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Mysterious Reports

It had been a day since the mysterious reports of a murder were reported. But did these reports hold any truth?

Suddenly the door's of the bar swung open as a young man walked in with an Xatu. He was about 5'11". He had sleak black hair and was wearing a suit and a tie.
''Remember Xatu, try not to draw to much attention'' The man whispered.
''We only came to see if these reports mean anything'' At this his Xatu nodded. The duo then walked to where the murder was reported. ''Alright, we are going to need few if any watching.'' The young man said before tossing a pokeball in the air revealing a Swoobat.
''Swoobat, can you cause a destraction for us?''

The Swoobat nodded before flying away, and purposely hitting a wall.
''Swoo, Swoobat!'' The Swoobat cryed as it hit the floor and acted as if it had broken it's wing.

"Perfect" The man murmured under his breath before turning to his partner.

"Alright, there isn't any distractions now, so see what you can find!''

The Xatu was silent, concentrating on it's task.

Several minutes passed, and nothing happened, until.

"Xatu!" The Xatu indicated to her trainer. "Xatu, Xa-Xatu Xatu! Xatu Xatu tu Xa Xatu!"

The man turned to his Duosion, which had been watching the whole time.

"Can you translate for me please?" The man asked.

The Duosion nodded before starting to translate what the Xatu had said.

"I see six pokemon, in a group, watching something. A Bellsprout, a Grimer, an Abra, a Plusle, a Nuzleaf and a Joltik, that is all."

"A Bellsprout, Grimer, Abra, Plusle, Nuzleaf and Joltik together?" The man asked.

The Xatu nodded at this.

"Sounds like the pokemon may know each other, a trainers team maybe?" The man questioned.

He then returned his Swoobat to it's pokeball, before taking out his laptop.

The man booted it up, and quickly went on "Trainer Search"

He then typed in all the pokemon his Xatu saw.

Immediately a picture popped up of the only trainer to have those combo of pokemon.

Jake Eclair

"So this kid knows something about what's going on." The man said before turning back to his Xatu and Duosion.

"Can you try and see if those pokemon had anything on them Xatu?" He asked.

The Xatu nodded before starting to concentrate once again, this time taking a few minutes longer, but once again, found something.

"XATU! XA-TU TU!" The Xatu screeched.

"What's wrong?" The trainer asked.

"Those rumors, weren't just rumors, I see the dead body of the missing man!" Duosion translated in horror.

"Well I'll give him a call." The man said as he took out his Xtransceiver.

"Hello, Ryan?'' "My Xatu see's that there was a murder." "Also this kid named Jake Eclair knows something, or at least his pokemon do" "Oh you are?" "Well call me when you find out more" "Alright bye"

The man turned to his pokemon.
"He's heading to the kids base later on, we did good crew!"

His pokemon smiled before walking out of the bar with their trainer.

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