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Melittin started to get the idea that no matter what he did, he was taking an attack of some form. That being the case, the Beedrill reasoned he'd be better off taking the attack that wasn't super effective. The lesser of two evils. As he continued down towards the tail, he threw in another Harden for good measure before diving straight at the tail for a Rock Smash, bracing himself for Cut.

Rowan gave Keith permission to bring out Peeves, though not before Cyanide was needed to assist Meowth. At this, Rowan profusely apologized for Magnemite's actions, stating that it can be somewhat annoying. "Youse can say dat again," Meowth remarked, casting a wary eye on the slumbering Electric/Steel-type. Then, Rowan went on to explain that Magnemite was the only one who was able to restrain Behemoth whenever it was necessary. "Hmm," Meowth remarked. "Alright, I guess dat could be kinda useful. Still, Melittin ain't doin' a bad job over dere," he added, gesturing to the ongoing battle. Rowan then asked Meowth if he was able to speak with both people and Pokémon. "Dat's right," Meowth replied proudly. Rowan's plan became apparent around then- he wanted Meowth to speak to Fae, find out what made her so scared of ghosts. "She's scared 'o ghosts?" Meowth murmured. "Yeah, sure, I'll ask her." Meowth climbed up onto Keith's shoulder and addressed the Wurmple on Rowan's shoulder. "Hey, dere," Meowth said to her. "So, mind tellin' me why youse don't like ghosts? Cause I know a lot o' ghosts dat are really nice."

"Meowth's right," Keith added, holding up a Poké Ball. "I can even have you meet one of them if you want."

Meanwhile, as all the attention was currently on Fae, the tank on the floor seemed to be going ignored. Until now, anyway. Pomona had just noticed this, and was currently approaching the tank, intent on meeting the Magikarp within. "Hi!" Pomona said cheerfully to the Water-type. "My name's Pomona, what's yours?"

Chuck taking Rose's hand appeared to reassure her. She pointed at the ominous tree, indicating her willingness to enter Peach's home, and the fact that she wanted Chuck to help her up. Smiling, the Gastly carried Rose up to where Peach indicated.

The interior of the tree was surprisingly well-lit and furnished, the strange substance running through the tree giving the light an odd greenish hue. The hyperactive Pachirisu indicated that the pair of them should make use of the two chairs in the room, and when Rose sat, she looked at Chuck, smiling. Still, Chuck got a feeling that his beloved still did not feel completely comfortable in this tree. Neither did he, to be perfectly honest. There was nothing blatantly wrong with the tree, but he still couldn't shake the feeling something was... off, somehow. Chuck lowered himself into the chair next to Rose, still holding onto her hand

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