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I finished last night.

Massive endgame spoilers. Don't read if you haven't finished all the way through the epilogue.
Spoiler: show
What a crazy twist... though I guess I should have seen it coming.

I was casually spoiled to a few details that lead me to believe that Nanami was punished, but I'm really glad that it wasn't because she was some murderer. And I also can't believe that I totally missed the Alter Ego parallels. Crazy! She's probably tied for my favorite character in SDR2 now ;-; (along with Sonia-san, of course... oh Sonia-san you are my spirit animal).

I was pretty proud of myself, though, because I ended up figuring out a lot of the details of Chapter 5 well before they were revealed... except for the fire extinguishers filled with poison thing. That was also crazy.

Overall, crazy, and awesome, and amazing, and I can't wait to read DR Zero and find the other Free Time events. whaaaaa such a good series

EDIT: Oh and also this morning I ordered copies of both of the DR Zero Light Novels (in Japanese, of course). Hopefully my desire to learn more about the story will force me to read them.

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