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So, thanks to Jeri and his usage of Sonia sprites in the TO, I've finally decided to start reading the LPs. The thing that could be frowned upon is that I've started with 2, my reasoning being that A) I'd have to pay to read the LP on SomethingAwful and B) I kinda spoiled the whole plot for myself when looking up info on the series itself. Not saying I'll never go through the first in some way (considering buying one of the discounted Vita bundles which would enable me to play the game when it comes out in English so that's an option) but I have at least a working knowledge of possible reoccuring things .

Anyway, finished the Prologue. Not really spoilery, but doing so for safety.
Spoiler: show
Not much to say just yet. Except that I hate the chef dude. To the point that I can't even remember his name and have been calling him Fat Douche. Because he's a fat douche. Sonia is my standout favorite, just because she's the only character I knew about beforehand (thanks to Tumblr/DeviantArt) and I find her adorable. Souda is just behind her because he just seems quirky and cool, which I find interesting.

And I'll be back when I get to something I need to rant about.
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