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Melittin's Rock Smash met Behemoth's Cut, but the latter won out, due to the Steelix's increased Attack power. Infuriated, Melittin rose back into the air, Hardening once more. In the back of his mind, however, he remembered that he had to be careful- the last thing he wanted was for Lalu to get caught up in the brawl, he only started fighting Behemoth to keep him away from the Roggenrola in the first place, after all. As Behemoth used Curse and then went straight into a Gyro Ball, the Beedrill dove down, tail stinger first, to deliver a devastating Drill Run. Not to the currently spinning part of the midsection, though- no, Melittin was no fool. If a simple Cut attack could overpower his super effective Rock Smash, a Gyro Ball backed by the same type attack bonus, plus the Attack boosts and Speed decreases of multiple Curse uses, that'd practically be unstoppable. No, he aimed at the joint which connected the Steelix's top section with his midsection, exactly where he had hit him before. He had good results from hitting that spot before, after all.

Meanwhile, Meowth listened as Fae explained the reason behind her fear of ghosts. Once she had finished, he translated for the others. "Fae says dat before she hatched, some ghost-like shadow tried ta get in her Egg and eat her, singin' some scary song about takin' her to da netherworld."

"Wow," Keith murmured, as he gently addressed the Wurmple. "You know, Fae, not all ghosts are like that. Actually, very few of them are, in my experience. Some of them can be scary, but most of them really are nice. Here-" at this point, Keith tossed the Poké Ball into the air. "Peeves, come on out!" he said as the ball burst open, revealing... a Shuppet? "Whoops," Keith murmured. "Sorry, Helena, I thought I grabbed Peeves's ball..."

"It's O-K," smiled Helena. "I was get-ting bored a-ny-way."

"Yes, well, Rowan," Keith said, "I don't believe you've ever met my sister Helena, have you?"

"It is a plea-sure to meet you," Helena said to Rowan politely, before noticing the Wurmple on his shoulder. "Awww," she added, floating a little closer to Fae. "Hel-lo," she cheerfully greeted the Wurmple. "What's your name?" Helena asked.

Meanwhile, the Magikarp did not immediately answer Pomona, for he was too wrapped up in Melittin and Behemoth's battle. Eventually, he introduced himself as Leviathan, claiming that he would eventually become as strong as Behemoth with the help of Rowan's training, so that he would no longer be called pathetic. "Pathetic?" Pomona repeated. "Well, that's not nice. I don't think you're pathetic at all, Leviathan," she said.

Elsewhere, Peach hastened to bring a large amount of chestnuts, and gave one to Chuck, and one to Rose. Chuck fashioned another hand out of the purple gas which perpetually surrounded him, and grabbed his chestnut with it. Before he took a bite, however, he noticed Rose holding her chestnut and just looking at it. "Everything OK, Rose?" Chuck asked.

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