's... his!

In his hand was a familiar item, one that he distinctly remembered from his days spent as a child on Celadon City. It wasn't his; it belonged to Ivan, his brother's most prized possession and perhaps the reason for his interest in metals and discovery of the Steel-Type: a simple, unremarkable-looking coin. He took it with him everywhere, and held it tightly in one of his hands during every single match he fought. Ivan's lucky coin... and Faust's final gift to Levin.

He smiled and looked over to the other Trainer. A Duskull was now floating next to him, looking at Levin with indifference, as he'd never met him. But he was no longer empty... just reborn. Who knew what kind of character this new Faust would turn out to be... but it was none of his concern anymore. The Faust he knew had helped him more than he could put into words, right until the very end, and he'd never forget him. But it was time to move on.

He collected his Candy as payment, put 1x Ivan's Coin in his pocket and left. Another chapter was closed.


Trading my Lv 1 Male Duskull to Ex-Admiral Insane for 1 Candy. Stats below:

Spoiler: show

Level: 1
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Holding: N/A
Birthday: October 23
Nature: N/A
Obtained: Trade with pengyzu

Level-Up Moves:
Night Shade

Egg Moves:

Move Tutor Moves:

Custom/Event Moves:

TM Moves:

HM Moves:

IQ: 0

Beauty Points: 0

Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0

*Trade started*
Stepping into the Cable Club for the fourth time, Lucas gazed upon the room he had only seen just recently. Behind him, a small pack of Pokémon were trying to squeeze through the opening all together at the same time. The Ponyta of the group gave a small cry before it’s flames grew and the other three backed up to avoid being burned. The Ponyta raced towards her trainer before cowering close to him, using him as a protective barrier from the others.

“I told you guys to wait outside, this would only take a sec.” The Pokémon denied their trainer’s request as they all knew what going to the Cable Club meant; a new friend. All of them except Rags, the Feeling Pokémon that had been with Lucas on his adventure since day one, had joined the team by manner of the Cable Club so its mystery wasn’t too unknown to them.

Only the Ralts and Magnemite showed general enthusiasm and interest. The Ponyta still cowered, fearful of everyone else and the Slakoth, though having entered the building along with the others, feigned disinterest. Wattson the Magnemite spotted another trainer at the end of the room with a floating spectre right next to it. “Mag,” it said gleefully before hovering towards them.

“No Wattson,” his trainer said while grabbing one of its magnets and pulling it back. “This trainer needs to say his farewells alone.” He wasn’t too sure of that though. Lucas had merely heard of this potential trade by rumours alone and the two trainers had exchanged only very few words before agreeing to meet. Nevertheless, it was clear that the trainer had some trouble with his Pokémon and had to pass it on to someone else. It was quite coincidental that Lucas happened to stuble upon such a trade.

The other trainer had just finished his goodbyes as was evident by his final stroke along the Pokémon’s side. A bright red flash erupted from the Pokémon that nearly blinded the lot of them and most certainly must have fazed his own trainer if only for a moment. A small clink could be heard on the other side and when the group felt they could safely open their eyes, their new teammate hovered in front of them, apparently ready to be introduced into the group. He lay there suspended in the air, motionless and silent. The Ponyta that had cowered behind her trainer from her teammates now galloped towards them to shield herself from the floating skull.

Lucas was the first to muster up his courage to speak. “Hello, welcome to the group. I’m your new trainer Lucas and these,” he motioned to the others, “are your team mates. Rags, Kong, Wattson and Sterope.” The Duskull remained motionlessly where he was. His single red eye behind his mask slowly grew before it collapsed on itself. It went on by repeating these two steps like a ghostly heartbeat. The four other Pokémon talked amongst themselves. Each wondering why their trainer had arranged for this to join them – this ghoul. It wasn’t so much the way he looked as it was the way he stared off into the distance that crept them all out. His cold vision that showed little to no emotion.


“ okay with being traded?” Lucas asked him.


“Why don’t you introduce yourself to the others.”


“I can understand if you feel a bit abandoned, but that’s only normal.”


“You’ll like it here, I’m sure.”


Lucas bit his lip. He was starting to wonder if the Pokémon was under a lot of mental stress from his recent goodbye. A friendly touch might go a long way and Lucas reached out to stroke the Duskull much like he saw his previous trainer do.

“AH!” Lucas quickly pulled his hand away after it went through the ghost’s cloak. It was stone cold. His previous trainer had mentioned him having an affinity to ice but this was completely different. Lucas gripped his hand and flexed his fingers to warm them up. The Duskull approached his new trainer and then went straight through his head before continuing on to his four new team mates. Lucas shivered on the spot as a cold chill ran down the entire length of his spine and his brain felt like it has stopped thinking. Stopped living in fact.

The Duskull stopped in front of them and inspected them, staring each in the face before moving onto the next. All of them were naturally unnerved by him and stood completely still in fear of what would happen if they didn’t. Even Kong, the most lax Pokémon of the group dared not open his eyes when it was his turn. Finally, the Duskull placed himself amongst the ranks, waiting for his new trainer's order, it’s single red eyes gazing at him motionlessly.

Lucas took one more moment to look at the trainer that was opposite the room. He was already leaving through the door and Lucas couldn’t help but feel that he was both saddened and relieved by this departure.

Trading 1 Rare Candy to Marblezone for his Level 1 Male Duskull
*Trade Closed*
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