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Double post for more generalized thoughts on SDR2 as a whole thusfar (obviously spoilers through chpt 3)

Spoiler: show
I can see why people laud SDR2 as better than DR1 in pretty much every way; I really love all of the characters and find that pretty much every case is pretty difficult (tbh I found case 1 to be harder than case 2 or 3, both of which I had mostly figured out only a few minutes into the class trial >>), where as DR1 cases were either painfully easy (the Oogami case, and many elements of the Mukuro case) or sorta stilted (the Fujisaki case). I also feel like SDR2 does a really good job of making the kids' motivation make them seem like not-crazy-murderers, which happened a little in DR1, especially in the first two cases.


I liked Chapter 1 and the fact that pretty much all the cards were out on the table from the get-go. Monokuma isn't anywhere as secretive this time around and I feel like it really gives them a proper sense of confusion and distrust without making them all crazed strangers, like in DR1. They still can have relationships and be friendly without seeming totally out of the blue. As for the case itself, I feel like it was a little awkwardly written, but the motivation they gave Hanamura was pretty refreshing, especially when compared to Leon's three day stir craziness. I will also state that I'm kinda glad Togami was the first to kick the bucket, because he was pretty clearly out of place and one of the DR1 characters I really didn't give two shits about. Of course, I would like to know why he was there and why his memories of the events of DR1 seemed to be wiped too, but of course, I'm sure that's something I won't learn for a long time...

Chapter 2 was just depressing. Friggen Koizumi was the best man. And even worse was the whole pekoyama x kuzuryuu deal. Man. So many sads. All of them. And for Saionji to go from this snarky cutey bitch to the little girl she actually is... ;-;

Chapter 3 of course just compounded it. It was really awful to see Saionji struggle to be a better person and get offed before she was even given the chance. Not to mention the senseless killing of Ibuki. As much as I didn't care about Tsumiki, the fact that she was the murderer almost purely due to Monokuma's intervention really pisses me off. Sure, Junko was a crazed sadistic bitch, but she wasn't so cruel that she totally gaslighted her targets. She just killed them. Tsumiki is basically just a vulnerable child who was driven to the ends of her wits...

Though the one thing that didn't satisfy me about Chapter 3 is the motive... I could see killing Saionji - if Tsumiki was going to kill anyone, it'd be her - but why Ibuki? Convenience? It seems like a poor motivator, even with despair fever.


Spoiler: show

poor souda

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