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Melittin, now aware that he cannot dodge two attacks, decides to take the Cut over the Fire Fang and goes straight for the tail with a Rock Smash while Hardening up at the same time. Behemoth notices no change in the Beedrill's flight direction and goes for a full force Cut, swinging his tail at the Poison Bee as hard and fast as he can. Once again the two Pokémon collide, finding themselves in a lock down and power struggle. But where Melittin has only bolstered his defenses, Behemoth has increased his attack too and being a bigger Pokémon he is slowly winning this fight within a fight. Not a fiber in his body will allow a measly Bug-type to overpower him ever again and no longer underestimating his opponent the Iron Snake roars out loud as he puts more power behind his attack, finally deciding the struggle in his favor. Behemoth breaks through Melittin's attack and manages to slam his tail into the Beedrill's body. Even though he does take some damage from the Rock Smash, it is not nearly as much as the damage that Melittin takes.

With the Bee now being knocked back Behemoth moves around preparing himself for another attack. His face still showing anger and every intent to destroy the Beedrill that was so foolish to challenge him to a battle. However, somewhere deep within his very core, a strange feeling is starting to grow. A feeling best described as an infant stage of respect. Respect for this very Beedrill he intends to destroy. Ever since being forcefully evolved into a Steelix when he was just a new-born Onix Behemoth had been obsessed with getting stronger and more powerful no matter what. It was power his trainers wanted from him, always, and he would make sure they would see his power. More power than they ever wished for, more power than they would ever be able to handle. And to do so he always sought out fights. Every fight would do, tiny opposition or ever dumb kid that dared to challenge him would feel his wrath as much as any other. But he most of all desired strong opposition, the best of the best, the biggest of the biggest, just to proof to everyone that he, Behemoth, is the strongest and the biggest of them all. But now, totally unexpected, he finds what he wants in a puny little Beedrill. A squishy Bug of the kind he crushed so many off. He is not really sure why this exact specimen is as strong as he is, but he is determined to find that out too when this is over.

In his mind the result is clear already, he must and will defeat this Beedrill no matter what cost. And with that Behemoth gets ready for his next sequence of attacks. First he Curses again, extra attack and defense is always a good thing and even the lower speed comes in handy as he starts spinning his mid-section again for an even more powerful Gyro Ball.

Fae listens to the ongoing conversation, having her the main subject, and prepares for an uncomfortable talk as Meowth now addresses her, asking where her fear of Ghosts comes from.

Rowan looks at the Wurmple on his shoulder and places his hand on her back, seeing she can use some comforting, "It's okay Fae, everyone is scared of something you know, I have my fears too, but by letting others help you, you can get over your fears. You know Fae, I used to be scared of Bugs and I still am when it comes to certain species, but I love you Fae I am no longer scared of most Bugs because a dear friend of mine helped me get rid of that fear. And Keith and his Pokémon can do the same for you."

The words of her trainer did not miss their intended impact and finally she is ready to answer Meowth's questions.

"I don't really like to talk about it," Fae says shyly as she wiggles around on Rowan's shoulder, But it happened a long time ago, just before I broke through the shell of my egg. I remember I was sleeping when some other Eggs must have hatched not long before I broke out myself. It was light outside my egg and I could see a really scary shadow over my egg. It was like a ghost, it tried to enter and eat me, pounding on the shell, laughing really creepy and singing a scary song about taking me to the netherworld. I was so frightened I cried for a whole day.

Fae's eyes fill up with tears as she recalls the events that led up to her fairs. She never told anyone about this because she wanted to put this far away inside her memory, lock it up in a place she would never have to enter ever again. But now that she has told it, being encouraged by her new trainer and his friends, it also makes her feel a little bit better.

Being ignored by the whole world around a lonely Magikarp watches the battle between Behemoth and Melittin with great interest. He is impressed by their power, their skill, their attacks. And he, Leviathan, will one day become just as strong as them. With a passionate fire burning in his eyes as he looks on Leviathan's bowl is approached by an Ivysaur who introduces herself to the Fish Pokémon as Ponoma.

"What a great battle this is, isn't it? the Magikarp replies, Ponoma's question not really getting through just yet, "I can't wait to get as strong as them!" "Sorry, didn't notice you at first" he says finally as the Magikarp realizes that Ponoma is standing next to his bowl, talking to him. "I am Leviathan, ruler of seas and all that lives within! Or I will become at least, I will train hard to make that happen. Rowan promised me to make me as strong as his Steelix so no stupid machine will ever call me pathetic anymore!"

Meanwhile in the trunk of a tree, Chuck and Rose sit side by side at the table in Peach's house. Rose her feelings of discomfort that the tree gives her are slightly less with Chuck around holding her hand. The fact that the one Pokémon that she loves and cares about the most is with her and support her gives her the strength she needs to get over her fears. Peach on the other hand is still running around her place doing all kinds of things.

"This done that done and that done, done done done done done everything done but NUTS!" the Pachirisu screams with excitement, Stay in your seats my friend I'll be getting you nuts!" And with that she rushes off through one of the leaf doors, only to return a moment later, carrying five Chestnuts, three of which she keeps in her mouth, "fee hi gho yoe hu"

She spits out the nuts on the table and gives the two nuts she carried in her hands to her guests, "See I got you nuts! Eat eat eat, you'll love 'em. I love nuts so will you, eat them! I have more nuts if you want, just eat!"

Which every word Peach speaks her smile gets bigger and bigger and her voice more enthusiastic which in turn makes Rose smile too. With her free hand she takes the nut Peach handed over to her and looks at it. The good thing is that shell is already removed, but she is still not a hundred percent sure if she can even eat it. Once again she looks at her boyfriend, wondering how she can make it clear she wants him to ask Peach if she can cut the Chestnut into bite-sized pieces.

OOC: Not as much progress in the Rose/Chuck story line as I wanted, but it's late here and the Behemoth/Melittin line took as much time to write as everything else combined.

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