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Behemoth and Melittin are once again on the offensive. The Iron Snake spins faster and faster, powering up his Gyro Ball to its highest possible power level which the Poison Bee launches towards Behemoth, tail stinger first, for a devastating Drill Run. Both are determined to win this fight for different reason and with that same determination in their eyes they fire off their attacks. But while Behemoth does not have a specific target area, Melittin tries to hit the Steelix at the joint he hit with his first Drill Run. Behemoth notices this, but when he does it is all but too late. He manages to change the course of his attack, ensuring he at least hits his attacker, but he cannot avoid being hit himself. Both Pokémon hit each other with the full force of their attacks. Melittin once again succeeds in hitting Behemoths weak spot, while the Steelix himself hit the Beedrill in his neck. The two attacks are too powerful for the fighters to handle well and both are knocked out as they fall to the ground.

"Mel!" Lalu screams as she sees her friend fall down and she hops over as fast as she can, "Mel, Mel! Are you okay? Say something, Mel!" But while the Beedrill does not react just yet, Behemoth is slowly getting back on his feet, angered even more than before. Then, Lalu, and Behemoth, notice that Melittin is getting back to his senses too which the Steelix sees as his chance to finish this fight once and for all. With the Beedrill not back up just yet and Lalu distracted by his condition Behemoth sharpens his tail to finish this fight with a final Cut. He roars out and slams his tail down towards his victim.

The Steelix's roar gets Melittin fully back to his senses and it also alerts Lalu of her teammate's attack. But with both them unable to react in time, all Lalu can do is scream as Behemoth's tail is about to smash her friend's face into the ground. She turns away, not wanting to hear it, but she doesn't hear a thing. Just before impact, his tail only a inch or two from Melittin's face, Behemoth stops his attack. Somehow, he just doesn't feel like crushing his foe any longer. The seed of respect has blossomed. Behemoth has his answers, he knows he could beat this Beedrill is he really wanted to, but now he no longer sees Melittin as a puny little bug, ready to be squashed to death. Against all odds, he now sees him as a worthy opponent. The Steelix growls, his tone a lot friendlier than before, and shakes his tail offering it to Melittin to help him get off the ground.

"I hope so," Fae shyly replies to Keith as he sends out Helena by mistake, "I don't like scary Pokémon or people, I like friendly and happy and colorful."

"A pleasure to meet you too Helena," Rowan says polite but confused by what he had heard Keith say about his Shuppet, "Uhm, Keith, I'm terribly sorry for saying this, but did I just correctly hear you say that Helena here is your sister? May I ask what you mean by that? I mean no offence, but I find it hard to understand if you don't mind me saying that."

Helena meanwhile turns her focus to Fae, asking her for a name. The Wurmple, still wary of Ghosts, is greeted cheerfully making her feel a bit more at ease around Helena already and is almost able to answer just as cheerful.

"Hi, my name is Fae. And you're Helena right? Are you a friendly Ghost?" Fae blushes, "I'm still a bit afraid of Ghosts you know, but Meowth said that his trainer has good Ghosts and if my trainer trusts him I do too."

Down at the ground, Leviathan and Ponoma continues their conversation as the battle between Behemoth and Melittin draws to an end. "Sorry Ponoma, I'll answer you in a minute, this battle is getting way too exciting!" And with that Leviathan watches the closure of the fight between the Steelix and the Beedrill, his eyes wide open and filled with excitement, before he turns his attention to back Ponoma after Behemoth claimed his 'victory'.

"Sorry about that, but did you see that fight! I want to become just like that Steelix, strong and powerful so I crush my enemies! Because you may not think I'm pathetic, and neither do I, but that stupid Pokédex of Rowan sure did! Ow I remember exactly what it said when I was scanned by that piece of garbage. 'Magikarp is a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and splashing. This behavior prompted scientists to undertake research into it.' That's exactly what it said. Leviathan's face fills with rage and passion, Ow I will show that thing who is pathetic when I get as strong as that Steelix."

Elsewhere, far from the base, Rose shakes her head in response to Chuck. No, not everything is alright, the nuts are too big for her. She lets go of Chuck's hand and opens her arms wide and then brings them together, indicating she wants her nuts smaller. But before Chuck can even react to it, the overly active Pachirisu that is Peach got the message already and solved it.

"Don't worry don't worry don't worry!" she rushes over and grabs Rose her nut from the table and Cuts it into pieces, "Here here here enjoy eat love nuts!"

Outside the tree darkness has taken over and a full moon lights up the night. The Murkrow crow, a Noctowl hoots from the top of tree and Spinarak and Joltik take over the trunk of the tree. Since long forgotten times stories have been told about this tree, dark and sinister stories. None of the Pokémon in Peach her house are aware of this, but this night they will find out what secrets lay behind the 'walls' of Peach's home. And that story begins with the beating of a heart. The heart of the tree.

OOC: Just so you know, the heartbeat is audible for Rose, Chuck and Peach.

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