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So yeah, now that I won't be interrupted anymore, giving my reactions to the last Chapter 2 video in this post.

Spoiler: show
Going into trial, still think Fukawa is Genocider Shou, but there's a small chance that it's Togami IMO.

k, what the Hell is this guy's deal during the first nonstop debate, metal pipe is wrong. That's like the one part that I don't like, very rarely does the guy playing take me out of the experience but this was one of those few instances.

Again Yamada, just get offed. Please.

HAHAHA called it Genocider Shou is Fukawa... but it seems way too early in the video so I'm probably wrong.

Well it looks like I'm right, but I'm waiting for some mega plot twist or something.

Hoooooollly fuck.

WHAT THE- "just kiddin'" all right screw you Genocider

Okay I'll take half credit for being right about Genocider even though she didn't do it... IT HAS TO BE TOGAMI MY OTHER HUNCH YA?

"Police unable to find pattern." *no female victims* Oh come on police you're better than that

Ooooohhhh it's Togami. Do I get half-credit again?

YouTube don't you dare stop working right now.

EDIT: Well crap, YouTube is being dumb and not working... eh I have school tomorrow I'll just go to bed and pick it up tomorrow.

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