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Melittin and Behemoth continued to battle on, both of them going with their most powerful moves- Behemoth with a souped up Gyro Ball, Melittin with a horrific Drill Run. Though Behemoth was able to realize just what the Beedrill was aiming for, he was too slow to be able to evade the move completely. The best he could do was to put the Gyro Ball-using portion of his body in the path of the Drill Run to ensure both attacks hit. And hit they did! The impact was too much for the combatants to bear, and they were both knocked out. As Melittin passed out, the last thing he heard were Lalu's screams of concern, which made him blush ever so slightly.

As the Beedrill came to, however, he was met with the sight of the Steelix's tail speeding right towards his face. Frantically, he tried to do something- Harden, Rock Smash, String Shot, anything- but the battle had so exhausted him that any attempt at a move would come far too late. Instead, he turned his head to look at Lalu. He decided on the spot that if he was about to die, then he would at least tell her how he felt... he adamantly refused to die without her knowing that he loved her. However, this quickly proved to be a non-issue, for Behemoth stopped the attack , his tail coming to a halt mere inches away from the Beedrill's face. Instead, the Steelix gave a growl that was somehow more friendly than his previous roaring, and he seemed to be offering his tail to help Melittin get back up. Taking the cue, the Beedrill grabbed onto the tail with his foreleg stingers and hoisted himself up onto his feet. He could stand steadily enough, despite his exhaustion. He looked up at Behemoth, and could tell that the two now had mutual respect for each other. The Beedrill was happy- to be taken seriously, especially by such a formidable adversary, that was all he really wanted. He gave a single nod at Behemoth, the look in his eyes conveying his respect for the Steelix, as well as a promise that they would battle again one day. Then, he turned to face Lalu, and couldn't help but smile as he saw that the Roggenrola appeared completely unscathed by the battle.

"You OK?" the Beedrill asked, his exhaustion evident in his voice. "I mean, the whole point of me battling Behemoth was to make sure he didn't hurt you, so..."

Meanwhile, Rowan seemed confused by Keith referring to Helena as his sister, and asked the Poison-type trainer what he meant by that.

"Yeah, you heard me right," Keith nodded. "It's pretty much what it sounds like- Helena is my sister. She was human when she was alive," he explained.

Helena nodded in response to Fae's question. "Yes, I'm a friendly ghost," she replied, speaking in Shuppet language. "Really, though, a lot of ghosts are friendly, even if they don't seem like it at first," she added. "One of my teammates is another Shuppet, named Myrtle. She can be a little unfriendly to others, but she really does have a good heart."

"Actually, Helena, forgot to mention," Keith murmured to Helena, also in Shuppet language, "Myrtle evolved into a Banette a little while ago."

Helena's eyes widened. "She did?!" she exclaimed, switching back to English.

"Yes, she did," came a voice from behind Helena- Myrtle had floated back over to them as soon as her name had come up in the conversation. Helena gave an audible gasp of admiration as she saw the recently evolved Banette.

"Oh, wow," Helena murmured. "Con-gra-tu-la-tions, Myr-tle!" she said, causing the Banette to grin slightly with her zipper mouth.

On the floor, Leviathan was too preoccupied with the battle to properly respond to Pomona. The Ivysaur nodded understandingly, and watched the battle along with the Magikarp. Once it was finished, it was clear that the Magikarp was enthralled with the idea of battle, as he expressed a desire to become as strong as Behemoth and crush his opponents in battle. "I really think you can do it, too," the Ivysaur nodded. Leviathan then explained how Rowan's Pokédex had called him pathetic, and how he longed to prove the device wrong. "If there's one thing I know," Pomona stated, "it's that sometimes the Pokédex is just wrong. I remember when I evolved from Bulbasaur..."

Originally Posted by Flashback
"All right," Keith grinned as he unwrapped yet another round piece of candy from its shiny blue wrapper. "I think you earned one more, Bulbasaur, what do you say?"

"Saur! Bulbasaur!" exclaimed the Bulbasaur Keith was addressing. The two of them were in the Fizzytopian First National Bank, where trainers were allowed to securely stash their stockpiles of Rare Candy. The curious confection was, for reasons nobody quite understood, one of the main forms of currency in Fizzytopia, though there were many who still used it for its primary purpose- feeding to Pokémon to help power them up. Lately, Keith had taken to bringing his Bulbasaur here to feed her these candies whenever she had done particularly well with her training.

"Well, I think we should just make sure first," Keith said with a small smile. "Feeling up to just a little more target practice?"

"Bulba," nodded the Grass/Poison-type, smiling. Keith nodded his approval of this, and led Bulbasaur outside. Once they were out in the open, Keith reached into his backpack with his free hand and produced three white discs, each of them with a Tauroseye painted on them.

Keith expertly flung the discs into the air. "Bulbasaur! Sludge attack now!" he ordered.

"Saaaaur!" Bulbasaur exclaimed as she fired three Sludge attacks in quick succession, each one striking down a disc with amazing precision, clearly demonstrating that this was not the first time the Seed Pokémon had ever done such a thing.

"Nice!" Keith grinned. "OK, Bulbasaur, catch!" he added, throwing the Rare Candy into the air. Bulbasaur jumped into the air, caught the Rare Candy in her mouth, and landed back on the ground, chewing it happily. And then, as she swallowed it, Bulbasaur's entire body started to glow!

"Wh-whoa! Whoa!!" Keith exclaimed, his eyes wide as he watched the scene unfold before him- his Bulbasaur was evolving! Through the bright light, he could dimly make out the bulb unfurling into a budding flower, the sides of the bulb becoming four leaves, and then the glowing faded.

"Ivysaur!" grinned the newly evolved Pokémon. At a loss for words, Keith merely took out his Pokédex and aimed it at his newest Pokémon.

"Ivysaur, the Seed Pokémon, and the evolved form of Bulbasaur," droned the device. "Ivysaur's plant grows larger over time. As a result of the large plant on its back, Ivysaur can no longer stand on its hind legs."

"...Awesome," grinned Keith, finding his voice at last as he knelt down and hugged his Ivysaur, who made quick work of her Vine Whip to hug him back. "Congratulations, Bulba- I mean, Ivysaur."
"...The Pokédex claimed I couldn't stand on my hind legs anymore," Pomona explained to Leviathan. "But look!" With that, Pomona stood up on her hind legs, and walked around with relative ease, before getting back down on all fours. "I do prefer going on all fours, but I can still stand on just my hind legs if I want. If anything, the flower helps me stand like that the same way the Shellder on a Slowbro's tail helps it stand up. But my point is," she added, "Sometimes you just can't take what a Pokédex says seriously. I know you're not pathetic, you know you're not pathetic, and if Rowan doesn't already know it, I know you can prove it to him," she smiled.

Rose made use of hand gestures to communicate her problem to Chuck- the chestnut was too large for her to eat as-is. Chuck realized what she was trying to say, but before he could act on it, Peach raced over and took it upon herself to Cut up the chestnut into bite-size pieces. "I take it that's better?" Chuck asked Rose. He took the chestnut he was given and was about to put it in his mouth, but before he could, he started to hear a strange heartbeat... it took him a moment to realize that the source of this heartbeat seemed to be none other than the very tree in which they were sitting. Confused, Chuck glanced at Rose, though he took hold of her hand, just in case this was freaking her out.

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