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Just finished Chapter 2, and it blew my freakin' miiiiiiiiiiiiiind.

Spoiler: show
So it turns out that both my hunches, on Genocider Shou and Togami being the killers were completely wrong. It's a shame that Oowada ended up being the killer, I think. He didn't seem like that bad of a person when it came right down to it, and I actually really enjoyed him as a character. Part of it was because after his friendship with Ishimaru happened, I actually felt like there was more depth to BOTH of them. And also, keeping his man's honor in moving the Fujisaki's body was touching, even for a murderer. This darn game made me tear up during both the Class Trials, it's really good at playing on your emotions.

Also holy crap Togami, what a scary motherfucker. Doing things just to "make it more interesting" makes him sound EXACTLY like the guy that Monokuma was talking to at the end of the chapter. Of course, I also have suspicions that it could be Kirigiri, she just seems like she knows too much about everything (that said, she's probably my favorite character) and she's mysterious, as we still don't know why she was invited to Kibougamine Academy. The only time she looked caught off-guard was when Naegi said that he was an esper (loved that throwback to Maizono), so it could be her too. But anyway, I'd be more scared of Togami's ruthlessness even more so than Genocider Shou's, he seems to have no regard for human life at all, and that could make him the most dangerous of the potential killers.

At this point, I love all the characters to death, even Togami and Fukawa/Genocider, who seem like wonderful antagonists. Oh wait that's right, Yamada. He better be the next to go, god I cannot stand him.

Also 16th student hooooooowhaaaaaaaat?
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